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  1. CROWhiteWolf-Purgen

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    Any possibility of getting night sights being the standard on the rifles? I fired mine lots of times, and every videogame model always lacks the flip up night tritium sights:
  2. CROWhiteWolf-Purgen

    Black Ops Weapons 80's 90's

    I wish to shed light on some models and accesories packed together by Kali, a member of the FacePunch/Garry's Mod community: https://facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1443527 High quality compilation of many different models from many different games (or personal works of addons) packed together in a neat retro ar-15 based pack! More screenshots here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=362530602 There is a mediafire mirror link on the facepunch thread, one would only need to convert Source/Hl2 models for Arma.
  3. CROWhiteWolf-Purgen

    US Military Mod

    I'm curious, is there any compatibility of the radio packs with TFAR? And is there an option to perhaps add the patches selectable via hiddenidentities? Also, just wondering if anyone has any links to decent quality EI Tac-1 style vests or the Protec helmets but with details like gear on them?
  4. CROWhiteWolf-Purgen

    [SFH] - Soldier For Hire

    Basically if units are holding events, and there are blank spots that need to be filled just for the duration of the event, they can look here. Status: AvailablePersonal: Age: 20 Day/Time ((Available) (GMT)): Most of the afternoon and evening at GMT. Location: Split, Croatia (Hrvatska) Languages:1: Croatian 2: English 3: Very tiny bit of Russian Contractor: PvP/PvE/PVPVE Type (SF/Infantry/Armor/Guerrilla Warfare/Air/Sea/Marksman...): SF/Infantry/Guerrilla Warfare/Marksman Specify Your Type Skills And Contract (Starting With What You Prefer To Do Most And What You Do Best, The Soldier Character You Are. This Is The Preferences That Units Will Look For Most): a: I prefer being a machinegunner inside a 10 man squad, but I can take up rifleman and grenadier if required. I am very good at land navigation, giving me a map and a compass is enough to get me around, even without anything marking my own location on the map. b: Lone marksman, or accompained by a grenadier and sent operating behind enemy lines with tasks such as sabotage. c: OpFor side, simple guerrilla doing hit and runs, in case a filler is needed. Unit Size (Do You Have A Requirement Of Min/Max For The Size Of The Unit You Wish To Be Hired For?): No requirements, can be as low as 2 and as big as 15. Age (Do You Have A Requirement For An Average Age For The Unit?): Again, none, as long as a decent level of maturity is present. Are You Willing To Do A Training Session With The Unit Prior The Operation Apart From The Mandatory Briefing? YES Do You Know Any Contractor That You Could Bring On If Asked For? YES Special Requirements (Is There Something You Want To Do, Or Not. Etc. Some Map You Don't Want To Play On: Overall preference for USMC based infantry or SF (Force Recon, FAST, MARSOC) or if OpFor, Russian/Soviet Infantry in cold war and early 90's.Specialized Skills: Rifles:Higher level of marksmanship even with iron sights. Preferably using ACOG 4x32 sight. Land/Air/Sea:Light wheeled vehicles only. Able to fly a helicopter, but very clumsily still as have spent time mostly being infantry. Able to steer a boat or a ship equally well. Experience: Year Joined (ArmA I-III): ARMA (2008, for a short while) - ARMA II (2010 onwards, 500+ hours with non steam versions, over 130 for OA on steam) - ARMA III (2016, 80 and counting)Total Hours Served (Steam): Little over 200. Mods (Mods Of Interest That You Master): ACE I guess, the rest of the mods are more like simple addons really. Working Units (Do You Have Done Any Long Term Service As A Member Of A Unit?/Confidential): YESActive: Task Force Night (ARMA III) Leave: Silent Warriors (ARMA II) End Of Active Service: Around 2012? Not sure, the whole group fell apart around that time due to inside issues.Highest Rank: I cannot remember for the life of me if I passed the promotions before it fell apart, so will write Private for now. Real Life Military Experience: N/A Social Intelligence Test: Do You Smoke? Mostly when I drink as well. Mood: :confused: Favourite Quote: "Every kick in the ass is a step forward, too." - Anonymous Your SQ Result: Contact Preference: (Steam): https://steamcommunity.com/id/crowhitewolf/ SFH Thanks You For Filling Out Your Application
  5. CROWhiteWolf-Purgen

    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Wow,this looks promising.I am offering my help,I am very expirienced in texturing,and I am author of somewhat popular mod for Call Of Duty 2 called Yugoslav Wars/Civil War In Yugoslavia.You can find it on my mod list(there is an update of it,but I'm still working on it) http://callofduty.filefront.com/developer/CRO_White_Wolf;31389