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  1. very impressive screen, i want it bigger:D seems like, there is a little bit smog over the city :cool:
  2. AS350

    Left or Right?

    niiicccee, that sound´s very great:yay::bounce3: can´t wait longer for that great game :bounce3:
  3. Take On Animations!;) http://takeonthegame.com/social-media/?pid=102
  4. nice update from BIS the interface layout is a good idea:) also the new warning indicators on the HUD are nice, but i hope they also find the way in the cockpit, otherwise the Veteran flyers have nothing from;)
  5. a new nice Video from the GamesCom;) PKTxkCrI3uA
  6. Small video from the Community Preview 83244;) 1-Hzyr8k4Aw
  7. Hi guys! I´m new here and very interested for the new game TakOH It look´s very great and I hope it will be it:bounce3::459: But a have a question: Is there planed a flight video feature, that you can replay your flight´s from some camera possition´s (like FS). Or when you crash the chopper you can see the last second´s of your flight as an other camera position ;) I think it can be very funny a feature like that, or what you say ? Mark
  8. AS350

    flight video feature?

    yes, that would be fantastic, when you for example see your chopper with the swinging load from a nice ground position Ps: have the feature written in the tracker http://dev-heaven.net/projects/toh-cit/issues?set_filter=1&tracker_id=2 so vote a lot;)
  9. AS350

    Mission IDEA

    another nice idea;) GD4Csy0P91M
  10. AS350

    flight video feature?

    there from BI nobody answers to the question, i think the feature will not be in the game ,pity:icon_cry:
  11. AS350

    Take On Music

  12. AS350

    flight video feature?

    Ok, i have it edited;)