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  1. Hi all, I want to build a can Fold and Unfold tent via ACE's interaction menu.(ACE Interaction Menu Framework) So this is my config.cpp example: class CfgPatches { class My_HappyTent { units[] = {"My_HappyTent"}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Structures_F_Civ_Camping"}; }; }; class CfgVehicles { class Land_Ground_sheet_folded_F; class My_HappyTent: Land_Ground_sheet_folded_F { displayName = "My Happy Tent (Folded)"; class ACE_Actions { displayName = "Unfold"; condition = "true"; statement = ""; //Bla bla bla something action unfold tent distance = 5; } }; }; So I pack this config.cpp into pbo, and go to editor. But when I push interaction button with this object, I can't see anything jump out. Is something I done wrong? //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Currently I use the ace trenches pbo to help me do this. I finally hope can create a Sleeping Mat, and when Player take this Sleeping Mat into their backpack, then when he put it on the ground, he can use interaction menu on Sleeping Mat to build (Like build trenches method) a Medical Tent(also include ace's medical building function), finally delete the Sleeping Mat that is on the ground. And when want to dismantle, player can use interaction menu on tent and dismantle it back to a Sleeping Mat. Then we can have a movable Medical Tent on field. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  2. Hi, I want to add some variable on my custom item, the variable main purpose is log how many times this item use by any player.(multiplayer) So when this item used times is up to like 10 time, this item will disable and never can be use again. So if there is anyway can get the object in item, then I can setVariable on it and let anyone to take this item, and he will know the use limit. Can this possible? Thx
  3. God of Monkeys

    [MP] How to setVariable to inventory's item?

    Roger that, thank your reply, I will try your way :)
  4. God of Monkeys

    [MP] How to setVariable to inventory's item?

    Hi, sorry for my late reply. Fire, you can see this Github. I'm working with this author to implementation use times limit to simulate the power of AED. So if that AED use over the limit times, than I think we can remove the old AED and add a AED (consumed) into player inventory just like AT-4 (used). After I look your reply, I guess we can only get an unique name of the item on the ground.(the variable name is spawn by game engine) But when this item in the inventory or box container we can't get a same variable name to track this item, so we must spawn our own Id on server to track them? In first I think we can add some variable in config init event like this:("ADV_aceCPR_AED_UseLimit") class adv_aceCPR_AEDItem: Item_Base_F { scope = 2; scopeCurator = 2; displayName = "$STR_ADV_ACECPR_AED_DISPLAYNAME"; author = "[SeL] Belbo"; vehicleClass = "Items"; model = "\A3\Structures_F_EPA\Items\Medical\Defibrillator_F.p3d"; class TransportItems { MACRO_ADDITEM(adv_aceCPR_AED,1); }; class EventHandlers { init = "(_this select 0) setVariable ["ADV_aceCPR_AED_UseLimit",20]"; }; }; So we can simply use this variable to count the use times. But this idea is dead because we can't get that variable name. So if I use your example of TFAR, we just use the config init event to spawn a request for server to get a unique Id and let server track this item, is this right ? Thx
  5. Description: Call helicopter come to help you, he will help you rearm, refuel and repair. This script is referenced from Gungriffon (1996, Sega Saturn) Video Game, you can use this script with chkw30k's "HMCS Addon", will have a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy :) How to use: 1.Copy "ResupplyHelicopter" foldor into your mission. 2.Add"resupplyHeliRDY = true; publicVariable "resupplyHeliRDY";" into your init.sqf. 3.Copy "this addAction ["<t color='#00FFFF'>Call Resupply Helicopter</t>", "ResupplyHelicopter\resupplyClickonmap.sqf", "B_Heli_Transport_03_F"];" into your player unit's init. Media: Forum Topic: HMCS Addon Workshop Direct Download link Steam Workshop Resupply Helicopter Script (Gungriffon Style)
  6. Hi, I and my team is Taiwan clan, we use Chinese. We have some problem. I make a mission with another author, use stringtable to make this mission localization, But when I use dedicated server load this mission, it will show in English(in my own computer test it will show Chinese correct). I think this is dedicated server(arma3_server.exe) can't load arma3.cfg in User save folder. So dedicated is open up with English, is any way can edit server use language on TADST or dedicated server config ? Thx
