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  1. I.S.U. Ben

    Mods Still Appear After Removal

    Server key? i have no idea
  2. I.S.U. Ben

    SLX Mod WIP

    my clan leader and manually deleted some pbos in the SLX mod and made it SUPERB. everything was taken out except the wounds effects and the other good stuff, so when we play you dont have to shoot someone 500 times to kill them. works great with Ace system wounds too. ill get in touch with him and se if he can upload it somewhere.
  3. hmm...ambient bombers not working for me. I placed the init.sqf that came in the download in my mission folder (yes,its in the right spot i checked already) and placed down the module ambient civilians expansion,I see the ambient civilians, but no bombers. if it helps the mission takes place in zargabad.
  4. Is there a way to make this script reactivate after i die? I read darkeclips post but did not understand his instructions
  5. will someone please answer my question? thanks
  6. DarkEclip(or anyone else who knows how), could you please thoroughly explain in very simple instructions how you got this script to work again after you respawned?thanks