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  1. Wow man, congratz and sorry peoples for off-topic. The man got a big day coming up and working his shait off for MCC =D Great job man, you deserve a break as well ;)
  2. I don't think it is a main issue but it is annoying. If i create a mission and someone joins, they can't see the mission in their tasks list.. Also if i log in to the mission maker thingy, create a mission. Go off and AFK, i return, log in and can't see the mission.. Which makes me not be able to set the mission to complete, failed or canceled. Hope this can get fixed before the new version is released. btw, is there a release date yet or anything?
  3. Hey, new issues my crew has spotted. 1) When you die and respawn, you get a extra PRC-343 Radio in your inventory 2) If you have a backpack and you die, the stuff in your backpack is being duplicated. So if we have 10 medkit's for example and die 3 times, we suddenly have 30 medkit's in the backpack. Hope you guys can figure this out, thanks! ;)