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    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    All im hoping for is that they decide to try to use memory more instead of taxing the hard drive that lead to the not so great performance of arma 2.
  2. drivebyhobo


    /Thread Good luck finding an unmodded server with a vanilla map.
  3. drivebyhobo

    Module graphics settings for Arma 3 Vote please

    Film grain is a plague...
  4. drivebyhobo

    64 bit engine :-(

  5. drivebyhobo

    Who are this Time the Enemies ?

    Lets stop pussy footing with russia and have them ballsy like world in conflict.
  6. drivebyhobo


    Hurr x86 is terrible stuff from 1978 right? PowerPC was so great from 1992 that it has all of the desktop share today right?
  7. drivebyhobo


    Er they didnt lock cpu physx for mafia 2 to only some low level, you were allowed the full range. I am sure they wouldn't restrict it now.
  8. drivebyhobo


    IMO regardless if you have Nvidia or AMD at least you'll finally be able to give Bulldozers and Sandy Bridges something to do.