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  1. So... I now have the game telling me I have pressed the show score button :) I placed this in my Init_Client.sqf player addAction ["", {player sideChat "NetworkStats button pressed";}, "", 0, false, true, "NetworkStats"]; All it does is tell you the button was pressed it does not stop the display of NetworkStats. Works even if NetStats=0; is set in the profile of the server. I am now going outside to flog this dead donkey as i think i will get further with that :)
  2. Hello. I ran a search and didn't find any results. So my question is can you :- Display the Scoreboard on a Sign in base ? We have the ingame scoreboard off so that you cannot press to see if that enemy you shot at is dead or just prone behind that wall. But it would be cool for players to be able to see their progress at a scoreboard back at base especially as the mission we play normally last 4-6 days. Hopefully. BL1P
  3. Thanks norybiak. I already add to and remove from the player score / side score within the mission for things like medical revive , and respawning. I collect and create score info behind the scenes atm like :- total AOs completed total Medic revives total heals at medical vehicle total none medic revive attempts total suicides (respawn from incapacitated) total friendly fire These are just stored and reported to the rpt when an objective(AO) is completed, at the moment. The thing with player score or side score, is that for my needs its too limited, not enough detail. but the scoreboard offers details like. killsInfantry = ; killsSoft = ; killsArmor = ; killsAir = ; killsPlayers = ; customScore = ; killsTotal = ; killed = ; on each player score Which is why I wanted to alow the ability to see the scoreboard info while at base but not while out in the field, where it can be used to see if you just killed that AI or not.
  4. Quick question :) Will AI be able to hear and react to enemy direct coms for coop scenarios ?
  5. yes it does and it seems a shame to do it twice considering the engine already does it for the scoreboard system. :( ---------- Post added at 01:45 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:38 PM ---------- Yes you can create a ranking file using the param -ranking=location/name.log in the servers startup. I will run this on our server for a few nights to see what the output is like and if it can be used in a GUI. Thanks m8. I was also thinking maybe it is possible to turn on netStats but disable the key input for show score unless you are in the allowed zone ?
  6. BL1P

    UIcorrections Suite

    Yes we know this can be done by each client. I am asking for it to be an addon so that it can be forced on all clients. It should already work in arma3 by setting autospot=0; in the server.arma3profile but this is a broken command bis haven't fixed yet. And this mod seems the best mod to do that as it is part of the UI system and seems in my mind to fall into the same level of difficulty and fluidity this mod aims at.
  7. BL1P

    UIcorrections Suite

    I will test this again but I believe this does not stop radio subtitles ? Only the radio audio messages. I might be mistaken so i will test it again :) Edit tested. It removes the sounds similar to the way we do already in mission with enablesentences false; in the init of each player. But it still allows radio subtitles so a player will still send a message to other players if His "AI MIND" spots an enemy he does not.
  8. BL1P

    UIcorrections Suite

    Open backpack isnt an icon, its text. configfile >> "CfgActions" >> "OpenBag" the text being "Open %1"; I know about the client side game option for radio group subtitles. I too have it turned off but its annoying when someone else says hey blip where is that soldier you just reported when I have not seen anyone. (if you know what i mean) I would like to have it as an addon so i can make it server side so that all players are not using radio subtitles if thats possible ? Would be nice if heal went for maybe all but the medic class ? Open door has its uses unless you are aiming out a door at an enemy and the icon pops up in your face :) All just suggestions Thanks for listening :)
  9. Had a chat with Benny about this. He suggests keeping track of all score events and creating my own GUI, rather than trying to take the info from BIS scoreboard.
  10. Arma3 will automatically run missions in Regular mode unless told otherwise either while selecting the mission while logged in as admin or via the server.cfg. 1. If selecting a mission as an admin using the #missions function when you select the map and mission, on the left you also select the difficulty otherwise its regular. 2. If you want the server.cfg to always launch the default mission in expert use something like :- class Missions { class Mission_1 { template = "YourMissionName.Altis"; difficulty = "mercenary"; }; }; which can go at the end of the server.cfg with YourMissionName.Altis being the .pbo name of the mission you always want the server to start with. You could also do as I have done and set every difficulty the same, by altering the server.Arma3Profile file, so that voted admins can't load the other modes. A more advanced method is to place a file in every mission you host on the server which stops the mission if its not played with the difficulty settings you wish used. Sorry if this isn't the problem you are having but still handy info for other people I guess :)
  11. BL1P

    Community interest in User Made Missions?

