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  1. I see 4 servers who download Lingor by SU and how this troubles, after this, Lingor been deleted :( I informed this guys about SU mistake ;) he waiting update :) interesting how mutch peoples download Lingor by SU?! :\ Ice realy, maby have sense to remove it in SU while new version not realised...
  2. Where is Mi-24(A) and Ka-50(2) :)?
  3. J-Guid

    My trip to BIS at Gamescom 2011- Great!

    Thanks Pashion, i will crying of happyness when read your post :D
  4. J-Guid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Fruity_Rudy 4 need if you use TOH merged with OA ;) :cool:
  5. J-Guid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Lao Fei Mao now you must use all 4 CBA suits
  6. Yea mate, chill ;) just reframe your message ;) stability important too, but when something hate you, you dont looking on perfomance! :) Change beep sound! !R3v0Lt!
  7. M1n1d0u, you can drop you PC (throw out in the window) :D ;) and you can dont watch this discution anymore ;) :D Because more players wont to do it too when hear radio beeps, but he throw a headphones :D
  8. what you mean Nou :)?! if nobody play with acre for who need your stability ;)?! beginers and main part of players dont interesting of stability, he requering in comfort playing, stablity its inside
  9. J-Guid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Tushino and WOG have very good servers! and he playing in pvp missions with small amount of scripts (or no scripts in mission), RolePlaying events every weekend :) :P
  10. fREAk, im fully agree with you, that's what I'm trying to explain why need to change sound! Exactly! Because sound doing Arty work (Artilery strike) when some dude press CAPS LOCK :mad: :mad: :mad: Sometimes commanders keep radio quite for resting of this f8cking beeps!!! In general who make this stupid sound?!
  11. Stratis and Limnos its separate maps as Takistan and Zargabad, but if it be merged, its wold be great! :)
  12. its inside DLL, but i think be posible to move it in separate file, and on soundplace put link to file. If dev's dont have time to change it, send sources to us please, we find optimal way to resolve this issue And its not only MY team :), some other clans and servers dont like it too!
  13. Why other peoples must do that, if dev must care about this in begins?! who is bitching? nobody! Its massive requst of big ammount of players in different servers of different countryes and gameplay modes! Its obviously important! Sickboy, check your SU, count how mutch servers playing with ACRE, visit all and ask for each - "Do you like a beep sound? DId you want to change it to more better?" interesing what you hear on this answer :D Note: I make this poll in main part of RU and some other communitys, ~74% want to change it or have ability to make a personal beep, other 26% ask me "but what can we do to change it? and 'nah skip it, I dont want use ACRE' (character's specific)", participated in the poll 359 peoples, its a VALUE! Im never siting without deal ;) :cool:
  14. Dont drop speed when you turning when driving vehicles and add config param, some like dropSpdWhenTurn = 0/1;
  15. Just do it man, its important feature for simulate more realistic reloading, instance its not good, maby implement diferernt timers for each plane type, or calculate it by loadout type
  16. Sickboy, here we talking about to move beep sound to file (he is not in config files :)), because current exploding brains after long playing time. We ask about this more times ago for dev's, but he ignoring it :(, here just a few poeoples talking about this becase its annoinng, other dont wont to talk about this or dont have a BIF accounts and dont know English, or just skip it and dont want to play with ACRE anymore, because hate this annoing sound, we hear lot shit-words about this of players, after i never seen he playing with ACRE, - "WTF, stop beeping in my head, damn I close TS or disable this ACRE"! - "Why, what happend"? - "This damn f8cking sounds explode my head, who make this 'pain', who is this mazahist and likes to mock peoples, damn"?! p.s. its not my words, we hear some like this many times on different servers...
  17. This feature be good to make aiming more better wneh you coverying behind corners
  18. Mates, please stop talking about, good, not good, dont heared complaints, im like this etc! ... This feature is obviously requred not for your owen likes! Maby some guys love this headboom sounds (40-80 pplz), but what about other ~2000 players who use ACRE?! Nou, please add ability to change a this sound and who want can keep it as default, other who want can change it how he likes! OMG! This is obvious undeniable fact that initially was obliged to attend, right mates!? :confused:
  19. J-Guid

    Mi24-A, Krokodil

    maby you right ;), i will try to make some experiments with materials and show you results
  20. J-Guid

    Mi24-A, Krokodil

    Pathetic_Berserker I think guys here who ask you some 'tips', want to help you improve your stuff and make it more better, its not a critics ;)
  21. some another, fREAk, try to play 5-7 hours with ACRE, and begin hate this BEEP sound too! :) Nou, please change or move sounds as standalone
  22. J-Guid

    Mi24-A, Krokodil

    b00ce, in rvmat you can control shinig and glow levels, its realy must be corected, because he looking as default photoshop picture...
  23. J-Guid

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Yes! its been f8cking awesome!!! Do it man! I mean hint sound -> in script "hint" have sound, posible to change it ;) with interface sounds?)
  24. Nou, realy please, move a sound file as standalone or change it on some more soften and decrease sound volume, Im not alone who talking about this, lot of players dont wont to play with ACRE because hate this f8cking annoing HeadBoom sound, but he never ask to you about this (gray mass)! 'Lower headset' is to solution for this problem! :( Or second solution its use default Arma radio sound, and anybody can change it how he want, its optimal way to resolve... Please make in close realise time
  25. J-Guid


    Thanks Günter for assistance in our threat ;)