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  1. [BL] Hannibal

    Headless client question

    Make sure you name the headless client modules (e.g HC0 and HC1) and not just make them playable
  2. A brief summary would be to get something with a high individual core speed (High IPC) as said before. I have used both a server with 2 x Xeon 2690V2 (3ghz 10 core) and on a 4 core i3-9350KF running at 4.9ghz. The i3 far outperformed the Xeon on the same missions. A 3960X would do very well despite being primarily focused on multi-thread applications due to the improvements in IPC on the Zen architecture. As you might well guess though, most importantly it is how the mission has been setup and optimised, not to mention whether your individual players are using stable connections with low packet loss.
  3. Just a thought but have you got both a headless client logic placed in your mission (set playable and with a name) and have you tried putting the -password=yourpass in as a parameter (if one is needed)
  4. Thanks for this, its an extremely useful program!
  5. [BL] Hannibal

    Scottish Highlands [TERRAIN]

    This is looking really good, very impressive!
  6. [BL] Hannibal

    [Release] Grid Caching System - GCS

    This looks extremely interesting, on paper it seems to hold similar functionality to Alive but using areas instead of proximity to players etc? Thanks for your work
  7. [BL] Hannibal

    Persistent Database and Resupply

    Then it is probably not relevant for you in that case. Also pm me or the author for further help, this thread will be a bit spammed otherwise :P.
  8. [BL] Hannibal

    Persistent Database and Resupply

    It must be the name of the database that you are using. Unlock dll by right clicking it and properties. Stupid question but you are running a 64bit o/s right? :P
  9. [BL] Hannibal

    Persistent Database and Resupply

    Just sounds like it hasn't loaded extdb3 correctly (make sure its 'extDB3_x64.dll' is unlocked). Make sure also that you add something like this to the "extdb3-conf.ini" [SRU_DB] Type = MySQL Name = arma3 Username = sqluser Password = Passwordforuser IP = 8*.**.**.** Port = 3306
  10. [BL] Hannibal

    Persistent Database and Resupply

    Just right click it, save link as pdb.pbo
  11. [BL] Hannibal

    Persistent Database and Resupply

    Using extdb3 but using the pbo linked here: http://tebinulrich.de/pdb.pbo Notice the path is \sru_pdb\ so I think that it is referencing the older one for extdb2
  12. [BL] Hannibal

    Persistent Database and Resupply

    Sounds obvious but make sure you have the .pbo loaded (usually server side only). You may get this error if you load the mission locally on a client.
  13. [BL] Hannibal

    Error on 64-bit 0xC0000005

    We noticed a lot of these errors prior to removing the shactac hud (STUI), it would crash every 5 to 10 minutes when that addon was activated. Might be worth trying.
  14. Thanks for this!, we found Dynasound to be absolutely essential these days so I cant wait to try this out.
  15. [BL] Hannibal

    Blastcore Tracers A3

    Thanks for this!
  16. These packs are incredible and I can't imagine playing Arma without them now. Thank you for all of your hard work!
  17. Awesome, Thanks guys for all of your hard work on this!
  18. This looks really interesting, great work!
  19. Thanks micovery this is a really interesting project.
  20. Thankyou so much BI you have once again proved your the best game developer out there. Merry Christmas
  21. [BL] Hannibal

    submarine, walk in cargo, ships?

    In relation to Joint operations I can confirm that you can freely walk around the interiors or go ontop of any of the vehicles while they are static or moving. You can easily just drive vehicles into the back of a Chinook / Mi- 26 and just fly off without any problems with collision or lagg. That game came out in 2005 so I don't see why it cant be done with Arma.