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  1. Hey code34,

    first of all: Good work with the script! Love it but i encountered a problem concerning the multiplayer.

    I have a PvP Mission called "Where is the Agent?" in which a team of independent have to hunt down an Agent (CSAT). I wanted to use your script so the agent is a bit harder to spot in the cities. But if for example the CSAT soldier kills 2-3 civilians the script wont work anymore (only for the CSAT soldier). Same happens with the Independent if you crash your UAV or kill to many civilians. So i think it has something to do with the typical AI behaviour, that you are set as an enemy if you kill to many Civilians and/or destroy your UAV. Regarding that it might be a BIS problem i don't know if you can fix the problem. Non or less i wanted to give you that feedback and it would be awesome if someone knew how to fix that or turn of the "set_as_enemy" if you kill civilians.