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  1. This: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Reforger:Mod_Localisation
  2. sarogahtyp

    Destroying stacked towers

    Then a wreck seems not to be a "house". The other way is to finding out which classname the wreck has by pointing on the wrecked tower and doing this in debug console: copyToClipBoard typeOf cursorObject; now you can use the copied classname and exchange the _wreck= ... line with the following: private _wreck = nearestObject [_towerPos, "COPIED_CLASSNAME"]; Edit: variable name corrected to _towerPos
  3. sarogahtyp

    Destroying stacked towers

    this addEventHandler ["Killed", { upperTower setDamage 1; [position upperTower] spawn { params ["_towerPos"]; sleep 3; //until animation finished (correct value is up to you) private _wreck = nearestObjects [_towerPos, ["house"], 2] select 0; deleteVehicle _wreck; }; }]; idk if the wreck of a house fits as "house" with nearestObjects but I guess it does... I don't like this solution because its dirty. better would be a proper eventhandler which gives you the wreck objects reference. Maybe the respawn event handler does but this has to be tested and I guess it does not...
  4. sarogahtyp

    Help with random Syntax

    Idk if u understand what a triggers condition is or a condition in general is. A condition to live is breathable air around you. This condition is true as long u have that air around you. A teleport into space will set that condition to false and you die. No sqf file needed for this just the condition...
  5. sarogahtyp

    Help with random Syntax

    And who should randomly die? Im onfused. Who ever the units are which you want semect one randomly from ti get killed, put em all together in an array and use selectRandom to get one of them randomly.
  6. sarogahtyp

