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  1. I've been using MCC with my group for about a year, and there's no taking back how useful this mod was as it really «made mission making easy» so I'm grateful for that, but I'm really concerned about the bloating

    Almost the exact same with my guys, just had to remove MCC4 from our modlist as it now interferes with AGM (interaction keys) and cant disable all the additional MCC features, please have this as a second/different mod. Or have the main Console (which I love using!) as a separate mod, maybe a separate mod called "MCC 4 Commander" or the like.

    Edit: Cant set keys to nothing easily or even set them at all with game crashing on attempting to set hotkey.

  2. Just tried running ACRE2 on my own linux dedi server, and keep getting "ACRE: Server version and Client Version do not match". DL'ed using playwith6 and copied over to the server. I can confirm that the server is running ACRE2 and that i can hear in 3D but the screen keeps continually gradually greying out, then resetting, then greys out again.

  3. how are we able to set the region that the server is located?

    with the steam api result it is showing:

    "response": {
    	"success": true,
    	"servers": [
    			"addr": "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:2303",
    			"gmsindex": 65534,
    			"appid": 107410,
    			"gamedir": "Arma3",
    			[font=Arial Black]"region": -1,[/font]
    			"secure": false,
    			"lan": false,
    			"gameport": 2302,
    			"specport": 0

    having already set (in the server's basic.cfg):





    yet no region is showing up. Anyway to manually set this? also does this effect server taking so long to appear in the in-game browser?


    Also further questioning:

    the lines in the server.cfg wiki have:

    steamPort = <number>;

    steamQueryPort = <number>;

    Are these now both depreciated or is it only the steamQueryPort that is locked to Server's Main port +1 (eg. Game 2302, Steamqueryport 2303). Has the steamPort been port set to Gameport + 2 (eg 2304)?

  4. When I set the Faction variable to Independent and the Side variable to EAST, the spawned units attack and kill each other off before my player, BLUFOR, is able to engage. If I set Independent faction and SIDE to INDEPENDENT, they do not attack BLUFOR. How do I spawn ANY faction and set them as opposition to BLUFOR, eg, EAST without them attacking each other?

    In the advanced menu on the editor (where you can name your mission, set weather,etc..) check at the bottom, there you will see options to set which side Independents are friendly towards.

  5. It's going to be out SoonTM as it is related to Dedicated Server update release :icon_twisted:

    I've heard that there some nice optimizations coming to the server client (which i will welcome with open arms!), but this "mode" is going to be interesting...