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  1. Because I am running on a very active connection and I require that my UL isnt being heavily consumed 24/7 for 3 days.
  2. I'm looking for a quick way to make my server run CO.
  3. I wish I had a better internet connection* Im really starting to hate BIS, WHY DO I HAVE TO SPEND 3 DAYS UPLOADING SHIT.
  4. So... I don't need to change the config or anything to run CO?
  5. doonbugie

    Fix the Igla pod.

    I've always been curious to why the Igla pod can only fire one rocket at a time with a 3 second or so delay. Which is far from realistic, as there are two triggers and firing both at the same time would prove very useful. Here is a example of how it should be... Youtube - The passage of the Igla system Strela @ 0:45 I'd love this fixed... :D
  6. doonbugie

    Fix the Igla pod.

    Autorotation doesent work for me, I try it with Mi-24's I cronically use in Warfare BE but there is either a forest beneath me... or I explode on landing. But that isnt as much as an issue in takistan because there is nothing but sand.
  7. doonbugie

    Fix the Igla pod.

    I've learned this many times, it seems emergency landing training does nothing.
  8. doonbugie

    Fix the Igla pod.

    Mi-24 is resistent to 50. cal at the most. I think the developers were high when they created Arma 2.
  9. doonbugie

    Fix the Igla pod.

    T90 can take a shitload of HE shells, all the aircraft can only take one.
  10. I need some recommendations for my config file(bandwidth wise)... 1000 Mbit w/ 850GB bandwidth cap, its not horrible but the bandwidth cap... Im guessing, may severely limit my servers capabilities. :( Can anybody who has expirience with this sort help me out?
  11. I'll guage it over about 3 days of use to give fair on/off populations. I'll probably end up using your bandwidth configuration. Thanks for your help I appreciated the response.
  12. Has anybody ever tried setting up X and vnc on their linux ds and then running steam from wine and downloading the files that way? Then removing X of coarse, GUI's are no good for server OS'.
  13. Arma 2 on steam is independent of Steam. You can do it, just run the a2 exe.
  14. Depends where you live and if BIS is willing to go after you.
  15. Not familiar with A2 DS, how much dam would it require for a minimal debian installation on my dedicated server. Im thinking 24 players.
  16. I'll be running Warfare Benny edition on Chernarus. With 24 players, which I intend to fill up. Civilians off, resistence AI on recruit, player AI on regular. I hope it won't eat up to much memory to the point it has to start using a crapload of swap. I have dual xeon.
  17. Why would the server be rendering anything? Its just a console. I figure I'll put 2GB in it and setup a 24 player Warfare.