    Help with random Syntax

    If u want to kill a random unit then u dont need a random number. You just have to select a random unit and then kill it. But u gave not much information. I could jusr throw some commands but i doubt this helps
  7. On Discord there are some Infos bout GUI creation. I just post it here to have it spread for Non-Discorders (Discord-Link to this post) Spyke — 15.06.2022 I made this little tutorial it will be useful fore someone else How to create a ListBox in GUI - Layout 0. Place an OverlayWidget and resize it as you wish. 1. Search the ArmaReforger Prefab: ArmaReforger:UI/layouts/ListBox/ListBox.layout 2. Place the prefab inside the OverlayWidget created at Step 0 and change the Horizontal and Vertical Align to the 4th option. 3. Get sure that the new created ListBox0 (by default) has the component SCR_ListBoxComponent. 4. Get sure that the new created ListBox0 has a ScrollLayoutWidget ("ScrollLayout0" doesn't mater) and a VerticalLayoutWidget ("List" as name, required) created. 5. Steps 3 and 4 should be fine by default if you have used the ListBox Prefab. How to create a ListBox in GUI - Fill and GetIndex 6. Create a menu class script with the following: class SPK_myMenuUI: ChimeraMenuBase { protected Widget m_wRoot; //... OverlayWidget m_ListBoxOverlay; SCR_ListBoxComponent m_ListBoxComponent; //... //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ override void OnMenuOpen() { m_wRoot = GetRootWidget(); //... // MyList m_ListBoxOverlay = OverlayWidget.Cast(m_wRoot.FindAnyWidget("ListBox0")); m_ListBoxComponent = SCR_ListBoxComponent.Cast(m_ListBoxOverlay.FindHandler(SCR_ListBoxComponent)); if (m_ListBoxComponent) { m_ListBoxComponent.AddItem("MyItem0"); m_ListBoxComponent.AddItem("MyItem1"); m_ListBoxComponent.AddItem("MyItem2"); } //... } //... }; 7. In order to get the ListBox Index you can use this: m_ListBoxComponent.GetSelectedItem();
  8. when I was fighting with action menus I had a problem which little solution I want to share here fo people not such involved in classes and OOP. I ll post a part of the code out of the biki to explain the problem I had: class MyScriptedUserAction : ScriptedUserAction { //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ override void PerformAction(IEntity pOwnerEntity, IEntity pUserEntity) { Print("MyScriptedUserAction.PerformAction() method reached"); SCR_HintManagerComponent.GetInstance().ShowCustomHint("My test ground world - DONE", "TEST GROUND", 3.0); } //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ override bool CanBeShownScript(IEntity user) { return true; } }; As you can see the method PerformAction (which is executed when pressing F key on this entry in game) has 2 paramaeters. First one is pOwnerEntity which is the entity of where you added the action menu to. The second (pUserEntity) is just the character entity of the player who is watching and using the action menu. The problem: Now there is the method CanBeShownScript which boolean return value determines if this action menu entry is shown to the user or not. And there is the problem. This method has only one parameter, the object where the action is applied to is missing. This can be a problem if you have a "Unflip Vehicle"-menu entry which should get shown only if the vehicle is flipped. But you don't have the vehicle as a parameter of the method here. Therefore you can't check if it is flipped. The solution: What you have to know bout classes here is that in many classes you do not see all methods available in it. The reason for this is Inheritance. Most classes are inherited multiple times out of other (their parent-) classes. This means you can mostly find more methods available by viewing the declaration of those parent classes. In this case I viewed some forefathers of the class MyScriptedUserAction. These forefathers in this case were the classes: ScriptedUserAction and BaseUserAction In BaseUserAction I found the desired GetOwner() method which gives you the object which is the menu applied to. Here I show the start of that class. The last method of that part is the desired method: class BaseUserAction: ScriptAndConfig { // Injects //! The reason why action cannot be performed. //! Should be set in CanBePerformed check protected string m_sCannotPerformReason; //! Sets the reason why action couldn't be performed. //! Should be done in CanBePerformed check void SetCannotPerformReason(string reason) { m_sCannotPerformReason = reason; } //! Returns the reason why action couldn't be performed. //! It is valid only within and after CanBePerformed is called string GetCannotPerformReason() { return m_sCannotPerformReason; } //! Can be filled in scripts to be used as params when name is being formatted when displayed in UI string ActionNameParams[9]; bool IsUserActionConsumable() { return false; } //! Returns the index of the context this action is registered in as or -1 if none proto external int GetContextIndex(string sContextName); //! Can this action be performed by the user? proto external bool CanBePerformed(IEntity user); //! Can this action be shown in the UI for the user? proto external bool CanBeShown(IEntity user); //! Does this action only have client side effect? proto external bool HasLocalEffectOnly(); //! If HasLocalEffectOnly() is true this method tells if the server is supposed to broadcast this action to clients. proto external bool CanBroadcast(); //! Should this action be performed every frame the input action is triggered? proto external bool ShouldPerformPerFrame(); //! Return the name of this action. //! By default returns the value in UIInfo or empty string if UIInfo doesn't exist. proto external string GetActionName(); //! Return the description of this action. //! By default returns the value in UIInfo or empty string if UIInfo doesn't exist. proto external string GetActionDescription(); //! Returns the visibility range of this action in metres. proto external float GetVisibilityRange(); //! Returns the duration of this action in seconds. proto external float GetActionDuration(); //! Returns the progress of this action in seconds. proto external float GetActionProgress(); //! Returns the UIInfo set for this user action or null if none. proto external UIInfo GetUIInfo(); //! Returns the parent entity of this action. proto external IEntity GetOwner(); // THIS IS THE DESIRED METHOD No I know that I can just do this: class MyScriptedUserAction : ScriptedUserAction { //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ override void PerformAction(IEntity pOwnerEntity, IEntity pUserEntity) { Print("MyScriptedUserAction.PerformAction() method reached"); SCR_HintManagerComponent.GetInstance().ShowCustomHint("My test ground world - DONE", "TEST GROUND", 3.0); } //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ override bool CanBeShownScript(IEntity user) { IEntity menuOwner = GetOwner(); // THIS IS THE SOLUTION return true; } }; Now I can use menuOwner to determine if the menu should be shown. I could check if the vehicle is flipped for example. Generally watching the parent declarations of classes is essential! In script editor double click the parent class to mark it and then right click and then click "Goto Declaration".
  9. If you want to make changes to things which determine the game behavior then you should watch some videos on howto set up a basic mission first. There you will learn which game objects hold which components where you can adjust what properties. You just dont have one menu or one set of menus where you are able to adjust the basic things. Or better to say you have that but it is spread a bit more. Here you ll find a bunch of those tuts:
  10. sarogahtyp

    AI sees too far!

