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  1. J-Guid

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Sound Confirmed! But why plane jumping on fron wheels :D?!
  2. you can hook a required radius or targets for this ;)
  3. What about realy perfect animations, mocap going in past now... important link! http://naturalmotion.com/ no mocap - more realistic, more smoothness animations and eazy to make it :) Automaticly generated animations based on real human body behaviour of threat and physcs! Do it BIS, please, DO IT :)!
  4. J-Guid

    MRAP - RG31 Mk5 (WIP)

    what about this stuff for A2 Oo?! :)
  5. neck cracking animations for behind for both artists ;)
  6. Taser X3 https://dev-heaven.net/issues/30675 Here examples and explains
  7. ok, thanks Max, but cant find where, can you PM links or put here, please
  8. Good, but maby wait a units and realise full and lite versions in one time? :)
  9. Dwarden we praying on this feature or some like this, just do it please :)! Dynamic game enviroment be great! :pray: :pray: :pray:
  10. Taser, need assistance and tips with config for Taser :)
  11. J-Guid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Nou, what about RPG's and NLAWs ?!
  12. J-Guid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Download Six Updater and read manual, all inside ;)
  13. Feint if clear Q&Z not posible try to use modifier, CTRL maby
  14. @short_German, Ice know about this, i tell him few days ago :) you can see this in changelog now ;)
  15. You try to collect a traffic on site ;)?! Good idea to make a money ;)
  16. Config params: allow to control coeficent effects for vehicles (dust, water, exhaust) FOr example if you set a water effect in model Mem-LOD, in config you can configue amount of effects for this water_effect_value = X (1 - default, X - multyplier) and some like this for other default effects: vehicles and engines dust, exhausts, water engine exhausts!
  17. J-Guid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    posible to generate more random directions ;)? And guys, can you make a Napalm bomb or weapon class?!
  18. little things forming good stuff ;) - "Details more important in general" ;)
  19. Nou, if you can make a retransmiters, we can make all requred models! Come on just do it :)!
  20. Thanks Porter to assist in my ticket, I talking more times ago for devs about this, but he ask me, he oriented on some another ;), but be great to have a retransmiters...
  21. Dive quick keys be great, because when enemy start shooting by you, you dont have time to scrolling actions :D, its must have a very fast reaction
  22. @MulleDK19 Nice video! keep it up please with next videos :) Thank you :)