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    1.54 Fatigue is too Unrealistic

    I have only been able to get in a few games because of the "Out of Memory" problem on servers atm. But so far I prefer this system to the previous one. I Actually have a need to use weapon rest now, where I never did before.
  2. Does that apply to rep facility's too ? name of object because sync doesn't seem to work for rep fac.
  3. BL1P

    Santa Claus

    Awesome !! waiting for the Red Vrs Blue edition :)
  4. Hello. Any chance we can get -filepatching and allowedFilePatching = 1; added to the options currently we run TADST with launch as is ticked so we can use the above settings. Thank for such a cool tool !
  5. Still happening for us, here is a link to a feedback I posted in. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=26775
  6. Titan AT and Titan AA worked just fine for me, just now in game. (I didn't have binos) so yer could be that !
  7. Thanks. Did a search found nothing posted this, sorry I didn't check the feedback thingy-ma-jig or yahoo or bing or google docs or any other thing but the ARMA 3 - SERVERS & ADMINISTRATION :)
  8. BL1P

    Arma 3 Units - Closed Beta Feedback

    Suggestion - The ability to Link Arma3 Units Members to Steam Group Page members ?
  9. Brilliant looking forward to the update. Please Please dont make Stamina too easy this time. Or give us the option to use BIS default stamina :)
  10. Wouldn't it be good to have all Mods signed and you need the privatekey to upload ?
  11. I would like to remove the Group Leader HUD from bottom left of the screen. I have tried using the BIS description.ext :- showHUD[] = { true, // Scripted HUD (same as showHUD command) false, // Vehicle + soldier info false, // Vehicle radar [HIDDEN] true, // Vehicle compass [HIDDEN] true, // Tank direction indicator true, // Commanding menu false, // Group Bar false // HUD Weapon Cursors }; I expected that the tank compass and tank direction would remain but group icon bar would be removed along with vehicle and soldier info etc. But what happens is we loose the Contextual menu from the scroll wheel so we cannot access Arsenal etc etc as we have Interaction icons removed. for reasons :) Any help or suggestions would be great. BL1P
  12. You have a note in the BIKI for the description.ext ? Sorry I cant find your note on this :/ I guess it just does the Alpha to Zero or something ?
  13. Because I thought it was weapon crosshairs, which I guess its not. Thanks that worked :)
  14. Is there a way to set the Cargo size of the Huron Containers to be more than 2 so that you cant place like 5 of them in a truck :) ?
  15. Try description.ext class CfgFunctions { #include "COB\functions\cfgFunctions.hpp" class COB2 { class functions { class HALO {file = "COB_HALO\functions\fn_halo.sqf"}; class saveLoadOut {file = "COB_HALO\functions\fn_saveLoadOut.sqf"}; }; }; };
  16. Rename the class COB bit or replace the #include for :- class COB2 { class functions { class HALO {file = "COB_HALO\functions\fn_halo.sqf"}; class saveLoadOut {file = "COB_HALO\functions\fn_saveLoadOut.sqf"}; }; };
  17. Both cfgfFunctions files probably use the same class inside them. Eg. class COB { tag = "COB"; class functions { file = "bla\bla"; class blabla.bla {}; }; }; that might be a prob too
  18. Hello. We run a persistent coop mission that's been running for about two weeks so far without a shutdown or restart on the server or mission. Placed quite a few markers over the course of 2 weeks would be an understatement :) A few days ago we came a cross a problem, whereby any markers placed on map by players show only as black dots with black text for any JIPs. Even if you place a green arrow with green text, then goto the lobby and "jip in" the marker will now be a black dot with black text. Have we reached some sort of hard coded limit on markers allowed in global chat ? Or are we doing some funky voodoo in the mission scripts ?
  19. Thanks for the reply m8. The only thing that seems broken after two weeks is the markers. server still is running at 45+ Fps and Cps And rpt is clean (well clean of any mission errors, mods and bis errors are another thing :) ) weird :/
  20. Thank you SilentSpike the white listing did work for server side mods.
  21. Thanks guys, you two are stars. That did the trick, all is working as should be now thank you both very much. P.S Still a little unsure on if i should allow the client to file-patch or whatever but just going to go with both things on atm :/
  22. Hello. We are trying to get a file to read from a folder on the server using :- Array = call compile preprocessFile "\Folder\File.sqf"; publicVariable "Array"; We place diag_logs before, in and after the file, the only logs that get reported are the before and after the file its self is not read anymore. We used to use this system with no problems when we tried to reuse it recently we noticed that it no longer works. Has something changed with the way you read a file from the server and not the mission ? Any ideas ? Thanks. BL1P