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  1. Yeah, its pretty annoying. Its a shame BIS isnt doing anything about it and instead working on a sequal that 1/2 the community doesent care about and would rather have a less buggy client and server. ---------- Post added at 09:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:21 PM ---------- For such a expensive game you would guess that maybe BIS would put in some effort to fix it asap as it hampers gameplay as a simulator. But nope!
  2. doonbugie


    Cerberus5 is laggy, its hard to play PvP CQB in a laggy server.
  3. You have to escape the semi's in linux server I believe, however my actual game uses the suggested above configuration though.
  4. Hey, I tried running 1.1 with its dependencies(@brg_africa) off six-updater and it failed to work( I think), The terrain is almost like a green desert. Some trees appear but I dont see any jungles at all. Another problem I am having is, when I try to load it on my linux server it brings up this error . My mod paths are MOD="-mod=@lingor\;@brg_africa\;@lingor_units". Can someone please help me get both issues fixed?
  5. Okay, but does anybody know how to reverse the fog of death? He basically singlehandedly killed my server just before I banned him via Rcon.
  6. doonbugie

    Need Players For Walkthrough!

    I don't see how this would work, the majority of the arma 2 co community plays custom missions and you said no mods but ace.
  7. My server is crashing at random during gameplay, its getting extremely frustrating because it takes awhile to get the server going and populated. Here is my servers log leading up to and slightly after the crashes. It runs great before it crashes, I have no clue why it does this.
  8. I'm happy that its not just me, I thought it was just Gossamers warfare and was considering removing it... :S
  9. There is no such file on my server.
  10. Sometimes I run Gossamers 3, or BE 2.068. No mods/restricted mods.
  11. I finally got my server working by moving the mission files to lowercase. But, now some basic menus in the mission (warfare BE) do not work... for example the Server control menu, and the upgrade menu is unresponsive. Probably more defective items but thats all I found until I shut it down. Is there any solution to this?
  12. doonbugie

    Battleye Does not work.

    They have shit grammar, its our, not are! If public server owners restrict addons, they loose a massive playerbase that use light addons.
  13. doonbugie

    Better updating system for Lin servers?

    I'd still prefer some sort of proper pactching system from BIS.
  14. doonbugie

    Merkava... IDF??

    Why BIS? Why the confusion!
  15. How am I going to do this, I CANNOT upload 13GB via home DSL onto my dedicated server. Can somebody help me out here? I don't understand why BI has such a frustrating process here. Can somebody PM or add me on steam and give me a download to their server content for OA 1.59 and/or A2 1.0.9? This isnt doable for me and so far its been a waste of time and bandwidth :(
  16. Some nice Russian guy helped me out, he let me download from his very fast connection onto my server. Thanks to him!
  17. doonbugie

    Why are people so conservative?

    I hate conservatives, especially since they won my fed election.
  18. Whats with the fucked up Mi-28? It has no tail rotor and instead dual rotors.
  19. doonbugie

    Merkava... IDF??

    But the french tanks only go backwards.
  20. You're right, its a Mangusta. ---------- Post added at 03:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:49 PM ---------- Arma 2:Arrowhead is set in the future isnt it?
  21. Isnt the Comache supposed to be a manned stealth UAV with a tiny chaingun and limited ammunition? It seems useless, i'd rather send a ULB in.