  7. Thank you, I will test later.
  8. What different about Push to Talk(PTT) & Voice over Net(VON )? I play arma for a long time, but still can't get this two different. Can somebody tell me what different this two? Thanks
  9. Hi, I want to make a amphibious mission, and I want to make my AAV 7 can spawn a ring shape smoke just like many real AAV 7 exercise video. Here is video(Start at 1:45): Is there any script or similar effect mod ? Or I must do this with addon ?
  10. Can you give some photo or paste your script to here?
  11. Hi, this is my script, I try to make a helicopter run into battlefield and land at spot, then player(driving on HIGH-MACS) can use button to active resupply progress. This is my script (resupplyHeli.sqf): _spawnPosition = getMarkerPos "CH47SpawnPoint"; _resupplyPoint = getMarkerPos "CH47LandPoint"; _heliClassname = "RHS_CH_47F"; _landingMode = "GET IN"; // Spawn Heli _unghi = [_spawnPosition,_resupplyPoint] call BIS_fnc_dirTo; _helicopterSpawn = [_spawnPosition, _unghi, _heliClassname, west] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle; _helicopter = _helicopterSpawn select 0; {_x allowDamage false; _x setskill ["courage",1]; _x allowFleeing 0;} forEach (crew _helicopter)+[_helicopter]; {_helicopter disableCollisionWith _x} forEach allPlayers + vehicles; _heliPad = "HeliHEmpty" createVehicle _resupplyPoint; _helipadPosition = getPos _heliPad; // Add Hold Action [ _helicopter, "Start Resupply", "", "", "true", "true", {hint "Start Resupply!"}, { if (((fuel (vehicle _this select 1)) == 1) && ((ammo (vehicle _this select 1)) == 1) && ((damage (vehicle _this select 1)) == 0) &&) then { hint "Resupply Complete!"; [_helicopter,_this select 2] call BIS_fnc_holdActionRemove; } else { (vehicle _this select 1) setFuel (fuel (vehicle _this select 1) + 0.04); (vehicle _this select 1) setAmmo (ammo (vehicle _this select 1) + 0.04); (vehicle _this select 1) setDamage (damage (vehicle _this select 1) - 0.04); }; }, { (vehicle _this select 1) setFuel 1; (vehicle _this select 1) setAmmo 1; (vehicle _this select 1) setDamage 0; hint "Resupply Complete!"; }, {hint "Resupply Progress Stop!"}, [], 10, nil, true, false ] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd; // Move Heli _helicopter doMove _helipadPosition; hint "Resupply helicopter inbound!"; // Wait for them to be ready to land _helicoptersLanding = 0; while { _helicoptersLanding < 1 } do { if ((_helicopter distance _heliPad) < 180) then { doStop _helicopter; _helicopter land _landingMode; _helicoptersLanding = _helicoptersLanding + 1; hint "Resupply helicopter landing!"; }; sleep 1; }; // Wait Heli Land waitUntil { isTouchingGround _helicopter }; hint "Resupply helicopter landed, will wait 2 minutes!"; sleep 100; hint "Resupply helicopter will Leave in 10 sec!"; sleep 20; hint "Resupply helicopter RTB!"; // Heli Fly Away _helicopter doMove _spawnPosition; // Delete Heli while {(_helicopter distance _spawnPosition) > 200 } do {sleep 1;}; {deleteVehicle _x} forEach (crew _helicopter)+[_helicopter,_heliPad]; I stuck on two place: 1.The helicopter can't disable collision with player's HIGH-MACS. {_helicopter disableCollisionWith _x} forEach allPlayers + vehicles; 2.This hold button function can't run, I stuck on my function can't find the caller vehicle, and script will stop. [ _helicopter, "Start Resupply", "", "", "true", "true", {hint "Start Resupply!"}, { if (((fuel (vehicle _this select 1)) == 1) && ((ammo (vehicle _this select 1)) == 1) && ((damage (vehicle _this select 1)) == 0) &&) then { hint "Resupply Complete!"; [_helicopter,_this select 2] call BIS_fnc_holdActionRemove; } else { (vehicle _this select 1) setFuel (fuel (vehicle _this select 1) + 0.04); (vehicle _this select 1) setAmmo (ammo (vehicle _this select 1) + 0.04); (vehicle _this select 1) setDamage (damage (vehicle _this select 1) - 0.04); }; }, { (vehicle _this select 1) setFuel 1; (vehicle _this select 1) setAmmo 1; (vehicle _this select 1) setDamage 0; hint "Resupply Complete!"; }, {hint "Resupply Progress Stop!"}, [], 10, nil, true, false ] call BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd; So what wrong with my script? Please help, thanks.
