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  1. Angus S

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Can anyone confirm if ACR lite needs a full version of OA to play? I have ArmA2 + Reinforcements which includes all of the Arrowhead content but none of the singleplayer missions and the normal version of ACR won't work, so I thought the lite version might
  2. @Count_Blackula Not all addons have an icon appear on the top right of the main menu, if it says it is enabled in expansions then it should be enabled
  3. Is there still going to be a chernaraus version?
  4. Yeah the sniper sit is the one reason I don't use this mod anymore
  5. I do have A2. The installer says that the only thing missing is OA, but OA isn't listed as a requirement on the ACR page, only CO
  6. I don't understand why having reinforcements can't count count as combined ops, I have all of the content except for the campaign. I can run any mod that requires combined ops and beta patches etc that say they require arrowhead work without a hitch. Surely ACR doesn't require the arrowhead campaign, just the content and engine, which I have ---------- Post added at 05:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:52 PM ---------- I ave just been reading the wiki page on Arma2 package combinations (http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ARMA2_PackageCombination) and it says that ArmA2 + ArmA2:RFT = A2:CO ("(A2:RFT+A2 = A2:CO, A2-FullSP&MP, OA-FullMP, A2:BAF-FullSP&MP, A2:PMC-FullSP&MP") so ACR should work
  7. Reinforcements has OA lite, so it has all of the content just no missions, I think the only problem is there is no OA exe or registry entry
  8. Angus S

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Does this need operation arrowhead, or will reinforcements work too?
  9. I have just downloaded the new ACR DLC and when I tried to install it it said that I didn't have operation arrowhead installed and then it quit. I don't have OA, but I do have Arma2 and Reinforcements, so I can only guess that it doesn't count my reinforcements as OA. Will I have to buy OA?
  10. Your overview links are broken
  11. Sounds like an awesome idea! Now no one can complain about the AI spotting skill etc because they can just change it
  12. Can someone make an F35B with different loadouts from vanilla? e.g. Mavericks and JDAM
  13. Angus S

    Tree texture issue

    What is you antistriopic (or however you spell it) set it?
  14. Angus S

    ACE for OA 1.13

    @stk2008 The Six Updater thread is in the editing section
  15. That might show up if somebody joins with a mod enabled, even if the server doesn't run any mods