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  1. On 2018-02-05 at 1:56 PM, Imperator[TFD] said:

    Players actually use combat pace?

    It does have some benifits. If you want to move a bit slower, and be able to see more on the screen, combat-pace is viable. It's what it's for if you're after that little bit slower pacing moving into an area. Hip-firing is also a bit faster in the heat of the moment if combat-pace is toggled on. It's all optional, wich is good.

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  2. I'll just try to keep it short and start of with why I think combat-pace is flawed and can be improved.
    For those who do not know what I am talking about; combat-pace is the mode that can be toggled that makes you character run with his rifle raised and aimed down range.

    Now, there are some things about it that make it seem broken/buggy. Best examples I have is:

    • Walking with no weapon, toggling combat-pace to ON will lock you in walking mode, no matter if you try to toggle run/walk in any way.
    • There's no way of letting the player know if combat-pace is ON/OFF visually on the character, except for running with a rifle.
    • The system is intentionally or not, set up to give the player a second mode of moving, wich lacks several animations to be complete.
    • No visual clues if it's ON/OFF. Icons are not the right way to go since even more extra hud clutter is often not what players want.

    Here's a picture showing exactly what I am talking about.
    First row, GREEN, ArmA3 default animations with combat-pace toggled OFF.
    Second row, YELLOW, ArmA3 default animations with combat-pace toggled ON.

    Click this link for larger image: https://image.ibb.co/nnAHyb/animation_sets_and_fixes_DEFAULT.jpg

    Here's a picture showing suggested fixes, changes and animation stances that would complete the combat-pace mode.

    First row, ORANGE, suggested fixes/changes for animations with combat-pace toggled OFF.
    Second row, RED, suggested fixes/changes for animations with combat-pace toggled ON.

    Click this link for larger image: https://image.ibb.co/ePeGrw/animation_sets_and_fixes_FIXED.jpg

    Open the two pictures and compare them next to eachother, and the changes will be more obvious.
    Basically, what has to be done in these pictures is to have the animation on the first row have a different animation for the row below in combat-pace. Thereby making combat-pace visually enabled for all standing poses.

    There are of course similar fixes that can be made to animations for pistols and launchers, also standing and crouching, for this to be a complete functioning combat-pace mode. I chose to just show this for the rifle animations since those are most used.
    The animation for walking with a rifle lowered already has different versions of animations tested. The one I added for walking with a rifle lowered and combat-pace enabled is already available in the A3 files.


    Would BI themselfs consider this worth fixing for the time it'd take? It's for the main movement system for ALL characters after all, and would just improve and add depth to the overall movement for everyone.
    This would need some careful testing, and probably make the idle animation for standing with a rifle raised use the equivalent animation for combat-pace ON whenever you try to shoot or aim down sights.
    If implemented right, watching players aim down sights are also going to be more visually displayed on their character.


    I'd really like to hear some thoughts on this, or just some general discussion, since I feel this have been a problem for a few years now and it does not seem to get any changes to remove the clunkyness. I have not stayed around the forum, so I am not aware of any already given answers.


    TLDR; Combat-pace is missing visual clues and animations to be a complete mode of moving.

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  3. Thanks! I will try that and some more today and see if I get anywhere.

    Will probably only do these parts:

    	case "HitFuel": { _maxDamage = 0.9};
    	case "HitEngine": { _maxDamage = 1};

    Did something like this earlier and the helicopter would explode endlessly after taking damage:

    this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}];

    Check this thread for info on hitpoints. You might only need to damage a few hitpoints to achieve visual the result you want.


    See also this thread. The work might be done for you already...

    BangaBob's Survivable Helicopter Crash Script

    I did find that script actually, but no matter how well made it is, it's still a very faked crash. There has to be a better alternative with no teleporting etc.

    Should be doable, as long as there's a working way to set a max cap for the damage able to be made, no matter what kind of round it is that hits the helicopter or the speed it crashes with.

  4. I have looked around but could not find anything after searching for an entire day. I've tried the related scripts I've found, and I've tried testing stuff with eventHandlers.

    There are some cheap ways helicopter crashes have been faked by scripting, but none I've found have been desirable (or rather realistic).

    Here's the desired outcome.

    1. Helicopter takes damage like normal.
    2. Helicopter goes down.
    3. Helicopter does not explode on impact.
    4. Crew takes damage like normal.

    I want to test something that sounds like it'd work rather simple, but I do not know exactly how to execute it. It'd kinda work in the order listed below.

    1. Helicopter takes damage like normal.
    If damage goes above 0.9, set it to 0.9
    2. Helicopter goes down.
    Once the damage has gone above 0.9, destroy the engine, main rotor and tail rotor to force it down.
    (A helicopter with only damage set to 0.9 is still flyable.)
    3. Helicopter does not explode on impact.
    The helicopter would before impact with anything set "this allowDamage false".
    (Disabling further damage prevents the explosion, but also the rotors from being destroyed when touching objects/ground etc. (Step 2 above must be done before disabling damage.)
    4. Crew takes damage like normal
    Will work just like it does normally. If the helicopter has crew inside of it, they'll still take normal damage on crashing into things.

