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    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Yep seems to have been Fixed:
  2. rhyswilliams999

    Dynamic-Ai-Creator Question

    Refer you to this document: http://www.havoc-company.com/downloads/DAC_V3_Readme.pdf. also go into the DAC files, that you downloaded and have a look inside \DAC_V3_c\DAC_script\DAC_Basic_Files\DAC\Configs\DAC_Config_Units.sqf You will see that Case's 1 - 14 case 0 = Russians case 1 = USMC case 2 = Insurgents case 3 = Civilians case 4 = FR case 5 = CDF case 6 = NAPA case 7 = MVD case 8 = Spetsnaz with custom gear case 9 = Takistani Army case 10 = Takistani Militia case 11 = Takistani Locals case 12 = US Army case 13 = US Delta Force case 14 = Czech Army case 15 = German KSK so have your line look like this: nul = ["Zone1",[1,0,0],[3,3,20,6],[],[],[],[0,0,0,0,1]] spawn DAC_Zone; will give you russians. nul = ["Zone1",[1,0,0],[3,3,20,6],[],[],[],[[b]0,10,0,0,1[/b]]] spawn DAC_Zone; will give you Takistani Militia. Please use the right forums tho, the right place to ask would have been here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?99753-Dynamic-AI-Creator-(DAC)-V3-0-released
  3. Seems to work, API version hasn't changed and seems to work with the testing i was doing earlier.
  4. In our clan, one of our users is having the timeout error as well, I had it briefly but a restart of TS sorted it. Seems like the only Common problem i've seen is having Windows 7/8 32bit version. ACRE error log from Member: [23:46:29.397] * Logging engine initialized. [23:46:29.398] Configuration file does not exist [C:\Users\XXXXXXX\AppData\Roaming\TS3Client\acre_config.xml]. Creating with defaults... [23:46:29.400] * initializing... [23:46:29.400] * initialization complete [23:46:33.795] * [1] Engine startup in progress... [23:46:33.800] Opening game pipe... [23:46:34.300] Game pipe opening successful. [00000a60] [23:46:34.313] * Startup completed [23:46:34.345] Stereo sound detected, initializing custom mixing... [23:46:42.77] Client connected [23:46:42.77] Client disconnected [23:46:47.96] Client connected [23:46:47.96] Client disconnected Actions tried: Running TS as Admin Running either Arma 2 OA or Arma 2 OA (Beta client) as Admin restarting TS while the Game is running or Restaring the game while TS is running. Switching UAC off all together Reinstalling ACRE, all @ACRE, @JayArma2Lib and Plugins in TS's plugins folder Reinstalling Audio Driver Reinstalling Arma 2 OA All together. Adding exceptions to AV/firewall Disabling AV/firewall Sadly i have run out of idea's as to what the issue could be. Update: While creating this post, having changed Steam to also run as Administrator, even though UAC is disabled as worked, so will further test as see... Cheers to: for highlighting this, would not have thought that Running Steam as Admin would have been a dependency... Especially with UAC being switched off.
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    Lots of Bombs

  7. With the most recent dev update, they have corrected the name of the Opfor Vehicles. this means that if you are running the Dev version of Arma 3 Alpha, then you cannot play/edit missions that have the IFrit vehicle loaded in them. To update a mission in arma 3 alpha that has these vehicles loaded in them, you have to edit the mission.sqm. (recommend using Notepad++) First to change is the ref to what addons are needed. In the addOns[]= section: Replace "A3_Soft_F_Galkin" with "A3_Soft_F_Ifrit" in the addOnsAuto[]= section: Replace "A3_Soft_F_Galkin" with "A3_Soft_F_Ifrit" next we need to do a search for "Galkin", when you find a ref to anything with the Galkin name in it, replace it with the IFrit equivelent like so: Found (use <Expand> to show code blocks): class Item1 { position[]={3015.1987,9.5831432,5508.4629}; azimut=-70.427902; special="NONE"; id=55; side="EMPTY"; vehicle="O_Galkin_F"; //Notice name of vehicle here... lock="LOCKED"; skill=0.2; init="this allowDamage False; this exec "ammo.sqf"; }; Change to: class Item1 { position[]={3015.1987,9.5831432,5508.4629}; azimut=-70.427902; special="NONE"; id=55; side="EMPTY"; vehicle="O_Ifrit_F"; //Notice name of vehicle here... lock="LOCKED"; skill=0.2; init="this allowDamage False; this exec ""ammo.sqf"";"; }; Hope this helps folks work out why, after the update, they cant edit/play their missions.
  8. Seems to have been just me, works fine now, Cheers
  9. Armaholics DL links dont seem to be working for me...
  10. In terms of the Stable versus Dev builds of ACE, could you have instead an addon for it, that changed the way that that LEA used the back slot. likes so: have the Stable version selected be default, but have the ability to have one or the other selected.
  11. rhyswilliams999

