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  1. I don't know about everyone else But the sounds are just horrible.. most guns if not all sound the same, and there just so boring....
    I was sitting in town awaiting a gun run from a jet the neophren i was like OH YEA he comes the air support baby!!! the new dlc jets..  the cannon fires,...... .. .. . . .. . .  sounded like aids. 
    killed it completely i just died inside.. 45$ dlc that can't get decent sounds..  
    So iv'e never heard the a10 befor ingame i only bought arma series to play the life mods back in the day.,. never used it.. But i played the shit out of dcs world with the  A10 my favorite jet of all time, i loved watching videos of the gau-8 and the power of the ROAR!!! it was  beautiful.. 
    So i'm playing koth and hearing the wipeout a10 for the first time that 30mm cannon gau-8, for the love of god make me wet my pants and let me hear that roar of power and them beautiful engine of the a10 while it flys over...!!! pew pew pew pew.... 
    "O.o pulls out the rpg blows myself up" 
    Forgive me for wanting air support to sound superior and powerful like it is in the real world.. I just wanted to sit there on a hill and hear the beautiful power of the cannons as they do there gun runs.. to the beautiful sounds of powerful engines as they fly past.. 
    Thank god there's a mod JSRS that i haven't tried on arma 3 yet.. but sadly i don't think they work on koth or alot of the servers due to needing server side keys.. Why can't bis just work with the people who make jsrs and make them default sounds in game.. for the love of jebus please..