    To simplify it even some more:

    If helicopter damage above 0.9, set it to 0.9, destroy engine, rotor and disallow further damage.

    I've been trying some stuff and something seems off.

    Added this to the init of a helicopter:

    this addEventHandler ["Dammaged", {if ((_this select 2) > 0.1) then {hint "bananas";};}];

    I thought this would execute if the helicopter has damage above 0.1

    I fired a few round at the helicopter, and surely, the hint with "bananas" showed after doing so.

    It took 6-7 MX rifle rounds and nothing in the interior of the helicopter showed any kind of damage to the modules. Still as expected.

    Now. I changed the number.

    this addEventHandler ["Dammaged", {if ((_this select 2) > 0.9) then {hint "bananas";};}];

    I thought this would execute if the helicopter is at 0.9 damage, wich is a lot and should have the helicopter barely flying.

    The only difference now is that it took about 14-15 rounds for the hint to come up, but the helicopter still showed no sign of damage at all.

    Then I tried going even higher and doing this:

    this addEventHandler ["Dammaged", {if ((_this select 2) > 1.0) then {hint "bananas";};}];

    Now it all of a sudden took 4-5 magazines fired at the helicopter, with no real damage done, and no hint even came up. I only added +0.1 to the value and the changes were drastic now.

    /I have no idea what I am doing.

  5. It sounds awesome that you got it working :)

    There seems to always be atleast something that does not work in one way or another. Let's hope those things haven't just not revealed themselfs yet. (I admit I confused myself with this last sentence being from a non-english speaking country and all, but you get my point)

  6. Hey Alex it has been awhile. Took a break from A3 but now I'm hooked again. I have been playing with your units quite a bit and was wondering when the Multicam units would be placed individually (Rifleman, Team Leader, Autorifleman, etc. etc.) like the ACU ones? Also, when do you plan on making groups? (F2 in editor function i mean.) As always, thanks for what you do!

    I think groups are a must for whenever there's an update :) Same with the OCP units since I've seen quite many poeple liking the more 2013-2014 looking units. And I am still working to have some more accurate UCP gear that was used by the US Army from around 2009-2010. Pretty much all of the gear comes from Operation Arrowhead infantry created by Johannes and Binkowski, but it's getting heavily tweaked to work with the new unifrom system in A3. Also some minor proportion tweaks to get it just a lil bit more accurate.

  7. To keep it simple, the right railcover will be hidden if a laser is attached. So there won't be any clipping between railcovers and attachments. I've also been experimenting with mounting attachments on the top rail. Flashlights can be mounted on the top rail because of that, but I thinks it's okay anyways, since not all of the M4A1's will make use of the top rail.

  8. I have the CLU unit as the actual weapon. And that model of the CLU has the tube attached, but it's hidden in-game if no magazine (tube) is loaded onto the CLU.

    It's intended to work exactly like a rifle model that always have a magazine attached, but hidden in-game if no magazine is loaded into the rifle.

    My magazine is a model of a "CLU + Tube + Missile" that the weapon switches to when the CLU is loaded with a magazine. It results in me having just a CLU in-game, and loading it will look like it adds a tube with a missile in it.

    The problem is as follows. After I fire the missile it's supposed to go back to the model of a CLU that had the tube attached (but hidden if no magazine is loaded onto the CLU). But it does not. My CLU never has time to understand that it's loaded with an empty magazine because the game delets my launcher magazine completely from the inventory, leaving me with just a CLU (that hides its attached tube) in my hands once more.

    Tricky to to explain the process, but I did my best :D

    ---------- Post added at 21:56 ---------- Previous post was at 21:37 ----------

    Some progress!

    I think it was the "type" of magazine I changed something with. Also made the magazine tube contain 2 missiles (lol), and it did not get deleted from my invetory after firing. I'll update the first post with my configs when I'm through testing these values.

    ---------- Post added today?? ---------- Previous post was at earlier today??????? ----------

    My discoveries are leaning towards launcher magazines containing only 1 missile will be deleted after completion. A magazine containing 2 missiles behaves like any other rifle magazine etc. and will stay empty in the inventory. It is a problem.

  9. Have you done any reseach on the proportions of the exterior and also the interior areas?

    I remember seeing the door-opening towards the cockpit area being super tiny. That never looked quite right to me.

    The whole interior area there seems to be crampted compared to the real one.

    Comparsions between how it is in A2 and IRL


    This one shows how some proprotions in the interior might seem off.


    This one shows the rear ramp and exterior. Looks much more like the real one.

