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    Arma II performance help

    But why should i have to do any of that to the game (other than the patch). Is this just an optimization issue? also i do understand about posting in the spot they designate, i just want to know whether or not its worth perusing this game any further.

    Arma II performance help

    I tried creating a new topic in the Arma II section and it kept giving me a permission error. And I sure as heel am not posting in a place were there are over 120 pages. I just want to know if there is a quick answer? Also i was talking about crysis 1.

    Arma II performance help

    I am posting here because i can not post in the Arma II thread? But I am having issues with Arma II. I bought it via steam because they were having a sale ($10 i think it was). So i bought it and i REALLY want to play it but my FPS hovers around 10FPS. System specs: AMD 965 4ghz Radeon 6990 Crosshair formula III 4gb 1600mhz RAM The game plays fine at the lowest settings but i refuse to play it at those settings. My rig should EASILY play this game at the absolute highest settings! I have 4gb of video ram for crying out loud! What is wrong?! Steam says the game is up to date with 1.9 or something like that. Why am i only at 10FPS? I can play crysis at MAX settings 1080p 24x AA at 50+ FPS. there is no way this game is more demanding, and if so my FPS should not be at 10.