    L119A1 Pack

    Thanks for the update, Very much appreciated.
  12. -Deleted- Derp, should really check the dates before i post....
  13. rhyswilliams999

    Universal Crate Filler

    I'm trying to message Trophe, if this works out, i might have something special lined up....
  14. rhyswilliams999

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Noticed this as-well but reloaded the mission and it was gone. Also i've seen that the A10 with the CBU, when used causes huge FPS Lag (Using the Cluster bombs that is, not the A10)
  15. rhyswilliams999

    IFrit classname changed in Dev update.

    na mate, its a Dev version of an Alpha, there is a reason its a Dev version, so that changes like this can be made and sorted out. If the changes were held off until the stable, we would't know about it till the stable patch, then scrambling to get it updated when it comes out. This way, when the stable patches roll through, we already have content that's up and running with the patches.
  16. rhyswilliams999

    SPOTREP Hacked?

    www.arma3.com is back to normal it seems, www.bistudio.com still defaced. :-(
  17. rhyswilliams999

    ArmA3Mark - Benchmark your ArmA 3

    Running: Intel i7 2600 (non-K) OC'd to 3.8ghz 16GB DDR3 RAM Crucial Ballistix Triple Crossfire (5870 + 5970)(1 + 2) Arma 3 installed to SSD (Samsung 840 120gb) 3TB HDD (Raid 0, 3 x 1TB HDD) V-sync switched on for screen tearing really, really bugs the hell out of me. Using preset "Ultra" with 8 x AA, 1920x1080. V-sync on. Using preset "Standard" with 0 x AA, 1920x1080. V-sync on. Using preset "Low" with 0 x AA, 1920x1080. V-sync on. MSI After burner GPU usage graph for standard: 1. Alt-tabbed into game. 2. Benchmark stated. 3. Benchmark finished. MSI After burner GPU usage graph for Low: seems that it doesn't crossfire too well: Using preset "Low" with 0 x AA, 1920x1080. V-sync on. Crossfire OFF (running only only on 5870) MSI After burner GPU usage graph for single card:
  18. rhyswilliams999

    .ogv video ingame.

    Used FreeMake Video converter on the HTML5 setting, Creates a folder with MP4, OGV and webm in it, works a treat at 720p. It is free but watch what you click when you install it, it wants to install a few browser bars etc..
  19. rhyswilliams999

    RH PDW pack

    Create a Folder in your Arma 3 directory called "@RH_pdw1.0" without quotes. Inside that folder, create a folder called "addons", and put the *.pbo files in there. then add "-mod=@RH_pdw1.0" to your startup parameters. Should look something like this: C:\Arma 3\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\@RH_pdw1.0\Addons\RH_pdw.pbo etc...
  20. rhyswilliams999

    Hosting MP turns on webcam

    i'm pretty sure Arma doesn't watch you while you play. Check to make sure the game is not using your webcam's microphone for the VOIP, accessing either on my on webcam turns the light on.
  21. I'm finding that if you are hosting, people without the dev patch cannot join. clients joining get stuck just before being able to pick a slot.
  22. rhyswilliams999

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    Sweet Jesus... an update!, had forgot about this, then remembered that i had donated a while ago to the access to the 1.7 alpha... Will be re-downloading ASAP (at work, will setup when i get home.) Thank you!
  23. rhyswilliams999

    Forcing DX10 instead of DX11

    Minimum card is 8800GT, which is a DX10 card. Might be like the new 3dmark, running DX11 API's with only with only the DX10 feature set. 3D Mark post reply to me: facebook link Windows' MSDN report on API levels: LINK
  24. rhyswilliams999

    Group, Side and Direct chat.

    Just a heads up, this is what i done to get it to work. Placed a trigger down and in it's properties Activation: Radio Alpha on Act: showChat True; [side,"HQ"] sideChat "Hello World!"; //Where "Side" is, replace with "WEST" or "EAST" respectively. show show a message saying: HQ "Hello World!"
  25. rhyswilliams999

    Why I still banned?

    i'f your using steam, it might be the previous serial is still in your registry, right click the game and verify the Games data, probably you will find that its finds something missing and DL's a couple of kb. Then try starting it again. i've had this problem, but not due to hacking, just re installed steam and Dwarden just said to verify the game's data, worked a charm.