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  1. @tpw Can you upload to a different website, please? I cannot access dropbox for the latest version.
  2. @TPW - Any way you can upload the latest version to Steam and/or another file hosting site (mediafire, etc)? The Moddb one is quite outdated it seems and, for whatever reason, I am not able to access Dropbox on my computer. Have tried opening Dropbox links with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc and it can never be displayed. There is a couple unofficial workshop uploads of your mod but they are at least a year out of date. Thanks for any help!
  3. My god... finally got NIArms, Zombies & Demons working with TPW! Had to remove tpw_animspeed.pbo to get ZnD working, then tpw_puddle.pbo for NIArms All In One. Now the three seem to be working just fine together. Can anyone explain to me what all the puddle pbo adds? So I know what exactly I am missing by removing it? Hopefully nothing amazing lol. NTGhost: did you put the userconfig/TPW folder into your arma 3/userconfig folder? Did you use the .bat installer?
  4. I get a config error on startup.
  5. It is incompatibility between TPW and Zombies and Demons and TPW and NIArms(at least something in NIArms). TPW(the dev not the mod lol) helped me out to get TPW and Zombies and Demons working together (at least from my 5-10 mins of testing, which is about 2x longer than where it would crash normally, by removing the animspeed.pbo from @TPW_Mod/addons, so there is a temporary fix for anyone having the same issue. But, sadly NIArms still crashes, or at least NIArms All In One. I am going to try loading 5 NI Arms separated mods at a time to see if I can pin-point the issue weapons. If it does it with all/any of the separated mods then I will just assume it's a total incompatibility and see if it's yet another mod causing the issue, or if I find the specific mod/weapon set doing it I will report back here as another heads up for anybody with the issue. Can't thank TPW (by helping with the Z&D stuff in PM's) and you, Gator, enough for helping me out with this. Really love using all these mods and would have given up by now lol.
  6. Well... let me give an update. Removing NIArms All in one and the 3 patches fixes the crashing for a bit. It doesn't crash within 30 seconds of booting into the VA like I figured was the lone problem, but upon further testing I am still crashing repeatedly several minutes (maybe up to 10 mins) into the VA. I am, yet again, trying to start with the base mods (just RHS, CUP & ACE) then add 5-10 mods at a time to get back to my normal load order with TPW installed to see what mod(s) are doing it. I will update once I find out anything else. Then, assuming I find the cause, will re-add NIArms to ensure NI is also causing the issues and not just compounding them. I will also try the newly released TPW to see if that helps in any way. BTW: I am going through all this trouble solely because I love the TPW mod and consider it one of my 'can't play without' mods, not just doing it to be a pain lol.
  7. Is this dead? Would love to see working bayonets equip-able to vanilla/DLC/modded weapons!
  8. Is there any mod that adds bayonets to (at least) a few vanilla and/or modded weapons? Don't really care if it's a large or very small mod, just prefer the bayonets to be attachments, not added through a script or exclusive to a certain map/mod combo (like Breaking Point's are, as I have seen that mod adds them, but only for Breaking Point and I doubt BP is compatible with all or even a good deal of my other mods & maps, and I believe they only work within the BP mods and it's weapons). So, as mentioned, I know BP does and I found these two mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1790601930 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1791683162 ...but those bayonets are exclusive to the L3A1. And BP/the L3 one(s) are all that I could find on google and the workshop. So any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  9. Well... just tried removing the ACE, RHS, CUP patch mods and still did it, so it was the All-In-One. Sucks, as I LOVE those NIArms weapons too. Gator, are you using all of the NI weapons mods or just a few of the separated ones? Was thinking of trying the separate ones all together, see if that works.
  10. Okay, sorry to double post but I found the issue (I believe)... After a lot of testing removing my mods until I found the definitive issue, it seems to be a conflict between NIArms All-In-One, the All in one CUP, ACE & RHS patches and TPW. Every other mod (I am using about 110) seems to work fine with TPW, but NI Arms does not want to play nice with this. Is there any chance of fixing this? I will test more tomorrow to see if its the core (all in one) mod or one of/all of the patch mods. BTW anybody else getting this issue using the four NIA mods with TPW?
  11. TPW - I haven't changed any settings. It's completely default. Does the mod crash with AI mods like TCL, Alive or VCom?
  12. Hey, not sure if you(the mod maker) are aware yet but I just tried playing around with the Contact expansion and noticed the game kept crashing. After a lot of frustration I noticed it was TPW causing this. Tried disabling the Contact expansion and still crashing, so I guess it's the latest update. Anyone else having this problem? Tried in custom scenario's and Virtual Arsenal and still crashing right after the little side-list of TPW mods says loaded/loading. Any update sometimes soon? Sorry to rush, just LOVE this mod and having to disable it hurts my soul slightly lol.
  13. tyrantkyng

    A2WarMod Release

    Happy B-Day, Gunter! I hope your success with the upcoming release will be true to your wishes. BTW: what is your steam id? Ill add you if thats cool?
  14. tyrantkyng

    A2WarMod Release

    awaiting eagerly in anticipation, Gunter. Your mod is about 75% of the reason I bought OA for CO!