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  1. 7 minutes ago, ZaellixA said:

    I am not sure (it is not very clear to me) whether deceleration is indeed negative acceleration


    The terms acceleration and deceleration are one-to-one interchangeable.
    The only difference is that some people call positive values acceleration and negative values deceleration.
    Others use the term acceleration for both ranges of values.

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  2. @zacharypw


    currently I did not understand what exactly you need and what exactly you are trying.

    But! I know I wrote a script that predicts the position of a moving target at the time the currently used bullet or missile will hit the target if the trigger is pulled now.

    Or in short: The script calculates the position for a lead assist system.


    In those script I had to simulate the complete flight path of bullets and rockets to get the desired target position. Therefore the script should contain the information you are looking for (whatever this is).


    Predict Target Position


    If you have questions, just ask.

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  3. Maybe this server is to far away and your ping is to high to play on it.

    Such connection problems are indicated by a yellow or red chain icon on the bottom right.

    You just cant play there.


    You should not connect to servers with a ping above 200ms ideally the ping should be below 100ms to have a smooth game experience.

  4. 2 hours ago, Vitaa said:

    Help with the user interface


    Help please, I want in Arma 3 to change the tablet, the one in which the Senate Watsapp and others, to make it more modern and replace the buttons with others. But I do not know how to do it, with the user interface more or less figured out.


    This is an english only forum. Please use a translator page like https://www.deepl.com/translator if you have no english skills.