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  1. xx_fr0st-w0lf_xx

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Hey really quick question. Is it possible to make units patrolling with EOS be aware with weapons raised instead of in safe with weapons down? Thank you much appreciated.
  2. Hello, I can get cfg Identities working fine with out a problem for vanilla Arma 3, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to add anything involving any mods. For example I want to use faces and voices (more importantly voices) from the Chernarus Conflict mod to create an identity. How would I use faces and voices from a mod in the cfg identities. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. xx_fr0st-w0lf_xx

    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    As someone who hasn't been on Arma in a while, and who came into this thread completely neutral and unbiased, these are the 2 things I have noticed. Caiden is foolish and unbelievably bad at representing a team. His diplomatic skills are entirely nonexistent. Take away the lying, stealing and scamming and just look at his posts. As someone who was neutral, it completely ruined the chances of even considering looking at the proof because you can already tell who is guilty. I really hope he isn't old enough to know what he is doing. In life, responding to convincing allegations with "Please kill yourself" will not get you anywhere. There are people who scam and steal in life but do it in a careful, organised and impressive manner. Caiden just laughed and left, when he should have been doing damage control. I lost complete respect for Caiden and A3L that he represents Secondly, I cannot help but feel that BIS isn't doing all that it could. When someone not only steals, but monetizes a mod, something must be done. While my knowledge in games, codes and the limits of BIS's powers are severely limited, I think that they should at least be developing a way to end this outrage. These developers that got their work stolen made these fantastic mods, and these mods make Arma. Arma wouldn't be fraction of what it is if it wasn't for these extremely talented and dedicated people. They spent hundreds of hours on their work and they get it stolen from them, and despite all the evidence A3L is getting away without even a strap on the wrist. I really hope BIS takes a more active role in ending this as I fear that once others see how easy it is to escape punishment from this they will start doing this too. Too many people these days think they are untouchable, thinking their empire is impenetrable when it reality they have built nothing more then a house of cards. Knock that fucking house down.
  4. xx_fr0st-w0lf_xx

    Would you pay for "modern warfare" dlc

    I would spontaneously combust if they make a 2014, Ukraine-Russia DLC on the island of crimea. I would be the happiest person in the world. On a side note I would happily pay for a contemporary dlc, but won't spend as cent on anything in 2035
  5. xx_fr0st-w0lf_xx

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    -2014 -Current conflict in Ukraine -Crimea I would need a pacemaker if they would make this.
  6. xx_fr0st-w0lf_xx

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    You know arma is not what it used to be when A tank located 1.7 km away could provide highly accurate fire at the fuel truck even when behind a tree line. I decided to test its range of fine and it reach 1.7km. Realizing that it is nearly impossible for it to even have a vantage point on my position I decided to pull out my range finder and to my surprise the tank floating a good 10 meters above the hill. (Add to that, that kappa decided it wanted to drink tea instead of helping assault) Edit: So I decided to drive to the tank to destroy it, made it 20 meters in front of and shot a rpg directly at tanks back. Didn't damage it. Tried 4 more times, confirming the hit on all 4 shots. Very disappointing BIS
  7. xx_fr0st-w0lf_xx

    Rate the second episode!

    I'm not finished yet, but I probably would not give it over a six. This doesn't feel like an arma game. In arma 3 (especially scouting missions) kerry runs around vacation island lone wolf blowing things up and kill dozens of people while in arma2 you were a just recon squad trying to prevent the cold war from escalating. Yes A2 campaign was riddled with bugs, but I felt an immersion that is non existent in the majority of arma 3 campaign (or arma 3 in general for that matter) This is only my personal opinion.
  8. xx_fr0st-w0lf_xx

    Why are much more people playing Arma 2?

    1) Lack of vanilla content 2) Lack of immersion 3) Lack of user missions 4) Lack of mods 5) Lack of new islands 6) Lack of Ace 7) futuristic setting To be honest the futuristic content is just plain horrible. There is no immersion at all unlike the middle east and eastern Europe environment. The only reason I still play arma 3 is because of 3 commando brigade insurgency server. Its modded to death and it feels like a2/ace just with arma 3. If they shut down that server I'm done with arma 3 for a while.
  9. xx_fr0st-w0lf_xx

    Is the reload indication... cheating?

    ACE did it quite well in A2, you could have felt you mags weight and determine how many rounds were left and if you had to reload. Oh how I miss you ACE.
  10. xx_fr0st-w0lf_xx

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    I cannot believe I am seeing CS AI compared to A3's AI. The Arma 3 Ai is far from perfect, hell it's far from playable, but CS AI is nothing compared to arma, hence why they are on dust everyday which is the size of what 1/1000 of Altis?.
  11. Are you part of clan or is this just a server to enjoy some MP in? Also there are many Invade and Annex servers running about, I personally find insurgency servers much more interesting and those are few and far between. I only found one *really* *really* good one however due to time zones when ever I'm able to go on everyone else is sound asleep. Regardless, good luck.
  12. xx_fr0st-w0lf_xx

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Agree 100% with this post. My favorite mods for A3 are the ones that bring A2/ace content back into in. Blastcore was a must have in A2 and will always be a must have for arma in general. Very sad with this announcement, I really hope he returns to continue working on this amazing mod
  13. xx_fr0st-w0lf_xx

    ASR AI 3

    Perfect glad to see a must have mod for A2 ported to A3 please find out, if it does it will be a golden age for AI
  14. xx_fr0st-w0lf_xx


    @Harzach Thank you for the information. I have read everything and I am greatly saddened regarding the current situation. I just wanted to thank you and Savage personally for attempting to fix this amazing mission. Just know there are many like myself who are eagerly waiting for this beloved mission to come to arma 3. I wish I could help, but my skills in scripting is quite close to nothing. Thank you once again, and best of luck.
  15. xx_fr0st-w0lf_xx

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    Im slightly confused as to why mods such as bcombat (which I never tried but will soon), Zeus AI, coslx and so on are able to improuve the ai. Sometimes I am baffled by the AI, sometimes I am in the same room as them and they dont even turn around to shoot me. And driving is expected, I have lost fate in driving a long time ago. And sometimes bis (as someone said) tries it's very best to show off all the faults of the ai.