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  1. Our group and myself tend to find bushes, trees etc are working as expected.

    What we do find very annoying though is fighting the AI either uphill or downhill with grass on.

    We use setTerrainGrid 3.125; in the mission so its forced by the server on clients.

    Fighting the AI on a slope tends to always be a cluster fuck as they can see you when you cannot see them.

    Its almost as if the AI are using a lower grass detail level than players.

    Increasing the terrain grid level to reduce grass does not help for players.

    As it does what you would think with a name like that it decreases the amount of detail in the actual topography of the terrain.

    Hills get smaller etc, which is a pain in the arse.

    As you end up with floating AI and objects on hills at distance which have been reduced in size, due to the terrain setting.

    It would be nice to know what the AI actually see in relation to the grass.

    Then to have a way to set the grass to be the same for players as it is for the AI, Independently of the topography.

  2. I just looked in my Arma 3 docs folder and didn't see an .rpt - I assume it would generate automatically upon errors occurring? Im going to give it another go shortly and see if the behavior is replicated. I am using your files, unaltered.

    Try here

    C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\Arma 3

  3. @BL1P

    He is using 64bit OS and 64bit TS

    When he uses the 32bit .dll it doesn't show up in his plugins list. When he uses both .dll's or just the 64bit .dll he gets the "Plugin failed to load: Failed to open plugin" error still.

    Also, again thanks for quick response! Any other ideas?

    No worries m8 sorry it didnt help

    Ill keep thinking

    you guys on a ts ?

  4. @Jufari

    Check hes using the correct bit version 32 or 64 (of the TS plugins)... from what google tells me, I think he may be using the wrong bit version ??

    Hope this helps m8.

    Lord BL1P master of fuck all.

    Postscript (disambiguation).

    From past experience :-

    Dont listen to what he says ... make him try both versions !!!

  5. Can anyone please file a ticket with a repro case so we can test? I cannot reproduce.

    Nope the tracker is 404.

    Build a walled box in editor place enemy in the walled box.

    place yourself outside the walled box.

    save mission.

    load mission on a server.

    play mission

    DON'T MOVE, just talk using acre.

    AI will not change from unaware unless you move.

  6. Yes! Please have a unit RUNNING with a PISTOL/revolver NOT hold the pistol with both hands. Holy shit. That looks so rediculous and unreal. Arma II did it right. Why the heck won't it be changed in Arma III eventually? For WALKING in a ready-to-fire-posture it is ok to hold a pistol with two hands. But not for running. Try it yourself, even if only with an item about the size and weight of a pistol. Try to RUN while holding it with BOTH hands. Rediculous, arcadish nonsense.

    I tried this but the batteries fell out of my Dil.. I mean Flashlight !!

  7. Create a new Folder Name Version of a mission (Example. MyMission_V100 to MyMission_V101)

    Forget to change the briefingName in mission.sqm

    Then I cant find it when i do #missions because there are now two Fucking MyMission_V100

    I have lost count of how many times I have done this :)

  8. Mods aren't the cause of this. I simply removed ACRE 2 from our server and my client, we moved to TFR again. No more stutters at all, no more AI lag at close/mid/long range, so it's not from our mods nor the mission itself. There's definetely something down there.

    We run CBA, ACRE2, ST_HUD, ASR_AI, UI corrections, Load calc, ST stamina and quite a few inhouse mods but we do not get the stuttering your are talking about.

    We get a small performance drop when using ACRE but we get one from ASR_AI as well. (about 2cps drop on server monitor for each mod).

    If we kept adding mods that reduced the servers cps or fps I would imagine we would also see AI stuttering.

    I would suggest you have maybe too many resource hungry mods running.

    When we want to test things we start at vanilla with the mission then watch the monitor if its not at 50fps and 50cps on SERVER at vanilla stage something is wrong.

    IF it is at 50\50 we add CBA then the CBA dependant mods and watch the monitor for each addition.

    Sometimes even a reskin mod will drastically affect your servers performance.

    Hope this helps, if it doesn't tough titty :)

    TLDR : don't blame ACRE if you haven't tested everything.

  9. We are tracking these reports and fixing them as we get them. Due to the low number of current bug reports, expect stable soon.

    #1. AI Unit revealing has been fixed; I made a booboo

    #2. Babel module has been fixed; I again, made a booboo.

    #3. Investigating the channel naming module errors.

    #4. Vehicle configuration issues; we utilize the *vanilla arma* sound values; so if you are having trouble hearing in a specific vehicle, it means the model maker did not do their sound coef settings correctly. We will not include compatibility patches due to that having added dependencies; the model makers need to fix them. If anyone notices errors in the default BI vehicles, please let us know or file a arma3 feedback ticket.

    Lastly, @JWordsly, that is very odd. Could you contact me on skype 'walterpearce' and we can investigate your problem?

    Excellent News.

    Really loving all the changes.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  10. q1 : How are you testing?

    q2 : What do you mean?

    q3 : How is it exhibited?

    a1 : On a Dedi server using various mission examples with scripted and none scripted AI. with various examples of acre modules and none module missions.

    a2 : No matter how much we talk the AI do not change from unaware

    a3 : I do not know what else to say other than the AI do not alter their awareness from unaware.

    no matter how much we talk near them. (near = <1m behind a wall).

    Amendm : In a1 i mention scripted AI, In that example i mean Ai created via script and using scripts, whereas none scripted refers to AI added via editor with no init commands.

  11. It seems the AI do NOT hear us on our first test.

    do we need to enable something ?

    this is what we are testing script wise :-

    //--- check for acre mod on Client
    acre_enabled = isClass(configFile/"CfgPatches"/"acre_main");
    //--- acre setRevealToAI
    if (acre_enabled) then {
       _status = [true] call acre_api_fnc_setRevealToAI;
       systemChat format ["Acre reveal to AI: %1", _status];
       diag_log format ["Acre reveal to AI: %1", _status];

    so far systemchat and server rpt report that the function returns false