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  1. wallace71

    Arma 3 Chain of command?

    A major feature that I think could have been in A2 was a proper chain of command. sure you can be ranked as either Private, corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, captain and major, but they don't really determine anything except for who is in charge of the squad. Now. what if a Major commanded say four captains/lieutenants, which in turn commanded their sergeants, who commanded fire teams. I dunno, just a feature that kinda irritated me. I know this would be difficult in some game modes, having AI as your superiors, but maybe it could work. Thus you have a proper chain of command? Just a rough Idea
  2. wallace71

    Standing Orders

    I'd personally like to see Leapfrogging, and other formations implemented into A3. and for the Ai to actually follow them properly xD
  3. in the end, YOU WILL BUY IT ANYWAY BECAUSE THE NAME ARMA IS IN THE TITLE. And you'll never mention "realism" to arma, seeing as it is actually a realistic shooter to begin with. and nobody knows what the future holds, so why not embrace the creative sides of things? @SpetS15, couldn't have said it better myself. ---------- Post added at 03:59 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:58 AM ---------- that sir, deserves +1 internets. and that's actually Modern Warfare 3's story
  4. wallace71

    64 bit engine :-(

    if they follow the ARMA trend, then I wouldn't want DX11 because nobody would be able to run it. DX 11 + massive maps + already upgraded graphics = dead computer BUT. DX9 + massive maps + already upgraded graphics = happy computer :D
  5. wallace71


    I'd love to see some more enter able buildings, but IF and only IF the AI is smart enough to use them, if not, the only point in having enter able buildings is for actual players. not worth it, although if they are destructible or not is another matter entirely... :D *hint hint*
  6. wallace71

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    NATO!! yeah! maybe an actual representation rather than just a British mechanized team and a few UN units? nevertheless the screens look great. hopefully the community has a large part input-wise. Thanks for making two great games, and Cheers to a third. *clink*
  7. wallace71

    can we shoot while in a vehicles?

    If they decide to use the same Engine from arma 1 and 2, then it may be an engine limitation. I've been hoping for something like this, but It won't bother me too much if it isnt included. although It'd be cool to see something like riding on the back of vehicles, such as riding on an M113 (as they did in good ol' Nam to avoid mines blowing the S**t out of the insides). nonetheless I've been in situations where my vehicle was destroyed and I was stranded, although there was a Tank right infront of me that could have easily given me a ride (if I could ride ontop of it :S)
  8. tried it, WAY to difficult xD, does anyone know any easier way of doing this?
  9. Well, the thing is, it ISN'T a warfare mode, which really surprised me. it was a regular mission, and the infantry didnt cost anything, btw do you have a link to said program?
  10. I've played a custom mission (believe its made by someone called Benny)in which you spawn without any units at the Rasman Airfield. you can then go to a barracks and recruit the units of your choice. I'm completely new to editing and would love to figure out how to do that. Another feature i'd like to set up is the ammo box that has every weapon inside of it, instead of having to rummage through 20 unlabeled ammo boxes searching for a certain weapon. any ideas? thanks Wallace