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  1. BL1P

    The FPS Gamer Series video tutorials

    at lesson 4 do you plan to show how to play without 3rd on ?
  2. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Ok my bad didn't notice the second graph was HC either so ignore my drunken ramblings
  3. BL1P

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    your CPS on the second graph IE the lowest graph is way way too low its important that that the cps mirrors the fps with a deficit max of 10 Server may well run at 50fps but with a cps of 17 clients would suffer
  4. BL1P

    Female character models

    Cool skimpy armour mods for Arma3 cant wait
  5. I have been following this post and I think :- That the fatigue and sway should be linked to the difficulty settings as a modifier. Recruit = 0.25 Regular = 0.50 Veteran = 0.75 Elite = 1 So for example if you play on Recruit mode you would be getting only 0.25 of the current fatigue and sway If you play on Elite mode it is at 1 therefore the same as now.
  6. Still same as previous post but we made some changes to our server which has increased performance, which then either with the new update or because of the servers performance we have had to reduce AI accuracy. to allow for better game play. We play coop infantry based missions where the enemy AI far outnumber the players. aiLevelPreset=3; skillAI=1; precisionAI=0.2;
  7. When we first start are stock mission on our server all is good. Server runs at 50fps and 47cps almost constantly and will always recover from any large drops due to massive AI creation or large firefights etc. When it recovers it always returns to 50fps and 47cps. When we leave the session and say come back the next day or two the server monitor (ASM) looks like this :- http://i.imgur.com/cPknYK0.jpg Although that is admittedly beautiful. WTF is going on ? Is it a loop caused by the mission ? or is it the server OS doing some weird sleep/powersave stuff ? Or as I like to believe has our server (A Nexus-6) become self aware and this is its sleep pattern ? Do Servers Dream of Electric Sheep :p
  8. Believe it was a mission script looking for playableunits then getting stuck in a loop
  9. Good in depth vids as far as I can tell. Nice to get feedback on the sway from someone who is/was actually military, in a video. Shame BI have changed the sway when you consider he says its accurate in the current build.
  10. Fair point m8. I have been leaving it all alone and trying to adapt myself. I must admit having to walk through a town with weapon down until contact is hard to get used to :p I removed the carryall backpack from our VAS to stop some of the excessive amounts of crap people can carry, might put it back and let them learn from experience :)
  11. BL1P

    Damage system sucks - fix needed

    So was I correct about Veteran and Elite ? Looking at the CfgDifficulties and things like armor[] = {1,1}; where 1,1 is armor[] = {default , userCanChange}; From that it seems Recruit, Regular are ON and can be turned OFF whereas Veteran, Elite are always OFF and can not be turned ON ? So in fact there is no modifier for myArmorCoef or groupArmorCoef in Veteran or Elite (well there is but its 1 :) ). Unless you use an addon. I think I got that right ish maybe :) @kju did you run your tests with armour on for the lower difficulties or was it off ? Just wondering if armour is OFF in Recruit or Regular do you still take 4-5 or do you take 2-3. Myself I think that you can still take more damage in the lower two options with the armour difficulty set to off than you can in the high two options.
  12. BL1P

    Damage system sucks - fix needed

    Are you 100% sure on this maturin as I think extended armour does work below Veteran level in MP but does not work in Veteran and Elite. Same as you can't turn on some settings in Elite because its hard coded that way. 3rd for example. Edit : Only ever play on elite normally but I have played on regular and I noticed my guy could take a lot more hits than on elite.
  13. Thats a very cool feature. Couple of Questions I use a .bat to launch my Arma3 currently because I use affinity and high priority (Not the -high in command line as that doesn't work and affinity because I dont want to use task manager every time I launch). Does PWS support high priority and or affinity ? Or can I get it to launch a .bat and not the exe directly ? Thanks. BL1P
  14. It can already be turned off. If the servers you play on haven't already turned it off they probably won't.
  15. BL1P

    BIS' New Game Launcher

    Yer Hicks I agree with you about ACE. You only need to look at how many weapon rest mods/Medical Mods there are already. Well at least according to one guys sig on the forums ACE3 does exist. :) happy days
  16. @jumbobreakfast Thanks for the reply m8. Yer we have the server already running on high performance power option. Ill test some other missions :)
  17. BL1P

    Make launcher default

    If it doesn't allow for :- affinity high -malloc= -cpucount= -EnanbleHT= etc I will still be using .bat to launch The main two being affinity and high which so far can only be done via a .bat file
  18. BL1P

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    I think you will find that the people who actually embraced the decision by BI to move towards a more hardcore approach to the stamina and fatigue system (the minority as you put it) will not be herd over the voice of the majority of less hardcore players I presume ?. As shown by the fact that the dev branch has pretty much reverted back to how it was before the update because of all the complaining about "I can't run with full loadout anymore" and "My gun sways and I can't hit anything". After what 2 days of testing ? if that. Rather than trying to adapt the play style to match what the system was trying to achieve. People just came here and complained on mass and have basically forced BI to revert back to how it was to pander to the majority.
  19. Comparison Stable vrs Perf2 using fred41 malloc with AIserverBenchmark System used : Test 1 : Stable Test 2 : Perf2 :404:
  20. taken from changelog http://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00029 Does anyone have any information on how to use this in mission design ?
  21. Yer you are right what I posted doesn't work just tried it.
  22. Thanks Kju but now I am confused... well more than normal anyway :) I was thinking maybe this was something its not. I was hoping that this was a way for the mission creator to specify at which difficulty lvl he wanted the mission to be played at ? This looks very similar to the already in place server setting of :- class Missions { class Mission_1 { template = "Mymission.Stratis"; difficulty = "mercenary"; }; }; which we already use on our server. EDIT : Hmmm upon reflection I guess this, if placed on the server would mean that even if you select the mission via the #missions screen and select regular, it will default back to whatever you have set "difficulty =" at An Example ? class ForcedMissionDifficulty { access = 2; class Mission1 { missionName = "Mymission.Stratis"; difficulty = "mercenary"; }; class Mission2 { missionName = "Mymission4Noobs.Stratis"; difficulty = "regular"; }; }; Yer ill give it a try thanks Kju.
  23. BL1P

    BIS' New Game Launcher

    I already ran like that with arma2 mods in the past I had arma2 on ssd and all mods on hdd I saw no detrimental effects. Maybe this has altered with Arma3 who knows :) I used arma2 launcher by spirited machine at the time.