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  1. I did say an option for the people who missed that bit.

    For the people who think it adds more immersion to have your guys speaking in a language you dont understand but have it in text on your screen hmmm.

    If your supposed to be a Russian or what ever wouldn't you be able to understand other Russians or what ever.

    not have the gold fish in the ear translator scripting it onto your screen.

    as all the commands that a russian shouts are already in the game with the english equivalent I cant see there being much in the way of costs for voice actors there.

    But yes for say german, french and other languages that arnt slavic or anglo it may cost BIS a little more to add the option for all.

    I just feel it would be a cool option for the people who wanted to use it and I would play as east in warfare then without having to turn off the radio ..

    or having to try to scan through all the chat messages to see if my ai 3 clicks away said anything while i was fighting.

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    Then you would select the Off option :)


    I would select the On option

    We would Both be happy ...

  2. Hello.

    I was wondering if its possible to somehow make my games Russian soldiers speak English.

    I tend not to play the Russian side in multiplay because of the voices being in Russian.

    So was hoping I could just make them use the English speaking files instead.

  3. I had an out of memory error while playing warfare be last night.

    CTD with out of memory error at 10gig

    I found the 10gig part strange as i only have 8 gig system ram and 2 5770 ati gfx cards with 1 gig each.

    I did have 10 gig ram previously though but I removed 2 gig for another system.

    Could it be that aram2 still thinks I have 10 gig system ram ?

    or did it use up all 8 gig and the 2 gig on the gfx cards ?

    Its only happend once so far and I noticed no slow down in performance before the crash to desktop.

  4. Thanks once again for the fast replies.

    Very cool stuff so far

    Excellent fairness of play

    Im only playing with me and 1 other guy atm on a dedicated from my own pc.

    server loads seem good so far

    nothing over what I would consider excessive.

    Im using a hex core amd 1090t - 10 gig ram - dual 5770s - (32down - 8up) fttc connection.

    and so far it runs good.

    Ill be altering a few things for private use and ill alter the name.

    atm ill just alter the player models to be the BAF officers cause they look good with the red beret .

    One thing i did notice is that at distance some objects only appear when i zoom in now.

    what could that be related to and is there a way to disable or increase the distance at which objects appear ???

    Ill try and explain better

    buildings seem fine in fact they appear at greater distance to be loading the lods faster.

    smaller objects like fences and walls in towns seem not to be loading the lods as they did before which leads to strange gfx when viewed threw a scope zoom.

    so what im asking is can i disable what it is your using for the distance of objects to test if it better on or off for my system ?

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    Very impressive that you have the creator of CTI as your second post.

    All hail Cleanrock !!

    and shame on bis for not giving him a job !!!

  5. another question is view distance.

    can the view distance be set in-game via the player or is it a static server setting ?

    cant see any options for it anywhere.

    thanks for the fast reply

    erm what player profile btw for ciggys ?

    PM sending :)

  6. First of all great mod !

    Im trying to get this to work in warfare

    but I only seem to have the default radio available (replaced by the ACRE one)

    I changed some lines in the Core_gear / Core_arrowhead_g.sqf

    to read

    _u = _u + ['ItemRadio'];

    _i = _i + [['','','CfgWeapons','Item',10,0,true,false,0,0,true]];

    _u = _u + ['ACRE_PRC148_UHF'];

    _i = _i + [['','','CfgWeapons','Item',10,0,true,false,0,0,true]];

    _u = _u + ['ACRE_PRC119'];

    _i = _i + [['','','CfgWeapons','Item',10,0,true,false,0,0,true]];

    _u = _u + ['ACRE_PRC117F'];

    _i = _i + [['','','CfgWeapons','Item',10,0,true,false,0,0,true]];

    but the extra radios dont apear in the gear list

    does anyone know why ?

  7. I run a little dedicated server for myself and a couple of m8s.

    I have run into a prob with adding -mod= onto the command line

    I think i have reached the max amount of characters allowed in the target thingy

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\ArmA2OA.exe" -server -port=2302 -config=MyServer\Server.cfg -cfg=MyServer\Arma2.cfg -profiles=MyServer "-mod=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2;Expansion;ca" 

    That is my target line that launches aram2 CO server with no mods

    how can I launch it with mods ?

