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  1. BL1P

    [Poll] Community Spotlights

    {_funny = _funny + 1} foreach { WorldsGeekiestHumour};
  2. BL1P

    Arma 3 As an E-Sport

    I played CTITC in ofp and Q2CTF in savage league before that... does that count as what you younger generation call E-Sport ?
  3. Thank you very much Killswitch that is a very clear explanation.
  4. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Are you taking into account AI local to the player ?
  5. BL1P

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    A maybe helpful hint when using headless client ? If you are using an altered profile for AI settings for your server it seems you will need to use an altered profile for the HC aswell. We found that as we play on Elite server difficulty with a lowered accuracy (precision) setting, that when AI where local to the HC they reverted back to elite setting of 1 unless the HCs profile is altered. Hope this helps someone :)
  6. Question about the OC0-2 What are they and how do we use them ?
  7. BL1P

    A prone lean is needed

    I believe your talking about the aiming deadzone which was used by Arma2 and which ACE2 expanded upon. Whereby while in weapon high stance using alt and moving mouse would allow a player to keep walking forward while moving his gun and torso in a forward facing arc. Very cool system for Interior CQB. Unless your playing in kiddy 3rd view mode then its pointless
  8. 242,000 views I don't think your alone in the anticipation and appreciation of ACRE Sanguinius51.
  9. Is it possible Remove the autopilot and autolanding via Script so as to have it removed from players contextual options in a multiplayer game. If not is it possible to do so with a server side mod ? Also while I am at it is it possible to make the open backpack not appear on screen but remain in contextual mouse scroll options ? without using client side mods.
  10. Yes thanks for the link :) I was hoping something might have changed in 3 years with the move from ArmaII to ArmaIII in regards the autolanding and autohover and the need to use a mod. if its possible with just a server side mod that's cool if it has to be a client side and server side thats not so cool from my point of view. In mission script is the best result for me but it seems that Removing the addactions like autolanding , autohover , openbackpack just isn't posible :(
  11. Damn page 2 guess nobody knows. any devs want to take a chance at an answer ?
  12. UPS = http://kronzky.info/ups/ NOT UPSMON - Urban Patrol Script thats UPSMON Getting UPS to work with a headless client is not a problem so we dont need to google it thank you though. Getting the AI Caching and Distribution System to keep the UPS running on the AI when it transfers them from Server to HC is the problem we where asking for help with and Google hasn't helped with that. Clear Now ?
  13. sounds_f\a3\sounds_f\sfx\"blip1.wss" :) And for those who know me NO it does not sound like an old guy running up hill carrying 8 rockets after a 20 pack of cigarettes !
  14. very good idea atm its hard to tell if the mission sucks or the server.exe sucks or the server box sucks
  15. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Your not using BECTI you are using someone elses edit of it. Just a heads up :)
  16. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Does it use any territorial scripts for which towns can be taken and do the AI know about the towns which can and cant be taken ? Is the range of the takeable towns outside the range AI will search for a first town ? Just some sugestions Ahh its Zertys version He will know the answer ! Im sure he will let you know once he reads the post :)
  17. Its seems in testing that this eventhandler doesn't work in MP it will only fire if the healer is healing himself. and doesnt return the healercanheal correctly IE.. its always false. can anyone confirm this as maybe I am doing something wrong ? player removeAllEventHandlers "HandleHeal"; player addEventHandler ["HandleHeal", dr_handle_healing]; func dr_handle_healing = { diag_log "inside dr_handle_healing"; private ["_unit", "_healer", "_medic", "_damage"]; _unit = _this select 0; _healer = _this select 1; _medic = _this select 2; _damage = 0.4; if (_medic) then { // Medic has beter healing _damage = 0.2; }; if (damage _unit > _damage) then { _unit setDamage _damage; diag_log format ["unit %1 is healed by %2 to damage %3", _unit, _healer, _damage]; systemchat format ["unit %1 is healed by %2 to damage %3", _unit, _healer, _damage]; }; // AISFinishHeal [_unit, _healer, _medic]; //true; };
  18. Added a feedback tracker http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=18530
  19. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    What version of BECTI is that ?
  20. K thanks Tupolov m8. Dont suppose you know of another way to set max heal a medic and none medic can do ? Because I would like to use a hospital building or Medical vehicle as the only places to get full heal via an addaction. (already done that part just cant stop medics doing full heal.)
  21. 9:22:16 Server error: Player without identity BL1P He said I shouldn't listen to my server anymore !
  22. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Next time you see them doing that could you kill the leader as a test and see if when he respawns he then moves out ?
  23. anyone got this working with a headless client and ups ? If so care to share ?
  24. BL1P

    Proman Public crCTI

    Will have to give this a try... nice one Muecke
  25. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Happens normally when you alter the mission a bit but forget to put Independents to Friendly to Nobody