  10. If you need any closeup pictures on M9, 1911, M16A4 and M4A1, I can take some more pictures on the receivers and barrels markings Cheers :)

    All kinds of markings are of interest :)

    The weapons you listed are planned to make their ways into A3 at a time unspecified, one way or another. The area that I know is missing the most details for my M4A1's are the carryhandle range adjustments etc. and the barrel have none. There are probably lots of smaller markings missing also. I do not have anything to work from when it comes to M16A4's either. There's very few pictures actually being useful found on google. If you do find time and take pictures, feel free to pm them to me whenever and I'll make sure the details end up on the pistols/rifles.

  11. Great mod. This has been one of the greatest mods since the release of Arma 3, i have been using your mod since v 1.1 and it is looking better each time. I have seen your WIP pictures for the m4a1 and theres is a little issue on the marking, no important at all but just to be perfect, here's the real marking on a US-issued M4A1, hope thats help


    Also, what is M103? Is that a gun or an artillery? The M40a3 is only issued to the Marines so you can probably forget that and you can try making the M24E1[aka xm2010] because its now issued to the army already[pic here, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1-dR8yq8smDN19pUlFLLWU4eVE/edit?usp=sharing]. If I am getting a little bit too annoying here, I apologize. But thanks anyway, you have done a great job

    If you're annoying, then you're the right kind of annoying :) Thanks for the input. The picture of the reciever is super helpful.

    Oh, and the M103 was a typo. It's meant to be the M136 (AT-4). Else I think it would've been a tank, wich I do not have. I'm not that happy with how my M136 currently works.

    I actually knew that the M40A3 is issued to the Marines (Isn't it the same with M16A4's?), I just thought it could be a plus still. I won't put that much effort into it right now so I'll remove it off the list for the time being. It was there in my folder of weapons that could be usable. The M24 I've got is far from in a satisfactory state. It's however a rifle I want included and working correctly someday. M24E1 is something I would not say no to if one were to be available.

    Any plans for some vehicle?

    Except for retextures, vehicles will take up too much time right now :) Will remain mostly infantry.

  12. Forgot to thank you for that one :)

    Now, I have not done anything that is particularly interesting to show as an update. This has been put on half-hold to leave me some time to update other weapons. Anyhow, I started off a little slow today and tried to get the missile starter-engine and the in-flight engine to start and match up a little better to the real Javelin. Will need some tweaking still, but it's something.

    I ran into a problem that I would apprecciate some help with.

    First off, any rifle can empty its magazine and have the magazine still attached to the weapon, but I can't get my missile magazine (tube) to stay in the weapon once it's fired. It's not behaving like any other magazine. It disappears from my inventory after I've fired the missile inside the tube. Is there some way to have a magazine contain a missile and not be deleted after use? Am I missing something in how launcher magazines are set up compared to a rifle magazine?

    -I updated the first post with my current configs. Feel free to look at them and/or suggest any changes.

  13. http://imgur.com/a/iOAmc - here you got it , also when i was searching for that colt m203 , there are LMT m203 used - so its up to you then :D

    Yeah, LMT one there is the one I've worked from. Thank you. I see there that I can just tweak the M4A1 branding and merge it with my LMT and it should work perfectly as the Colt M203 branding :)

    Wow, looks nothing like what you started with, great work AV!

    Hope you're finding some good sounds to go with those textures :p

    Currently been experimenting with JSRS 2.0 sounds. But only those already included with JSRS 2.0.

    It is possible for me to include a optional config wich lets them use the improved sounds + distance effects.

  14. Alex i must say , you did very nice job on those textures :)

    Only one suggestion - if you want be accurate with those markings , US army uses Colt m203's

    Cheers. Means a lot :)

    I've been looking at real pictures, but the metal seems different in every picture I find. Textures are created using dDo. It took a few tries to get it right, but I think it's on it's way. TIGGs model has been great to work from.

    I do want to have accurate markings, but have not found a decent picture to work from of a Colt branded M203. Your link 403's to me. M320 is also something I've been looking around for. Probably not looked around enough :p Someone brought up you and ones on a HK416 from ACE2 a few pages back. Were they specifically created for the HK416's?

    Thank you all for the kinds words. The M16's once it comes along will be created with textures really close to like these with their own branding on the reciever. As long as I can find the right kind of rails for an M16A4.

  15. Hey abs, thanks for this tutorial.

    You might want to know, (maybe because of a recent update) it seems that the steam_api.dll is required in the P:\ drive, because if it's not present my buldozer crashes to desktop. I'm using the stable branch, dunno what happens in dev.

    I'm still getting that "No entry 'Config.bin.cfgBuldozer' " error but it's working anyways :p

    I can confirm this.

    File that is needed for the viewer to not crash:


  16. Are Groups included in this add on? For like easy unit placement for ALIVE and simple put together missions for SP

    Good that you brought that up. There's not any pre-made groups currently, but I'll see to have them included whenever this gets updated.

    Here's how the M4A1 textures

    of mine currently look:


    (M4A1) (RIS)

    (M4A1) (RIS) (CQB)

    (M4A1) (RIS) (Frontgrip)

    (M4A1) (RIS) (M203)