    I thought the Question was do you use Steam Workshop to get your mission. Guess the Thread Title doesn't really match the Poll.
  12. BL1P

    Any plans of an official benchmark BIS?

    They are not recognised as good benchmarks by the BIS devs. I should know one is mine :)
  13. Yay ! Far more I want to say but sounds to much like a rant about mods that were created to fill a gap.... So just YAY !
  14. BL1P

    better perf, big groups/small groups?

    We use a group size of 6 for the AI. With a cache system in place for all dynamically created None AO AI population. (generally around 150-350 AI, containing 2-6 vehicles + trip mines and IEDs + roadblocks + Static defensive camps and garrisoned+patroling groups of AI inf) Then none cached AI for the AO. (generally around 90-100 AI containing 2-6 vehicles + static defence camps + reinforcement spotter scripted AI + Mortar spotter scripted AI + static mortar camps) The AO has a cap of 150. The dynamic AI have a cap of 350. 15 players with around 300-350 AI active on the server, It gave results of 49fps and 47cps with drops to 35fps and 34cps when large fights occurred. Normally after 4-6 days of playing the server performance degrades enough that we restart the mission. even though performance could be seen ingame to degrade server fps and cps are still around the >45fps with cps being 5 less than fps. the performance degrade we believe is because of the amount of destroyed map objects after 6 days, resulting in AI being created to slow along with desync chains and rubber banding. Although it could well be something mission related we are trying to figure this bit out atm. Because of the AI behaviour Patrol scripts we use UPS and edited UPS. We found that smaller groups gave better fights. We use no editor placed AI or waypoints at all. Our server creates 750 ai using the AIserverbenchmark mission on default params. TLDR :- 15 players and 350 active AI using group size 6 gave us a server performance of 49fps and 47cps.
  15. BL1P

    better perf, big groups/small groups?

    In tests I have ran. I have found no difference between group sizes and/or individual AI as far as the server is concerned. Just the total amount. I did find that the amount of AI directly affects the clients fps. Even if the client cannot see the AI.
  16. BL1P

    Windows File Caching and More RAM

    Just wondering would these have any bearing on caching ? GPU_MaxFramesAhead GPU_DetectedFramesAhead
  17. I find i can get quite far as an AT INf if i carry 1 AT rocket, 1 launcher, 1 smg with 3 mags, radio, gps, 1 white 1 green smoke. I find i do not get far if I carry 3 AT rockets, 1 launcher , 1 Heavy gun with 15-20 mags, radio, gps, nvgs, laser pointer, silencer,pistol +mags+items, grenades, smokes. I find i can't go 10m uphill if i carry the above with a sniper rifle or MG. I think too many people have been playing as super soldiers for so long they don't know how to take a sensible kit anymore. btw King of the Hill is a mission not a mod.
  18. BL1P

    Community interest in User Made Missions?

    It was quite long time ago, I would not imagine that had/has anything to do with the decline in numbers. I was just speaking personally. btw Benny did give out permission to others eventually once he had released the mission himself.
  19. Thanks dudes. Ill keep trying and looking, but to be honest if Larrow cant figure it out Hell will freeze over before I figure it out :)
  20. BL1P

    Community interest in User Made Missions?

    Voted No. Because I was disgusted at the way Benny CTI was copied and on steam workshop under a different author before he released the mission himself.
  21. BL1P

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    I second that motion.
  22. YO. whats the TLDR on this topic now ?
  23. ----- TS3 version PRE 3.0.13 After = fuck ups with direct input. -----
  24. BL1P

    Side Fall

    You missed say "whoa whoooa whooooooa" just before you fall over direct chat.
  25. BL1P

    Bohemia on the right way with Arma 3?

    @ nuxil someone asked me a question I answered it. Hope that helps you understand.