  12. I put a civilian and use say3D to let the civilian say my record sound. (It will loop say "help! help! help!") But I find when I in vehicle, whether it is convertible car or not, I can't hear very clear when I in car, the sound volume will very small, I can only hear very little. But when I get out vehicle, the sound will very loud and clear. Is there any script can modify this situation?
  13. Very like createShot this idea to ArmA 3
  14. Hi, I want to place some unit/group on map, and export it's config to script, so I can use .sqf file to spawn AI, and control server performance. I want to export Unit/Group classname, their loadout, waypoint, and any I write down in unit/waypoint's init script. (It can say I want to export 100% same thing like I place on editor.) I find out a tool it's name Silent Map Converter(Link), but it can't work. I also find this, M3Editor - 3DEN(Link), still not work. Do you have any can work tool or convert script can help me ? Thanks
  15. Hi, I make a AI attack convoy. This is my step. 1.Drag a group from Groups. (I choice a Motorized Infantry Squad. Transport Truck * 1, Driver * 1 (already on driver seat), infantry * 5 (on ground), the group line all link to that driver, but the team leader is the another AI.) 2.Drag all on ground infantry into that truck. 3.Edit truck's attributes, Turn Off Simulation. (here I have another question, will ask below.) 4.Create a waypoint on truck(move), and gave a condition.(truckGo = true;). 5.Create the others waypoints after first waypoint.(like Seek and Destroy and Get Out Vehicle...) 6.Create a Trigger cover that truck, condition set.(this not very important, but in this case, I use a variable and countdown some time.) and set detect OPFOR in this trigger. 7.In Trigger On Act., I write these code. {_x enableSimulationGlobal true;} forEach thisList; truckGo = true; publicVariable "truckGo"; Question When the trigger start Act., I suppose the AI group will follow my waypoint, but strange thing happen, the truck will stuck at it position. And the AI who is in cargo will start to get in & get out randomly. I try some solution, like let Group leader drive the truck, it will move(move very stutter), and the cargo AI still get in & get out like stupid. In the end I must separate truck's driver and infantry to different group, then use old way set a waypoint for infantry get in truck, truck's driver set a unload waypoint. This will be fine, but workload upgrade. Is there any way can let they stick together in one group and done these things? Additional question I find a question when I use trigger turn on the Unit simulation. When my target is a infantry squad who stand on ground, then use my trigger script(like above), it will work fine. When infantry is in vehicle, I find out my script only will turn on the truck's simulation, but truck's passenger and crew will not active, so I must only turn off truck's simulation except the passenger and crew. I guess this will still waste server performance when I don't want AI start to move, so how can I modify my script to let all OPFOR who is cover by trigger to turn on simulation?(no matter he is in vehicle or not) Thanks
  16. I find a solution, that is I don't drag infantry into truck, just gave them waypoint. When start, leader will auto order everybody get in truck.
