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    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Hello. I was hoping for some clarification on the acre_api_fnc_setRevealToAI. We are running a coop mission that creates all enemy AI via script. Also we run ASR_AI and ACE, which are the only two mods we use which effect the AI. (apart from ACRE) We have noticed that the AI will not respond to player voices no matter how close we are or how long we talk near them. We tested this using a debug mode that allowed us to teleport behind the AI and be hidden via a map object and then talked on the radios for 5mins with no effect on the AIs behavior. (low stone wall etc) no the wall did not block the transmission of the voice we checked that. Is there any conflicts or things we might be doing wrong that would explain why the AI still cannot hear us ? Thanks for the great mod once again :)
  2. Hello. Great mod as expected :) We would like to use the Check PBOs module with the "check all" option on. When we do however the module picks up Server side only mods we use such as ASM and ASR_AI, is there a way to exclude these from the checks the Module performs ? Thanks for this fantastic mod. BL1P.
  3. Why is it featured on your steam page bis when we all know they stole the majority of the content used in A3life. With Bis openly awarding people who copy mods or just down right stealing them, I am not sure where I stand on the current tolerance of Bis towards copy or steal is fine.
  4. Too early for sarcasm :)
  5. BL1P

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Ok cool, I was hoping there was a way to make the 3cb backpack model functional with acre and not just.... meh stick a radio in it. But nps all is cool :)
  6. BL1P

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Hi andy. I was under the assumption that ACRE was not releasing Backpack radios. I seem to remember reading that they where not but I very well could be wrong. Loving the 3CB mod btw.
  7. BL1P

