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  1. A brief summary would be to get something with a high individual core speed (High IPC) as said before. I have used both a server with 2 x Xeon 2690V2 (3ghz 10 core) and on a 4 core i3-9350KF running at 4.9ghz. The i3 far outperformed the Xeon on the same missions.

    A 3960X would do very well despite being primarily focused on multi-thread applications due to the improvements in IPC on the Zen architecture.


    As you might well guess though, most importantly it is how the mission has been setup and optimised, not to mention whether your individual players are using stable connections with low packet loss.

  2. In relation to Joint operations I can confirm that you can freely walk around the interiors or go ontop of any of the vehicles while they are static or moving.

    You can easily just drive vehicles into the back of a Chinook / Mi- 26 and just fly off without any problems with collision or lagg.

    That game came out in 2005 so I don't see why it cant be done with Arma.