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  1. Oh really? Strange, none of the Ubuntu server boxes I've installed are bloated.

    Funny coming from you who is one of those who seem to have problems with current Linux Beta.

    Either way I guess it's up to all to run whatever distro they feel comfortable with.

    You asked me why, I told you why. Im minimalistic. I have problems with the current linux beta because it is borked-how is it my fault you idiot.

  2. Dwarden gave you a clear statement, no?

    First 1.60 stable, only then they can build a new, hopefully stable, linux build.

    On top tomorrow starts e3 with CC, ToH and e3. Guess what had their focus for the last weeks.

    That said there were zero crash dumps and such supplied in the CIT.

    And you wonder why they are unable to address it?

    GossamerSolid appearently sent some.