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Hello. In my group we are looking at using the 3CB Equipment mod pack, we where wondering if its possible to make the backpack radios in this mod act as 117s, without just putting a 117 in it. The models have all the visual components of a radio but not the functionality. Is there an ACRE_API that covers this or is it possible via creating a small mod config file ? No we do not want to use Taskforce, that's why I asked here. EDIT : ooohhhh 1000 posts :)
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    http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25284 Opps wrong forum section sorry !! the link is for arma3 :)
  9. We use Ace Adv Medical + Revive but also suffer from wanting the Medic to be revive-able without giving all non medics the ability to fully heal everyone with a PAK. It would be nice if Non medics could stabilise and wake up the medic in order for him to fully heal himself. Atm without having multiple medics the only class that cant use the revive function is the medic as non medics cant revive him. Maybe something like Non medics can only use a PAK too revive ONLY a medic, when the Medics only for PAK is selected in the Adv Med system ?
  10. Hi guys great mod. Is there anyway to use the BackPack radios as acre_117 radios without just placing the radio inside the backpack ? Basically is it possible to make the backpack think its an acre_117.
  11. Thanks, all working great now, Thank you very much.
  12. Thanks for this da12thmonkey, this cfgMods can be just a .hpp file defined from the config.cpp right ? and in that I put... For example ? :- in my config.cpp I add :- #include "cfgMods.hpp" Then :- I create a cfgMods.hpp with :- class cfgMods { class Falcons_Mod { icon = "\Folder\Image.paa"; }; }; Then add the dlc bit to the items etc :- class Falcons_DPM_Soldier_Base: B_Soldier_F { dlc = "Falcons_Mod"; scope =2; identityTypes[] = {"LanguageENG_F", "Head_NATO", "G_HAF_default"}; _generalMacro = "Falcons_DPM_Soldier_Base"; faction = "Falcons_Units"; vehicleClass = "Men_DPM"; nakedUniform = "Falcons_BasicBody"; uniformClass = "Falcons_CombatUniform_DPM"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo", "insignia"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\Falcons_Uniforms\data\DPM\Falcons_clothing_Wood.paa"}; linkedItems[] = {"ItemCompass","ItemGPS","ItemMap","ItemWatch","Falcons_DPM_Plate_Carrier_H","ItemMap"}; respawnlinkedItems[] = {"ItemCompass","ItemGPS","ItemMap","ItemWatch","Falcons_DPM_Plate_Carrier_H","ItemMap"}; }; Sorry I am just an old fat guy doing this as a hobby so my skills are some what crap :)
  13. Thank you very much, this fixed it for me. Bonus image of it working :)
  14. Would be nice for all to have the soldiers in your squad speak your language. Ie. the Russians would speak English if your games in English.... if you wanted them to. And better CQC game dynamics.
  15. How do you turn off thermals on ALL weapons and Items ? I have used the DisableTIEquiment on vehicles created in the mission, but cant seem to figure out how to disable the Titans and the laser desigators thermals for example. Ideally would like to Globally disable the ability to use all thermals in the mission. Yours hopefully. BL1P
  16. Yer this has been ignored so we just stopped using HC as it doesn't work.
  17. Where does it currently read the Veteran setting from then if it isnt the .profile ? Just wondering.
  18. Damn Ratszo your arguments are sound :( O well there goes my plans to do a public server for another year or so. Back to private mods or Passworded servers it is for me, too many dicks on public to even attempt a public server.
  19. I really like the tutorial and all the help it gives. Though I disagree with one thing in particular :- "You should typically be aiming to achieve 25 to 30 FPS" Too many servers do this and it causes client side fps loss, 40-45 is what you should be aiming for in my experience. with 25-30 only coming into play when large firefights are underway and it should return to 40-45 as soons as the large fight is over. Not a big deal but too often I have heard people say yes its running great... its at 25 fps heres how I look at it when I test my missions on our dedicated box. 00-10 - not working. 10-20 - bad something is broken. 20-30 - ok but needs looking at. or as my teachers used to say back in the stone age "good try but you can do better" :) 40-50 - good we can use this. Like I say, the tutorial is great and I appreciate the amount of hard work that must have gone into this. I am just being anal as always :) BL1P.
  20. I would like to use two keys folders how is this done ? We have a dedicated box. On the dedicated box Arma3 is installed. We use .bats to run the instances called Alpha, Bravo and Charlie of the server from inside Arma3 root. Each has its own Server_Name folder inside the Arma3 root with its own .profile and configs etc. the .bat code is :- start /high /W arma3server.exe -port=2346 -config=Server_Charlie\serverCharlie.cfg -cfg=Server_Charlie\ArmA3Mod.cfg -profiles=Server_Charlie -name=Server_Charlie -enableHT "-mod=@ASM;@CBA_A3" But each server instance uses the same Keys folder. We would like to not allow any mods on Charlie except ASM and CBA obviously for the server itself. Which we cannot do because Alpha and Bravo use mods. Any help would be great. BL1P.
  21. I understand where your coming from. But I don't think that type of admin group would last long in the group of admins that share the bans list. I would imagine that if too many people complain about 1 set of admins from 1 particular server then that group would get removed from the global list and all bans they made would be removed from the global bans list. Well thats how i would see it working :)
  22. On a side note my first two names irl are lee martin :)
  23. The Arma3 community I play with is very small and is getting smaller. We normally play on a server which runs in-house addons not available via normal public methods. Every now and again we think about running a public server along side our modded one. To try and increase our numbers. Alas though, from past experience none of our admins can be arsed to deal with the Troll fest that is Public Arma3. We lasted all of 10-15mins once when we opened a server to the public. Example :- We use a Registered list of people who are allowed to fly the choppers in our missions and do other various important jobs in the mission. The mission will kick you out of the chopper if you're A. not a pilot or B. not on the Register. The base area has a No Shooting at base script running which remove the bullet, nade, explosive etc when used at base. -==LoLIamL33T==-- joins the game runs to the nearest chopper. Gets in Gets ejected Gets in Gets ejected Gets in Gets ejected Gets in Gets ejected -==LoLIamL33T==-- Rejoins as a pilot runs to the nearest chopper. Gets in Gets ejected Gets in Gets ejected Gets in Gets ejected Gets in Gets ejected Gets out goes to ammo crate gets a gun and ammo Runs back too chopper and stands there shooting chopper with blanks. As admin at the time I am talking to him via chat trying to explain :) He eventually realises this and runs over to me and shoots me with blanks. All this time more of the general public are joining the server doing the same thing or worse. One dude is taking Quadbikes and trying to blow up other vehicles with them because he can't shoot the base vehicles. Another is placing endless explosives that keep being removed when placed. One dude found the Service trucks on the runway and is ramming them into each other to explode them. TeamSpeak is going nuts with regular players complaining about people driving right into the AO while they are setting up the FOB etc etc etc. One guys is asking serious questions that make sense but is lost in all the "WTF no 3rd... this server sucks... do you have Altis Life ?" messages. I am now a gibbering mess on the verge of exploding. So the server gets closed and we play our normal modded server for another year. So for me and my continued sanity (or lack of) YES a shared Global ban system is needed.
  24. BL1P

    Game-Mode That YOU Think Should Be Official

    Doesn't EUTW still have teleport to town ?