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  1. Hiya, thanks for the kind words :) Yes, we do allow the co-pilot to take over controls mid-flight. Unless a specific scenario prohibits it, you can always take over the controls from an AI pilot and give them back again. In the case of two human players, the pilot first has to release the controls.

    niiicccee, that sound´s very great:yay::bounce3:

    can´t wait longer for that great game :bounce3:

  2. Hi guys!

    I´m new here and very interested for the new game TakOH

    It look´s very great and I hope it will be it:bounce3::459:

    But a have a question:

    Is there planed a flight video feature, that you can replay your flight´s from some camera possition´s (like FS).

    Or when you crash the chopper you can see the last second´s of your flight as an other camera position ;)

    I think it can be very funny a feature like that, or what you say ?