  17. My trigger will start to countdown 60 sec after Player get into a town. (detect BLUFOR in trigger) Then after 60 sec the trigger will Act. {_x enableSimulationGlobal true;} forEach thisList; truckGo = true; publicVariable "truckGo"; This trigger is cover a OPFOR group who is turn off simulation when game start(Use Eden editor edit group's attributes, not by script). Then trigger will turn on all OPFOR Unit within its area scope. After OPFOR turn on simulation, then they will follow 1st waypoint and transport(by script in On Act.) to 2nd waypoin and move to 3rd waypoint ........ I will make a demo mission and upload here to you, let you check my method. :)
  18. 1.My truck already have a OPFOR driver(Riflemen) on it, so the truck is OPFOR. 2.My thisList result seems like it will have all OPFOR infantry(not in truck, stand on ground) and all OPFOR vehicle(expect vehicle's passenger and crew) cover by trigger. 3.Yes, my trigger is server only. 4.I add condition in first waypoint, because I also write a script at wapoint's On Act., it will transport the waypoint owner group to next waypoint.(I hide these OPFOR Unit at map's corner, so I must transport they to what I specify location)
  19. But I want to use this method to save server performance. Or there is another way can convert my Eden editor's group into script version? Can directly convert the group spawn position and waypoint etc... into script ? So I can use call script method to save performance.
  20. Hi, I want to make a mission that every player start on a AI helicopter, then fly thru a trigger, every player will move out and para jump, when land, their original backpack will restore. So I find this script. (Simple ParaDrop Script) But when the trigger active, every cargo jump success, but suddenly that AI helicopter will start to hover and land. But I want he fly away, no matter how I move away waypoint to far far away. I try every heli all have same result, but when I click eject by myself on heli, the pilot will fly away and follow I gave him waypoint. This is very strange, have anyone see this before?
  21. God of Monkeys

    Simple ParaDrop Script

    Hi author, I find a strange bug, when heli drop the troop. Then pilot will hover the heli and start to land, can you fix this problem let heli just fly away and don't stop. Thanks :)
  22. Hi, we are Taiwan ArmA Clan, recently we want to build a x64 Dedicated Server for our team. (our last server use 5 years already) And here is come some questions. Our Goals 1. 50 ~ 100 players coop & PvP. (or even 100 vs 100 PvP) 2. 400~500 AI Unit. (50~100 groups) *This can use like EOS or ALiVE to help. But is perfect when 500 AI Unit can activities at the same time. 3. Mod: ACE, RHS(All faction), CUP(Only map), Task Force Radio. *And some little mod and map that don’t impact performance very much. 4. Host TeamSpeak 3 server. Hardware: 1. Server vs PC advantage? After discussion, this is our plan. But we want to know is server structure will have more advantage? Or is ok with PC structure? Server Structure CPU: Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2680 v1 x2 MB: Supermicro X9DRL-IF or Tyan S7050-DLE RAM: Samsung Ecc reg DDR3 1600 8G x8 SSD: Plextor M8Peg 256G/M2 PC Structure(2 ver.) CPU: AMD R7 1700X MB: MSI X370 gaming pro carbon RAM: Kingston DDR4-2400 16G x2 SSD: Plextor M8Peg 256G/M2 CPU: Intal I7 7700K 4.2G MB: Asus Strix z270H RAM: Kingston DDR4-2400 16G x2 SSD: Plextor M8Peg 256G/M2 Network Speed 1. Server speed affect? In our plan, we will use this. 100m download / 100m upload (Right now we use 100m download / 40m upload) This speed plan is very high at Taiwan, in future we will upgrade if there have another higher plan. Last Question 1. The above Hardware plan & network speed, can done with our goals? 2. If goals can’t be done, is our hardware plan need more upgrade? Or is our network speed too slow? 3. If these plan are very nice and more than we want goal, how many player and AI can run on our hardware & network speed plan? We hope we can get these information from big ArmA Clan.(Who usually play with 100 players) And thank you for your reading.
  23. Thank guys :) Now we know some basic information to buy sever.