    Here is an example for what some modders are trying an achieveing currently:
  11. sarogahtyp

    Entity leak after mission load

    There is a spoiler button and a code button while posting or editing. Nice would be to do this when posting large codes: 1. Press spoiler button - eye symbol 2. Press code button - smaller/greater than icons 3. Ctrl + V to paste your code
  12. this does not tell anything. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Crash_Files#Location and don't post the complete file. the lines related to the error only pls. Edit: Also post the script YOU executed. Not just quoting mine! To make it short: Provide accurate and complete information that is as short as possible!
  13. getting all markers in a trigger area: _all_markers_in_trigger_area = allMapMarkers select { getMarkerPos _x inArea triggerArea YOURTRIGGERNAME }; getting all markers which have tower in marker name and which are in area of trigger: _all_tower_markers_in_trigger_area = allMapMarkers select { getMarkerPos _x inArea triggerArea YOURTRIGGERNAME && "tower" in _x}; repeating your script for all tower markers in trigger zone: [] spawn { waitUntil{!isNull findDisplay 12}; { findDisplay 12 displayCtrl 51 ctrlAddEventHandler ["Draw",{ (_this select 0) drawIcon [ getMissionPath "\images\tower1_ca.paa", [1,1,1,1], getMarkerPos _x, 20, 20, 0, "", false, 0.03, "TahomaB", "right"]; }]; } forEach ( allMapMarkers select { getMarkerPos _x inArea triggerArea YOURTRIGGERNAME && "tower" in _x } ); }; Nothing tested!
  14. sarogahtyp

    Operazioni Arma Italia

    You are missing the point. 1. Its a forum rule and u just broke it. 2. Just use an italian forum for your post if u dont want adress english spesking people. 3. How are you knowing that im an english only speaker? Thazs not the case for sure.
  15. This is correct. I did notice that as well. the UI fuel gauge does not register the changed fuel amount but idk why and how to fix it currently.
  16. I will just continue to post snippets out of my tools class which show how create methods which can be used similar to Arma 3. Here I ll show you SetFuel and later I ll add GetFuel as well. The goal is to have an Arma 3 like fuel setter which uses values between 0 (0%)and 1 (100%) to set the fuel. The challenge is that in AR vehicles can have multiple fuel tanks which are handled by fuelnodes which are "part" of the FuelManagerComponent: usage example: SaRo_Tools.SetFuel ( pOwnerEntity, 0.0); EDIT: Now we create the fuel getter. But I realized that parts of the fuel setter are needed in the fuel getter as well. Therefore I created an additional method for not doing things twice. Now we have SetFuel, GetFuel and the protected method GetFuelNodes: usage example: float f_fuelAmount; f_fuelAmount = SaRo_Tools.GetFuel (vehicleEntity); There is one more thing to note about this. If a vehicle has several differently filled tanks and you empty them using the two methods, remember the fuel quantity and then fill them up again, then in the end all the tanks will be the same percentage full, even if they were filled to different percentages beforehand. The overall amount of fuel will be the same as before. This really matters in a very few cases only I think.
  17. sarogahtyp

    Load functionlibrary

    No need to load anything into some library. If you crete a .c file with a class in it then this is just enough. After clicking "Compile and Reload Scripts" in Script Editors "Build"-menu everything is in place and can be used.
  18. sarogahtyp

    Load functionlibrary

    I showed exactly this here:
  19. sarogahtyp

    Operazioni Arma Italia

    It would be nice to follow the forum rules and write in english language. I also can't understand why people are so ignorant to write in another language in a forum where all the posts are in english. It should be clear that this does not go down well with everyone.
  20. sarogahtyp

    Counting dead units

    This is your answer: just delete those while do loops. its not needed in your case and it should be the issue for your 2nd radio trigger not working!
  21. sarogahtyp

    Counting dead units

    This is because we are basically fat and lazy and only get moving when we really feel like it. Just try to be patient, someone will answer eventually.
  22. sarogahtyp

    Changing 1st to 3rd person

    welcome to the Arma Forums @Coltpeacemaker! It should be the Enter key on your Numpad.
  23. There is a wiki channel on arma discord. If u ask there then they will register you.
  24. sarogahtyp

    Xbox Rented Servers

    I assume at some point it is just an option in servers config file to switch between xbox and pc service. But if that happens within your 12 months, who knows? but chances are good. We should get 3 big updates within 12 months after release.
  25. sarogahtyp

    Destroying stacked towers

    This is not what it does! I doubt that this is the reason for the upper tower being invincible.