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  1. Hi

    I´ve found on web a great 3ds model from a Eurocopter AS350 for free



    in the file are the textures included:cool:

    the 3ds file can be opened with Oxygen 2:yay:


    but the problem is, I am not the right guy, to bring this chopper in the game :rolleyes:

    maybe someone can mod this chopper into the game:bounce3:

  2. That was my own stupid mistake. The led array attached to my hat rotated too far and I didn't notice it. It's working great now.

    ---------- Post added at 15:32 ---------- Previous post was at 15:28 ----------

    Here's my first version. Still needs to be tweaked. Copy to AddOns directory. Delete file to uninstall.


    thanks mate:cool:

    its working without trackIR as well, finally I can look from the cockpit to the slingload, great:yay:

  3. thanks Scott for the great feedback

    can understand that you are frustrated:rolleyes:

    I don´t now, but it could be possible that the problems with the FM coming not from BIS, but from here


    TOH uses RotorLib FDM,http://forums.bistudio.com/showpost.php?p=2035653&postcount=6

    this could also explain that has nothing changed since the community preview at the FM :confused:

  4. read bottom of this page


    the texture part is explained in great detail

    thanks Dwarden for the link

    I think to ground textures are not so bad and i totally agree there are some problems to put HD textures on the DVD or explode the download connections;)

    The question is, if it would be technically possible to use HD textures in TOH, can the engine handle HD textures??

    If yes, players with a good hardware and a fast internet connection, could download a HD texture update pack like a photoscenery in FSX:)

  5. Hi guys

    I have some visual things that can be improved at the sling load

    at first the fixing of load.

    I think it's not very realistic to fixing the load with one rope in the middle of the load :o. I think it should be look like this;)


    Attachment on the helicopter.

    It would be nice, there's a hook on the helicopter visible;)

    Position of the sling load during the flight.

    I have got made a strange photo of the sling load


    look at the speed, when you fly with more than 200 kmh, the sling load can never been on this position :rolleyes:

    For the final game I think it's too short, to make here some improvements, but I hope for a patch or some mods ;)

    greeting Mark

    Ps: sorry for my bad english:o

  6. Google says for "Simul Weather SDK":



    Bottom right ;)

    Edit: Their stuff sounds interesting like:



    wow, thanks, that´s really very very interesting:bounce3::bounce3:

    some of the other customers are also very interesting, Diamond Visionics is not bad:cool:

    the clouds are very very amazing, thanks for the great video, :yay:

    and thanks on BIS :yay::bounce3:

  7. Hi pilots:D

    I think for player they don´t use Trackir it would be nice, there were more camera views in TakOH

    Maybe a skidview, noseview and a loadview , because with the normal cockpitview you can´t see the load under the chopper

    Or there were a button to lean the Pilot a little bit on the Site and see down under the chopper, to the load:)

  8. another video

    shooting training


    the videos are very nice:bounce3:

    you get a nice impressive from the map, but i also think the traffic could use improvement:rolleyes:

    another thing it's pity, that there are no raindrops on the cockpit glass, but the theme we had already:o

    something else is what I have noticed that the trees partly look less detailed from the near.

    but you can not have everything, so thumbs up for this great game :thumbsup::bounce3: