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    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Those are the 2 places you would add weapons to barracks. Show us your code ? ---------- Post added at 07:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:42 PM ---------- CTI_VEHICLES_EMPTY_TIMEOUT in rsc params add a new time in seconds to the values for how long ya want and set the default to match the value you added.
  2. BL1P

    An Honest Review

    I play on elite mode with everything off except cam shake. We play a mission that has the created AI using a script to decrease the AIs accuracy and other stuff. The AI in ArmA3 in that mission with those server settings are far superior to the ArmA2 AI. They will flank, take cover, suppress while they order other AI to flank and engage. They will traverse houses to get to us. Enter houses to engage us. All in All a far better experience for us with ArmA3 AI in CQB than we ever had with AI in ArmA2. Yes sometimes they take 3 or 4 hits at center mass but never the amounts you guys are talking about. It also seems that some settings are hard coded into the lower server settings. If you use regular but think you have it set up like elite your wrong the AI will take more hits than they would in Elite, So will the player. No matter if you remove the Extended Armour or not. Easy answer don't play on the lower difficulty's play Elite mode.
  3. Is it possible to script in a block/turn off for the button "Move map to player position" ?
  4. BL1P

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    Use this in the description.ext joinUnassigned = 0; Then the HC will join the slot with forceHeadlessClient=1; attached to it.
  5. BL1P

    How Did You Learn To Script?

    By copying from what others did and reading these forums. Didn't even have computers at school so was all new to me.
  6. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Will this mean you can run a server and a headless and connect to the server. On one purchase ?
  7. Thanks Fred41. Because of your monitor we found out that two other server instances of another game were eating up too much cpu time and or memory. Closing them fixed the low base line on the FPSmin. :) Now just need something that will explain why we shut down someone else`s sever instances to other members of the community I am in :) I think the our game rocks your game sucks policy is what we will go with !
  8. Can anyone explain the difference between fps and fpsmin. And what would it mean if 1 servers fpsmin has a very low base line while another server running the same mission has a very high fpsmin base line. Thanks in advance. BL1P PS. could you give the ability to enlarge the monitor box please my servers screen is tiny and i would like to be able to read it + I am old and cant see very well :)
  9. BL1P

    JSRS2.0 WIP Thread

    Server RPT. 2013/12/09, 19:32:46 Cannot load sound 'jsrs2_mx\mx_dry.wss' 2013/12/09, 19:32:46 Cannot load sound 'jsrs2_mx\mx_dry.wss' 2013/12/09, 19:32:47 Cannot load sound 'jsrs2_mx\mx_reload.wss' Client running JSRS server not running JSRS.
  10. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    2days 6hrs and some minutes This error started to happen to all clients When they joined so was JIP related. Error in expression <ex < _m) then {_x setGroupID [_milalpha select _forEachIndex]}; if (CTI_IsClient> Error position: <select _forEachIndex]}; if (CTI_IsClient> Error Zero divisor File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\Common\Init\Init_GroupsID.sqf, line 12 Error in expression <{_x setVariable ["cti_alias", _milalpha select _forEachIndex]}; } forEach (_x ge> Error position: <select _forEachIndex]}; } forEach (_x ge> Error Zero divisor File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\Common\Init\Init_GroupsID.sqf, line 13 This alone didn't crash the game but it did mean that acre would then crash TS not thats any fault of the mission. And I know you don't support any mods atm. anyway the server will be restarted not bad 2 days 6 hrs :)
  11. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    I thought about server FPS being the limiter aswell but noticed that the server is sometimes at 50 before a large towns is created but then at 25 or less after the creation. I couldn't think of a way to backtrack the creation after the drop in fps had occurred. Although a mix of the two would maybe be a better way. I have altered mine slightly... by calculating the amount that Would be created for the town then using that to determine what amounts it Finally creates. What does PVF mean ? Only RPT errors we are getting are ACRE 117f radio errors when the mission creates a vehicle that uses that radio. And one error from Zertys Strategic mode that he kindly let me use. the current mission has been running for 1 day 21hrs and some minutes :) Last check was 50fps on server unless a big town or two is active obviously. I just checked the RPT and zero BECTI errors using an "error in" notepad + search. We use Zertys Strategic mode as I mentioned because its a cool game mode and because it limits the max amount of towns that can be active at anyone time to 4. As you can tell our server struggles with too many AI being active at once on the server. Hence my attempts to negate that problem. If ya want the mission file to see any changes Ive made as I cant remember them all and i dont keep a change log. I will gladly send it ya m8. I do comment any file I altered so a search would show them or a comparison if you use that type of tool. No giggling at my scripting though :) BL1P.
  12. BL1P

    Best AI Mortar Script?

    Hes not human I am sure of this ! :p And leave my bases alone !
  13. BL1P

    =BTC= Revive

    if(surfaceIsWater _pos)then{
  14. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    My idea would have been more competitive :)
  15. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    1 brother OPFOR 1 brother BLUFOR :)
  16. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    @ Benny Some things I have added to an edit I am working on that might interest you... The prices might look strange but that's because I am using a param for prices and default is *10 the base value The code might look a bit crap thats easy to explain I wrote it :) If you use the ideas feel free to make the code look and work better !! We use the next one because your mission works so well that we play for days on one mission an example is the last restart was because we had a new version of the edit but the previous mission was running for 72hrs and still going strong :) Empty Vehicle Removal based on Vehicle cost Server_HandleEmptyVehicle.sqf _vehicle = _this select 0; _Vtype = typeOf _vehicle; _cost = ((missionNamespace getVariable typeOf _vehicle) select CTI_UNIT_PRICE); diag_log format ["_cost = %1",_cost]; _delay2 = 0; _delay = if (count _this > 1) then {_this select 1} else {missionNamespace getVariable "CTI_VEHICLES_EMPTY_TIMEOUT"}; if (_cost <= 1000) then { _delay2 = _delay + _cost / 6; }; if (_cost > 1000 && _cost <= 10000) then { _delay2 = _delay + _cost; }; if (_cost > 10000 && _cost <= 500000) then { _delay2 = _delay + _cost * 2; }; if (_cost > 500000) then { _delay2 = _delay + _cost * 2; }; //--- set highest and lowest allowed if (_delay2 > 86400) then { _delay2 = 86400; }; if (_delay2 < 600) then { _delay2 = 600; }; //--- make quads quick respawn no matter what the cost or the timeout setting if (_Vtype == "B_Quadbike_01_F" || _Vtype == "O_Quadbike_01_F") then { _delay2 = 300; }; diag_log format ["Vehicle timeout in seconds _delay2 = %1",_delay2]; _timeout = time; while {alive _vehicle && time - _timeout <= _delay2} do { I had to remove Static Defenses from the list of watched items but I guess you will be able to add them back in if you tweak the code to be neater Also added a line to the vehicle bought message :- Client_OnPurchaseOrderReceived.sqf //--- bl1p add vehicle timeout message Start _delay2 = 0; _delay = CTI_VEHICLES_EMPTY_TIMEOUT; //--- bl1p create a timeout on the cost of the vehicles if (_cost <= 1000) then { _delay2 = _delay + _cost / 6; }; if (_cost > 1000 && _cost <= 10000) then { _delay2 = _delay + _cost; }; if (_cost > 10000 && _cost <= 500000) then { _delay2 = _delay + _cost * 2; }; if (_cost > 500000) then { _delay2 = _delay + _cost * 2; }; //--- set highest and lowest allowed if (_delay2 > 86400) then { _delay2 = 86400; }; if (_delay2 < 600) then { _delay2 = 600; }; //--- make quads quick respawn no matter what the cost or the timeout setting _Vtype = typeOf _vehicle; if (_Vtype == "B_Quadbike_01_F" || _Vtype == "O_Quadbike_01_F") then { _delay2 = 300; }; //--- create time in 00:00:00 private ["_r","_h","_m","_s"]; _r = ""; _h = floor(_delay2 / 3600); _m = floor((_delay2 / 60)-(_h*60)); _s = floor(_delay2 mod 60); if (_h != 0) then { _r = _r + str _h; _r = _r + "h "; }; if (_m != 0) then { _r = _r + str _m; _r = _r + "m "; }; if (_s != 0) then { _r = _r + str _s; _r = _r + "s"; }; //--- Notify the current client _picture = if ((_var_classname select CTI_UNIT_PICTURE) != "") then {format["<img image='%1' size='2.5'/><br /><br />", _var_classname select CTI_UNIT_PICTURE]} else {""}; hint parseText format ["<t size='1.3' color='#2394ef'>Information</t><br /> <br />%4<t>Your <t color='#ccffaf'>%1</t> has arrived from the <t color='#fcffaf'>%2</t> at grid <t color='#beafff'>%3</t> <br /><t>Vehicle Timeout is <t color='#ccffaf'>%5</t> </t>", _var_classname select CTI_UNIT_LABEL, (_var select 0) select 1, mapGridPosition _position, _picture,_r]; Auto ejection from mhq when locked action is used. We dont have AI on So players cannot buy any AI at all. You may want to make it so it only kicks players out when locked :p Action_ToggleLock.sqf private ["_lock", "_vehicle"]; _vehicle = _this select 0; _lock = if (locked _vehicle == 0) then { //--- bl1p eject all on lock { unassignvehicle _x; _x action ["EJECT", _vehicle]; sleep 0.5; } forEach crew _vehicle ; 2; } else {0}; _vehicle lock _lock; A global resistance AI count Limit This is a param the the admins can set that allows you to state how many resistance AI you want to have before the creation script decrease the amount they make As I also use CQB , Roadblock and Heli reinforcement AI scripts this also suspends the use of thouse scripts until the amount of resistance AI is below the limit set. Example :- (with UNITLIMIT as the param and a value of 0 as off my default is 175) if (UNITLIMIT > 1) then { _ResUnits = resistance countSide allUnits; CountUnits = _ResUnits; diag_log format["Toatal RESISTANCE units = %1", CountUnits]; if ((CountUnits) < UNITLIMIT) then { if (_value >= 350) then { _resistanceSize = _resistanceSize + 8; diag_log format ["CountUnits = %1 _value = %2 creating extra group ",CountUnits,_value]; }; }; } else { if (_value >= 350) then {_resistanceSize = _resistanceSize + 8 }; }; _totalGroups = round(_resistanceSize / 12 + 1); // switch value... _pool_group_size = 12; _pool_units = []; _chtime = 0; if (UNITLIMIT > 1) then { if ((CountUnits) >= UNITLIMIT) then { _pool_group_size = 6; }; _pool_group_size = 12; }; Anyway hope they come in handy m8 and sorry the codes so crappy. No credits needed or expected. BL1P
  17. Shame nobody is doing anything like what the ops asking already they could then call it All In Arma or something ? or AiA something catchy like that
  18. Sits back waits for ACE 3 with AIA content :) Stuff the rest of the bollox ill wait for them .
  19. Hi brainslush. cool looking mod. Does the mission maker have control over what the client user can use... via the description.ext ? Example can the mission builder disable show enemy tag and that stops the client from using that option ?
  20. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Except for the fact he said we could.. that all would be true.
  21. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    I have no idea on this subject but... this is a forum so I am going to type stuff :) Benny has these in almost all his scripts for BECTI /* # HEADER # Script: Server\Functions\Server_AddScore.sqf Alias: CTI_SE_FNC_AddScore Description: Add score to a given playable unit Note that this function only works in MP Author: Benny Creation Date: 20-09-2013 Revision Date: 20-09-2013 Maybe someone else knows better but doesn't that alone make the script his property under some commons license ?
  22. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    @Benny You gona Submit your finished BECTI for "Multiplayer Game Mode" in the Make arma not war contest ? If so count me in on any testing, think tank , or other stuff ya need to help m8.
  23. BL1P

    The new Sector Module

    Works now 99% of the time :)