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  1. Enough, atleast that's what I'm thinking :D
  2. Been staring on this for a while now and this is what I came up with Also, before I start, do correct me if I am completey wrong As far as I can work out, you are trying to use the arma3alpha as an serverconfig, the arma3alpha is a profile and not a server config, the A3TestServer.cfg is what you want to use. This is problay why it isn't working, the dedicated is trying to read the arma3alpha as both the profile and as the server config. And be sure you have the "-config=A3TestServer.cfg" in your shortcut as the command line.
  3. In other words, it's not picking up the config file for the server? It's something that I had problem with aswell, went trough the steps in the guide about 3-4 times, then I noticed my config file for the dedicated wasn't picked up as a .cfg file, but rather as .cfg.txt. Make sure your config file is ending with .cfg and not with .txt
  4. Empire1337

    Overclocking system for ArmA 3

    If I were you, I would upgrade the CPU, Motherboard and RAM. Correct me if I am completey wrong, but, at the moment I do believe that the CPU is bottlenecking the GPU, this might be one of the reasons of why.
  5. This is a problem for me aswell, Offline mode is just not working. Even trying to force steam to start in offline, I still get the same message. And yes, I have done my homework with this. The way I found it to work; 1, Turn off steam on the gaming PC 2, log in on steam on the server machine 3, start dedicated server 4, when you see that arma 3 is starting, log in on steam at the gaming PC 5, if steam on your gaming PC couldn't connect, stop the dedicated server and try step 3 and 4 again. Done this a couple of times, seems to have no effect other than that steam on the server starts crying about no one being logged in, and I haven't encountered any problems so far, I and other can still connect to the server and play.
  6. a) I added quotes and tried, nothing happened. Same thing without them. b) I removed the spaces, nothing. Added spaces, nothing. c) I added the addon, nothing again. d) Made a fresh new install and tried again. Guess what happen? Server starts without a prob, players can join, but the f*****g server.cfg is ignored. I have made lots of bat's files (and some shortcuts aswell) with diffrence path and what not, nothing seems to work. I even moved the arma files to another spot, but it didn't work. I don't want to give up on this, but I am so close at doing it...
  7. http://www.zshare.net/download/90172228199516f2/ This is the server's RPT, and it's a long one... I tried with quotes around the parameters and no diffrence.
  8. I was wondering if anything had to do if I was using Steam's server client or from the CD itself. Turn's out that the answer would be 'No' And turned out that I haven't really checked the server.cfg, so it was with cfg.txt (Foolish by me not checking properly) but even if I had removed the .txt, the server client ignores the s*** out of the server.cfg. I am now wondering how far the server can fly... Not very it's what I am thinking...
  9. Tried and nothing. Does this have anything to do with steam or the server's OS? I doubt that.
  10. Okay, tryed with simple copy and paste and nope. No changes I removed the server.cfg and the rest so it would search for the folders instead of the .cfg's and nothing. And big sorry for my ignorance, but I have no idea how to do this with DOS. This will simply won't work, I might aswell give up....
  11. I know, saw the thread couple of hours ago. Did everything over again, following exactly everything and still the same things happen.
  12. I appreciate anything right now, since my mind has almost blowed up. Command line, the latest I made
  13. Hello, I want to say sorry first for making a new thread about this, pretty sure there's tons of them but I can't seem to find the answer I need. I don't know what to do at this point, I am so close to throwing out the server out of the window. I have read, studied and what not lots of guides of how to make a server. When I am starting the server, players can connect, no probs what so ever there. But, the server.cfg won't be read, I have made some of changes and nothing seems to have changed at all. I have tried copy KellysHeroes tut, but nothing happens. I even tried force the starter to read the .cfg with custom targetlines but nope. I tried that, this and what not. Anything I try, nothing happens, the server starts up and just list as itself with "server-pc" without any changes at all. I can add the targetlines, server.cfg and anything needed, but at this point, I don't want to get close to the server as I might break the whole thing.