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  1. This looks great. Can't wait to try it out 🙂
  2. The map looks great from above and i love the choice of vegatation but sadly the mid-range textures are such low resolution. I guess there is no way to fix that 😞 https://imgur.com/a/jmM5GNa
  3. XiviD

    Ruha terrain

    Beautiful map! Well done!
  4. XiviD

    GRAD Trenches

    Great work everybody!
  5. XiviD


    Hey Zade! Will there be an update soon?
  6. XiviD

    ArmA3 Apex Giveaway

    Thank you very much lexx!
  7. XiviD

    ArmA3 Apex Giveaway

    Hey Lexx, Special Forces of the CSAT Pacific Army are beeing dropped off in the jungle
  8. After unsuccessfully trying to contact Soronelite :( , we finally found the solution for our problem. We had two uniforms (actually 4 but 2 with the same tex) which could not be loaded in the Arsenal (When loaded, it looked like this). Seems like there was an inheritance problem since the 1.52 Patch. BI changed the scope of some uniforms, including the ones which were used in the ARC GER-pack (B_Soldier_02_f and B_Soldier_03_f). You can simply fix it by adding "scope = 1;" (Without "") to every broken uniform in the "cfgVehicles.hpp" file. Example: class ARC_GER_Flecktarn_Soldier_01: B_Soldier_02_f { scope = 1; _generalMacro = "GER_Flecktarn_Soldier_01"; faction = "GER_ARC_Units"; vehicleClass = "Men_Flecktarn"; uniformClass = "GER_Flecktarn_Uniform_tshirt"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo", "insignia"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = { "\GER_items\data\Flecktarn\GER_Flecktarn_clothing.paa" }; linkedItems[] = { "ARC_GER_Flecktarn_Helmet", "ARC_GER_Flecktarn_Uniform_tshirt", "GER_Flecktarn_Plate_Carrier", "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch", "ItemRadio" }; respawnLinkedItems[] = { "ARC_GER_Flecktarn_Helmet", "ARC_GER_Flecktarn_Uniform_tshirt", "GER_Flecktarn_Plate_Carrier", "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch", "ItemRadio" }; backpack = "ARC_GER_Backpack_Flecktarn"; }; I hope we could help. @Soronelite maybe you can use this information for a hotfix.
  9. XiviD

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Hi BlackPixxel, first of all: Great work! My group loves your launchers! We encountered one little problem. Every time we used "Airburst" on any "AiA" (Chernarus, takistan, etc) map the rocket exploded randomly. Sometimes it exploded right after firing it, killing everyone in close range. Sometimes it just exploded after 150 meters instead of 300m and so on. RPT does not really tell us something except of maybe this. 11:08:00 Error in expression <positionX> 11:08:00 Error position: <positionX> 11:08:00 Error Undefined variable in expression: positionx 11:08:00 Error in expression <positionY> 11:08:00 Error position: <positionY> 11:08:00 Error Undefined variable in expression: positiony 11:08:00 Error in expression <positionZ> 11:08:00 Error position: <positionZ> 11:08:00 Error Undefined variable in expression: positionz 11:08:00 Error during compilation of bin\config.bin/CfgCloudlets/m3maawsExhaustSmokeRefractMed.position 11:08:00 Error during evaluation of expression _position in m3maawsExhaustSmokeRefractMed Not sure if it has something to do with a wrong calculated distance?
  10. XiviD

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Going to commit suicide...bye bye!
  11. Is there any chance of a standalone version for groups that do not use the BWMod?
  12. Thanks for the release! Sadly I did not find any time to test it yet but maybe you can still answer my question. Regarding TFAR and CSSA3: Is it possible to talk with other spectators and at the same time hear alive players talking?
  13. XiviD

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Great work you guys! I could not imagine playing Arma 3 without AGM.
  14. XiviD

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Yeah! Thanks LordJarhead!
  15. XiviD

    Firing from vehicles unfinished?

    Yeah had the same thought. It is hard as balls to hit sth. from a fast moving helicopter. Especially with 40mm.
  16. Thanks for the fast updates/fixes nkey! Great work!
  17. Wow! Thanks Six_Ten and MiauX! I will try that and report back.
  18. Hello guys, this is not a usual terrain/Visitor question, so i hope i am right in this section of the forums. I would like to extract the height map of f.e. Altis or any other map to use it in a 3d modeling software. I found some information that the relief information can be found in the .wrp file of a map. I do not know the filetype .wrp so i have no idea if that could be even possible. So my next step was to find a file format which can be opened by most modeling softwares (In my case Cinema4D). Do you guys have an idea if the .wrp is even the right one? Is it possible to extract the height map or similar information out of the file and to convert it to a usable file type. (I know the Convert-WRP) But i am not sure if that is the right tool to use. Thanks in advance!
  19. Question: Will you be able to use "Zeus" to create Multiplayer/Coop scenarios and save them? Like a 3d-Editor? If this question gets picked please greet my fellow SWFL teammates. Good Job BI!
  20. XiviD

    Blastcore A3

    Looks awesome!
  21. Got a nice FPS boost. How do i activate these special settings on my server? Edit: Looks like fps get worse as time passes.
  22. Hey, just add this line to your init.sqf http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setViewDistance That value will be the new default value. For example: setViewDistance 2250 If you now open your ingame TAW menu every slider will be set to 2250.