  8. Hello again.

    I just installed a new Cpu.

    thought maybe someone might like the info on the difference it made to my graphics cards during E08 benchmark.

    I went from an Athlon x4 630 2.8mhz to a Phenom II x6 1090t Oced @ 4.0mhz.

    still using 2 ati 5770s clock speeds 875 - 1250 on both cards.

    the e08 benchmark results are 75-80fps an increase of 25 - 30 fps

    but the main thing is my GPUs are working alot better ingame and during the Benchmark.

    90+% all the time in bench mark.

    see link for graph of GPUS during benchmark.



    Im Happy :)

    hope this helps someone somehow :)


  9. Hello.

    Ive been playing arma2 co for a little while now and i have some questions about the performance of CrossfireX in the game.

    I run a

    Athlon II x4 630 2.8

    10 gig ddr3 system ram

    dual 5770s


    1.5T hdd.

    Dual 22in monitors

    Latest Bios

    Latest Catalyst driver

    Latest App profiles

    Latest Arma2 patch

    On my second monitor i run MSI afterburner monitor to watch the GPU core speeds

    And i run a CPU monitor to watch the cores % and temps of my CPU.

    What ive noticed is that when i just load the basic loading screens for areas.

    for example i use the E08 Benchmark for my tests.

    when i exit that bench mark i get either the snipers or the Guys over looking a town Load screens.

    when im on the load screens my GPUS run at 90-100% load and i get good fps results

    when im in the benchmark or ingame the GPUS run at anything from 30%-80% and very very seldom reach 90+%

    both ingame and in load screens my CPU never passes 70%

    and varies from 30-70%

    Could someone Explain why this is and if i can do anything to increase the GPU loads for ingame or benchmark play ?

    Also multiplay games my GPU loads never pass 50% and are mostly in the 30% range (?????)

    Thanks in advance


    PS. My E08 benchmark is 50-55 fps depending on the settings i use ingame @ 1920-1080 x 1920-1080 aa off

    PPs. here is a link to a screenshot of my desktops showing the arma2 benhmark and the GPU monitor results as you can see from the GPUS usage at the start its level at 90-100% on the load screen drops to 0% as the benchmark loads then never hits the same levels again during the whole benchmark even the most intensive section of the benchmark doesnt pass 80%. This is the same ingame.


    you may need to click the image to maximize its size and scroll left and right up and down depending on your screen res

  10. There used to be a mission in OFP which i cant rember the name of.

    Anyway the mission was MP and it was like hide and seek.

    1 player would be on 1 side and everyone else was on the other side

    every so often the game would give you the single players map co-ords

    and you would try and find him.

    if you killed him game was over if he killed one of your team you joined him on his team. and now you have to kill 2 of them.

    think thats how it went anyway was along time ago and im old :)

    anyway has anyone remade that mission ?

  11. Im having similar problems with steam combined operations and running a dedicated.

    I have the arma2oaserver.exe in my arma2 OA root folder but it wont read the server.cfg i made. which i placed in the aram2 OA root folder.

    I created a shortcut and change the params to read :-

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\arma2oaserver.exe" -config=server.cfg

    looks right to me but ya might spot something wrong

    but all it does is launches a default server with my pcs name as the host name with all default settings

    no set player password

    no set admin password

    If you dont have the arma2oaserver.exe in your steam folder i know you can download the dedicated server for steam by clicking on tools in steam and selecting the arma2 dedicated server file for the game you want.

    Just dont know why mine wont read my server.cfg

    the wiki doesnt really help

  12. Hello ..

    I played this from my pc as a dedicated it ran ok ish for about 2hrs then started to get very unpredictable and I had to stop.

    Looking forward to a light SP and or Coop which I can play for hours and hours.

    I loved the ambiance .. scavenger tactics , gaining allies and random stuff

    the nuke was awesome even when it landed on my head the first time :)

    shame you cant make the zombies not run like idiots and do more of a shuffle walk than a normal run.

    Dont know how to use jerry cans yet so didnt use them at all :)

    same goes for alot of the ACE stuff Im newish to arma2 so dont really know what ace is doing or why it stole my cross-hair . the online help ive found hasnt really helped much with ace but thats another story :)

    anyway Great idea and brilliant mission

    Shame about the performance issues.


    Yes if you think you know me from OFP as the guy who made the @res-cti missions ... your right its me and Hi :)