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  1. Thank you Twirly that worked really well! The only issue seems to be that the hawks take some time to get moving lol, not sure why. They just hover for a few seconds and then decide to start heading towards the waypoint haha. Thanks Iceman though Twirly's suggestion worked your idea solved a problem I've been having with another mission. Killed two birds with one thread!
  2. Hi guys so I'm making a mission where I'm having a combined air assault using SOAR Black Hawks and Little Birds. They need to travel about 2 klicks before their insertion point. The problem I'm having is that as the Little Bird is not as fast as the more powerful Black Hawk, the Hawks pull well ahead of the MH-6's by the time they get to the DZ. I've tried grouping them so they fall into formation but then that significantly complicates landing. Does anyone know if there is a way to force the Hawks to travel at the speed of the Little Birds without grouping them? Any help will be much appreciated, thanks :)
  3. SGT M

    the official 3148 release thread

    I'm running the mod (everything in the addons pack) on it's own, on vanilla ArmA II, I get the exact same error. Tried on OA too, no luck.
  4. Me too :) I'll probably be spending most of my time dropping JDAM's on this island so PM me with details if you want to do some flying-related testing.
  5. Ok so i just thought I'd chuck an Ambient Combat Module and a Sec Ops manager into the editor and fly a patrol in an Apache responding to various quests. Everything seems to work fine, every now and then I'll run into a rogue enemy patrol. My problem is with the "mini-quests" that are supposed to occur when using the ACM and SOM together. If I access my notes, I see that there is a record of several missions (after about half an hour of playing), now none of these quests actually "occured" in the sense that I didn't get contacted by HQ and asked to respond to these, not once did anything come up. What this means is that because I can't acknowledge and accept the missions, they disappear off my map because I can't get there in time (every now and then when I open my map I see a little marker that matches the latest mission log, but it's gone by the time I get there). Would anyone know why this is happening or how to fix it? Thanks.
  6. Would someone please, please inform me as to whether the AH-64D (or futuristic variant) will be featured in this game? I ain't getting this if I don't get my Green Machine hehe.
  7. SGT M

    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    That didn't seem to work either, I even redownloaded EVERYTHING in the required downloads list (even Duala full) and put them all in a dedicated mod folder titled "CO-D". That didn't work either, I'm still getting the exact same error message. I don't know what is going on haha
  8. SGT M

    [CAMP] Carrier Operations - Duala

    OK so I have the latest (2.1) version of the F/A-18, the latest version of this campaign (1.14) and everything else is up to date, though I don't believe the rest to be relavent to my problem. When trying to load the first mission "Air Superiority" I get this error: "Campaigns\carrieroperations-duala\missions\Mission1.isladuala\mission.sqm/Mission/Groups/Item77/Vehicles/Item0.vehicle: Vehicle class mar_fighter_pilot no longer exists" And I also cannot continue or back out of the error screen despite CO responding according to Task Manager. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. OK thank you very much for this info. I do have ACE but use it sparingly as something about the recoil and deafening effects bug me. Dunno but maybe it has something to with the fact that you can go deaf by firing 50 rounds from a SAW even though ear protection is visible on the ACE character model haha.
  10. My apologies, I have tried several rucks with ACE disable under the addons screen. The rucks that I have tried from memory are: "US_Assault_Pack_EP1", "CZ_Backpack_EP1", "US_Backpack_EP1" and "US_Patrol_Pack_EP1". I have tried loading them to a USMC Squad Leader and USMC Force Recon Team Leader. I'm gonna go ahead and assume now that it is because these are not USMC packs? If not then are there any USMC packs available in LEA (such as the molle assault pack I've seen a few guys wearing ingame)? I am running the latest version of LEA. Also another question if you're willing, I am having an issue where despite following the correct instructions, I cannot seem to be able to toggle a rifle between on back and in hands, the option just never lights up for me when selecting a gun. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I've done it with sniper rifles, M4's and M16's including the one in the example screenshot on the wiki.
  11. Anyone else getting the 'no entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons."insert pack here"' error when trying to load a loadout that has any kind of ruck in it?
  12. SGT M

    SEAL Team Six

    I'm having an issue, in the first campaign on Operation Kill Switch, when I try and call in an airstrike, I click on the map, it comes up with the little red x. Then the F35 shows up, flys around, gets shot at, then flys away without dropping a bomb. I've tried calling it in while the target is lazed, I've tried calling it in and then lazing the target, I've tried just calling it in with no laze. Every time the plane just flies around then RTB's (I also get the RTB message). No bomb, no nothing. Any ideas as to why this may be happening? I'm using non-ACE version.
  13. Name: Rhys Morris (preffered callsign: Anvil) Soldier name: Anvil Age: 16 (Don't let that factor into your decision until you know me, I am very mature, learn fast and am always keen to improve my skills for the betterment of the squad, I take criticism well) Language: English Games: Arma 2 CO (lacking BAF and PMC) Timezone: New Zealand Standard (GMT +12) Location: Christchurch Mic: Headset, working although occasional issue with unreliable plug-ins. Experience: The only BIS game I have ever played is ArmA 2 CO (minus BAF and PMC), however I have been playing it for 2 years and consider myself experienced as a user. I am a skilled pilot in both rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, I can hold my own against enemy air and AA threats, and can land helicopters in tight spots at speed. Preferred roles: Rotary Transport Pilot, CSAR pilot, Rotary Attack Pilot, Fixed Attack (have experience in operating from the USS Nimitz in F/A-18's as well as regular land-based craft). So basically anything that involves me in control of a flying vehicle, although I would love the opportunity to operate off a carrier if you use them (love all the little extra challenges that come with it). Mods will not be an issue, I use Mando Missile, GLT, and ACE along with multiple unit, map and vehicle mods on a regular basis. I use a mod launcher for all of them, so I can change my mods on the fly. PM me if you are interested in recruiting, bear in mind I will try to maintain a regular schedule but being in an earthquake zone there may be times where I will be unable to make it to meetings/ sessions as a result of internet breakdown and other various events (details of situation can be discussed, I have nothing to hide).
  14. SGT M

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    You just blew my mind!
  15. SGT M

    F/A-18 Super Hornet

    Meatball, that second picture you just posted, that's a single-seater. Have you released a single-seater that I have dumbly missed?