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  1. Hi thanks but for my friend hidemyass.com wouldnt work clip it did
  2. I have a friend in Germany who cant watch my videos on youtube . How do you German guys and gals watch youtube videos ? So i could tell my friend :) I only have 2 friends so this would be nice :)
  3. BL1P

    Why is this game not more popular?

    because most noobs dont have a good computer they think they do until they play arma2 :) and saying a game is shit rather than saying your pc is shit is easier
  4. In relation to the crossfire and brightness screen flicker problems I found the enabling vsync helped with the problem
  5. Is it possible to have all my mods on one drive and my game on another drive ? Reason I ask is I have an SSD for my OS and Arma versions and placing all the mods I want will drastically reduce the free space to a dangerously low level
  6. Hey tankbuster... Hello Im actually already using that launcher !! Ill take a look at how it sees mod folders thanks if i cant figure it out ill send you a pm thanks m8 Edit well that was easy thanks m8 ... :) ---------- Post added at 10:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:19 PM ---------- awesome ! just freed up 12gig on my ssd :)
  7. _camera camCommitPrepared 10 @camCommitted _camera that works aswell
  8. Looks interesting gona give this a try on my next video
  9. A new video from me. Following the same theme. Enjoy !! jOF5hNyCpL4 Credits in the video for the addons I used VIMEO link for people who live in germany :) http://vimeo.com/30228657
  10. whats next weeks project ? abcdefghij ?
  11. Hello SagaraSousuke or Konnichiwa :) I am using your dance mod at the moment and its very nice. I have one or two questions for you though. When I place the LCD monitors they never place facing the direction I want them to ? They look correct until the camera does a large rotation around the stage area then the LCD monitors look as if they are facing different directions ?? Also with the monitors I created a clip using about 9600 images which ran for 4 minutes 20sec - which returned a speed value of 0.0270833333333333 This worked very good untill I tryed to record the camera once i turned on Fraps the monitors go black ?. I am guessing that its something to do with varying frame rates ? Also the fireworks allways make a large bang when fired with a large white screen ? am i doing something wrong with the fireworks ? and also where can I get the standing guitar animations ? A nice feature would be the ability to set all lights to a default position. Also when you select a light it would be nice if it shows THAT lights coordinates on the sliders rather than the last light that you moved sliders. great fun mod.
  12. No kids no kids !!!! Kill the kids kill the kids
  13. I have tried google search and forum search and cant seem to find a reply. How do you remove the default stock mp missions from a dedicated server ? our server is running Arma2 vanilla. I want it to allow only the missions we upload to the server to be selectable from the mission list.
  14. your praise is well received :) may alas I have the attention span of a 12 year old virgin watching porn while doing home work. Ill do what I do and Ill do it as fast as I Like, so to sepak even so your suggestions are well received and ill try my best to not rush the next one out :)
  15. I did each of my videos in a day but i realise it looks like i did them in an hour :)
  16. thanks :) I have downloaded and am trying to understand the DMX stage addon it seems the guy gave up on the concept some time ago its a shame as for my project it would be perfect it has a stage with laser lights and fog machines and musical instruments BUT I myself am not good enuf to enable the addons as holdable items for AI etc shame as the addon is perfect for a Music based film
  17. Another singing female :) Im trying to Learn the camera scripting stuff. So I apologise for the messy clumsy videos. This one has some swearing in the beginning. Sorry if it offends anyone. lCQ1wAIfpqo
  18. Yer i really liked that aswell ---------- Post added at 10:06 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:55 PM ---------- Nice room clearing in the hotel etc you destroyed that 1 guy in the hall with your sniper HE round I dont speak German but i could follow the flow of the conversation just from my experiences and the video flow. nice team work nice video
  19. Whoa bien fait mon amie very nice indeed :)
  20. Nice warpoet ---------- Post added at 12:00 AM ---------- Previous post was Yesterday at 11:30 PM ---------- The Sequel to dance with me And yes I know my voice acting sucks :) HqTjX_BVodU