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  1. Orginally it was about paying to have your application to the server "processed faster" or something similar to that, then it was about using mods without permission. Now its just a huge rant that won't end even after BI has given a solution to mod authors...

    They did... ? What is the solution ?

  2. Hi,

    I've installed acre onto my new rented server and I'm having slight problems. The mod is running because we all have radios in our inventory but nothing happens when we try to transmit, even though it says acre connected at the top of the screen.

    I've installed both cba and acre onto the server. Keys are where they should be. Can anyone lend any advice.

    userconfigs ?

  3. We run quite a few mods so I realise this may not be the best report for you but here are some errors we get on initial testing.

    Here is our modlist :-


    The CEP+TEP mods are uniforms and UI modfications EXP has latest blastcore and some other bits an bobs in it.

    FeedBack :-

    When we fire any CUP launcher we get this error :-

    19:48:13 Error in expression <-13,1]);
    _index = floor(random (count _sArray));
    _soundV = _sArray select _ind>
    19:48:13   Error position: <_sArray));
    _soundV = _sArray select _ind>
    19:48:13   Error count: Undefined variable in expression: _sarray
    19:48:13 File DFyre_A_Core\scripts\ES_Urban\urban.sqf, line 12

    Note : When you throw a grenade or set of an explosion the sound is perfect !

    When someone else throws a grenade or sets of explosives the sound is muffled.

    Small vid for the error and the grenade mulled sound :-

    Hope this helps !

    If it doesn't Sorry to waste your time.

    P.S The mod is Awesome but it seems incompatible with the weapons mod we use, atm :)

  4. Removal of third person. Why would you have them remove a feature that is optional? So everyone's forced to play the way you like? Selfish much.

    I perfere 1st person, guess what I do? Go to hardcore servers.

    I prefer 1st Person too. Guess what I do ? I run a Hardcore server :p

    Why would I want 1st person removed ?

    Because its an outdated system that does not reflect a game geared to milsim.

    It makes the Arma series an arcade style game, causing new players to the series to feel the default 3rd person view is the way its played and that the 1st person is just for Elitists.

    Removal of the 3rd person would tend toward a more baseline game play across all servers.

    But hey I know too many use it, so BIS won't go that way, Doesn't mean I can't wish :)

  5. As requested here is an example of how sometimes the vehicles dsynch.

    Watch the hunter from my perspective.

    also watch the automatic gate open for a hunter that hasn't moved for me.


    Hope this helps some.

    NOTE : This isn't related to the perf version only, this happens on stable for us and started 1or2 stable updates back.

  6. No worries m8

    Does this quote you missed of mine help ?

    Has anyone else Noticed that when AI are on the Headless and you shoot next to them but don't hit them, they do not react to the shot/impact.

    Once you put the same AI on the server they will react to the shot/impact.

    It seems to us that the reaction parameters of impacts or sounds are not working on the headless.

    Maybe some type of locality thing ?

    Can anyone confirm this ?

    Hope that clears it up for you m8

  7. Give it a rest, BIS is on holiday until 15th, until then it is very unlikely that game will fix itself.

    Dude WTF. (give it a rest ?) WTF

    Just trying to get confirmation.

    As its seems maybe I am the only one getting this problem, I try to get confirmation. I know BIS is on hols.

    Dont get upset if I try to get confirmation.

    If I am the only one getting this prob then "Ill give it a rest".

    Until then Ill use a forum as a forum and air my concerns.

    A simpler Yes or No it happens to Me/Us As Well. would have been alot better than a "Give it a Rest reply".