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  1. Bah.. Download link doesn't seem to work, at least not when I'm trying.. It says that the 'file' is unavailable.


    WORKS again!. Looks like i just needed to wait a few hours.. sorry, not my fault that I'm heating up to get this update :D


    You can make yourself a commander with the UI managment (menu 4). Then add groups to your command with the same menu.

    Or you can add single units by adding this to the unit init

    [this] join (group player);

    You know what I'll add that as a preset for the upcomming release.

    I've tried again about adding a AI to my unit, still doesn't work for some reason.. But about that i could add:

    This join (Group player);

    What should be in group player? Like:

    This join SP33D

    ? lol

    and another thing, again. (Better to put everything in one post then posting multiple times)

    Why can't you please add so there is gunners in the evac choppers? Would make it more realistic that there is gunners so they cover your approach to the helo.

    Also a Co-Pilot in them :D

    AND, what is supposed to happen when u spawn a pilot?..

  2. Hey, i have this problem with merging Init files. For example getting a init file from one gametype to another like Domination. I've tried to copy the init file from the one, and paste it at the bottom of the old one so it is getting expanded. But when i then try to play the mission, it says the mission is corrupt and i can't play it and get CTD'ed. Any solutions on how to merge init files?

  3. Yes it is.You'll need to merge the init and description files and merge the unit's init (For F2 markers).

    I've tried to just copy and paste the text from the init and desciption in to the domination map, but when i then go to the editor to open it or something, i get this message that the files are corrupt and i get to the desktop and have to start the game again.. Could you please help me with how to merge these files please? :D

  4. V.1.5.6 is out. Download as always first page second post.



    -Tasks complete are not broadcast for all


    -Name choose at the 3D editor.

    -UPSMON script changed so the artillery piece will actually fire.

    - Add presets you can add to the init of the vehicle in the 3D editor as:

    1.destroy - spawn the vehicle destroyed.

    2.Flip - spawn the vehicle on his side.

    3. Artillery setups - from 60mm mortars to MLRS using UPSMON.

    I'll add tutorial viedo and update the menual in the upcoming days, enjoy :D

    GREAT! Great great great man, sorry for been gone so long as well, been enjoying and testing MCC :P And FINALLY.. FINALLY THIS FIX COMES OUT! YAY, and my beautiful suggestion about the name... and the GREAT adventures you have with this MCC shit.. I LOVE IT! JUST GREAT!

  5. I get a weird error...

    Access violation at address 0057BC0B in module 'RTECapture.exe'. Read of address 00000000.

    Anyone know wtf this is?

    Yes, i have this issue as well.

    Seems theres pretty many issues with this for ArmA2/CO

    There should been a video showing how to do this. This is going on my nervs and i really wanted to use this with the MCC.

  6. Okey, i set up a task, doing it and then i choose: Succeeded, failed or canceled.

    When i do this, the pop up comes to all players.

    But if they open their map and go to Tasks they can still see it and it is open, so they are still able to set it as "Set current objective" so they get a waypoint to it which shouldn't been able.

    Also, is it possible for the next version that you can do so it is also possible to delete missions in the mission list?

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    Alright, my crew and I found a new bug =D Don't know what causes it but this is what i do:

    We start the mission, standard at 12:00 daytime, i change time to 18:00 and call in a ammo drop, the drop arrives, drop the create, it fly for a bit and... disappears, and the ammo crate is hovering in the air.. It's like the ground for the crate is in the air. Map: Fallujah

  7. About spawning gunners. I can spawn them but the AI don't act as human either the entire heli is on combat mod, which will lead him to not landing or it all on careless mod. So the heli is just an evac not CAS.

    Yes sure sure, but the chopper is like unarmed, so when it comes to pick you up, it can easy be fired upon and of course you when your running to enter it.

    Would be cool if it was like the chopper entered the battlefield to rescue you for evac, and the chopper had gunners to cover your approach to it. It is a evac chopper =D

    So, hope you get me and understand what i mean. If yes, is it possible you can do it?

  8. I wanted to come with a little suggestion for next update (If theres gonna be one =D)

    But like, when i call in a Evac helicopter, theres usually a civilian pilot flying... Which looks a bit retarded since we're actually in "war", even when i choose the Us Army, i get a civilian pilot.

    So, my suggestion:

    When it comes to evac and i use the US Army, is it possible that you could so so there's gunners and pilot. For example on the Chinook, theres a Pilot and 3 gunners. So the gunners can like cover us when we approach the helicopter for evac.

    Also, is it possible to do so we can name the object's we place?

    So we can spawn a pilot, then type in the init box that he enters the specific vehicle.

  9. V1.5.5 is up.

    Did I forgot something?

    What about, if you fixed it of course:

    Everyone can see the mission is done, canceled or succeeded in their Tasks list on the map.

    (Before only the Mission Maker could see it in his tasks list)


    Tasks List on map ain't refresed/deleted if you reconnect/disconnect and join again later.

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    Ooh, just found something.. At the top Left it says: "MCC Sandbox v1.5.4 redone by shay_gman."

    Looks like you might forgot to change something? =D