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  1. I think Eggbeast has provided enough proof. Your move BIS. Weldone Egg and all involved.
  2. BL1P

    What do you want to see in the expansion?

    Winter map. Terrain Procedural snow !! Blizzards. Winter textures for uniforms and all vehicles. New Snow vehicles (snowmobiles etc).
  3. If frankie won't listen report the video.
  4. I would say balanced. Gun down jog to cover distances. Walk gun up to clear areas . Run from cover to cover. Sprint when ya getting shot at or to move to cover under fire. Or as I do when under fire... Panic like a bitch run in a circle, press vault instead of gun up all while screaming "CONTACT !!!" over the radio, then die.
  5. Sorry but yes... just double checked for you. Both GPUs running at about 60-80% on stratis editor map the Hunter, Hunter hmg, Hunter gmg, Ifrit, Ifrit hmg and Ifrit gmg all have working mirrors and all have working monitors. In multiplayer I have never noticed the pip not working when it should. I am running two 6950s in crossfire and use MSI afterburner on my other monitor to monitor the GPU usages. I am not saying the problem isn't there for others just reporting that its not for me. Edit : "Single-frame-rendering". No idea, I click "Enable Crossfire" in my Control thingy and it turns on.
  6. BL1P

    life/rpg mods welcome in arma 3 ?

    Firstly PvP is not separate from Mil-Sim. I can understand why you think the trolling, Life, Dayz style games are the future though. Its because all the kids play it and they are our future right ? I would disagree I think its a fad, something new and shinny will capture the kids attention and they will wander off, to the new fad game of the moment. ArmA Mil-Sim will continue as before but with a few new teenagers on board who prefer the Mil-Sim now over the youtube game of the moment. Every now and again a Mod/Mission takes over ArmA. Heres a few that have done this over the years :- CTI/Warfare, Domination, ACE, ACRE, Insurgency, MSO, ArmA2 City life, DayZ. There are alot more names but I just put a few that I encountered myself. You know some of these were so popular that they made it into the next version of ArmA, CTI became a part of ArmA2 from OFP and was named Warfare by BIS. Alot of the features we see in ArmA3 were inspired by ACE. As for ACRE I couldn't imagine playing without a radio mod now, well unless they fix ingame von to be as good as ACRE. Domination, MSO and Insurgency inspired countless missions all based around the same mission models. City life was the precursor for all the life missions/mods you see now. (i think it was called city life, might have been cherno life). And well we all know how well the mod DayZ did. ( just count all the zombie survival games on steam now ) All of these very popular missions/mods have had criticism in the past, that they will ruin the game none of them have. The biggest problem atm is that the new modders are stealing work and breaking laws. I have nothing against the Life missions/Mods themselves except for when they steal. As for them being the future of the ArmA series... nope! they may add to it but they are definitely not the future of the ArmA series. Of course this is all just my own opinion.
  7. BL1P

    DLC Ads

    Ads are better than dont own the DLC can't join the server.
  8. I use crossfire and my pip is working Well i can see shit in the mirrors if thats what ya mean ?
  9. BL1P

    2000+ Hours

    3217h - and whats this SP showcase stuff I hear talk of ?
  10. Have they really re-done the donations thing as addison said or was that BS ?
  11. BL1P

    Arma3 Videos

    Wow Nice Dcal ! +500 for not using stupid Yellow text.
  12. Dont forget all the community created addons.
  13. Thanks for the info Matt. I will try and get it all straight in my head :)
  14. So as far as I can tell at the moment. Some people think BIS have ownership rights of community addons and others think they don't. I guess its this bit which is causing problems :- "and addons incorporated into the Program) are owned by Bohemia Interactive" I have no idea about Czech copyright laws or any other copyright laws. For me I would have to take it as my interpretation, which would be that BIS does have ownership rights of community addons. Either way doesn't really help addon makers wondering who is correct or wondering wtf the EULA means. When they have had someone steal their work do they chase the claim only to find they cant because BIS own the rights or do they contact BIS to chase the claim because BIS own the rights ? I am not trolling, I really am wondering who is correct in this ownership thing of community addons.
  15. True True. But then the comments about BIS cannot do anything about this, its upto the Mod creators is wrong, if infact BIS is the owners of all Modded content BIS can do something about it. Is what I mean. IF BIS is going to do something about this, then wouldn't they let the MOD owners know they will be dealing with it ? If BIS isn't going to do anything shouldn't they let the mod owners know they wont be dealing with it ? More popcorn ! P.S I see you slim :)
  16. If all mods belong to BIS then why is BIS letting them steal peoples mods ?
  17. Yes this should be a hotfix by BIS as its basicly an oversight.
  18. Found a twitter post somewhere can't remember the link but. Basically the server side difficulty setting stuff isn't working yet. And no news on when it will or if infact it will. EDIT : Found it :- https://twitter.com/Arma3official/status/529660120985530368 From this thread :- http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?185147-ArmA-3-Rotorlib-flight-model-locked-server-side Guess we will need a MOD or wait for BIS...
  19. BL1P

    life/rpg mods welcome in arma 3 ?

    The mods themselves are fine. The type of players it attracts are not.
  20. Even if they are mid flight :) Good idea ! Maybe add in a flashing GUI text saying "FUCK YOU NOOB" :)
  21. I would rather they gave us a better Server browser with a blacklist function in it. So I could type Life,wasteland,royale,#CTF,#DM,TDM into the blacklist and it would remove all servers using those strings from my shown list of servers, for example. where #string = gamemode.
  22. Hello Did you mean use this forceRotorLibSimulation = 1; in the description.ext Because if so we already do but it seems clients can still change client settings independently that are related to the new flight model. We are also running on Elite. .
  23. So just getting this right. A3L no longer ask for donations to get fast tracked (the scam). because BIS told them to stop. But they still use altered mods and scripts that they are not allowed to alter and which they have been asked to remove by the authors of the mods\scripts ? If BIS can't do anything about this at all or offer help to the original content creators. I feel that this attitude by the A3L group will be the end of the modding community for BIS. If one group can get away with altering other peoples work and calling it their own and even charging for it until they get caught...
  24. BL1P

    Multiple Waypoint Marker

    Thats not quite true. When on foot yes they get removed but when in Some vehicles they are still present. You have to script\mod them out if you want to remove them completely and even then you would need a mod, to remove the Automatic WP Icon that shows the group leaders pos when in some vehicles. As for the OPs question did you know you can drag and move the shift click marker thats placed on the map ? Not quite what you wanted but might be helpful if you use waypoints.