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    Arma Memes...

    I call this one "DayZ effect".
  2. I think Bohemia is more concerned with fixing bugs right now than with adding features that will likely introduce new bugs of their own.
  3. I noticed this with the ACR T-72 as well. Edit: The Pandur APC also has this problem. 1.61RC also seems to replace the old CDF voices with lower quality ACR lite ones. I'm pretty sure it's just a mistake on Bohemia's part but some people might not be happy about having the CDF (a faction they paid for) use lite voices. As for the new terrains, they are definitely unfinished so don't sweat it. Both Bystrica and Bukovina are missing town-logics (none of the cities have names). I don't know if BIS plans to add on to them (it would be awesome to have something south of the river) but the presence of lakes outside the map's boundaries would suggest that they plan to put something there. I have never seen lakes outside a map before. Edit: Apparently there's some lakes outside Takistan. Still, the ones on Bystrica are looking suspicious. BIS hasn't announced anything directly for ArmA 2 but with the TOH 1.06 patch you will be able to combine ArmA 2 and TOH content thus allowing you to use the TOH engine features (including Java support) with ArmA 2 content.
  4. rangerpl

    Trends that piss you off

    Frivolous threads.
  5. That did it, thanks! Edit: Also, by the way, is there a quick and easy way to get ONE mapclick from the player? I know how OnMapClick works, the problem is that I can't figure out how to make a script that waits until the player has made one click and then disables the OnMapClick again.
  6. I'm working on a (single player) scenario where the player can play as units that are under his command. So basically you are a platoon leader who can use high command to maneuver squads under his command, with the added twist of being able to take direct control of those units. So, not only do you issue orders to them, you can carry them out yourself, while still having the ability to go back to leading the whole platoon. Unfortunately, when you leave control of a unit, that unit becomes "disabled". It ignores any orders it's given, and if it's a squad leader, then his whole squad gets immobilized as a result. What can I do to get him reset and go back to behaving like a normal AI again? I don't imagine that this requires a very complex script but I have no idea where to even begin.
  7. rangerpl

    Abandoned Russian tank repair facility

    Nah, it's just that, due to globalization, conventional war is quickly becoming obsolete. Sure, you can invade a country, but if that country engages in trade with you, you're just shooting yourself in the foot. That's why it's unlikely that we'll see a US vs China war for example, because in that event China would experience mass starvation while the US would have total shortages of basic commodities. In the end, both would be worse off. It just doesn't make any economic sense. That's also why most of the wars (both real and hypothetical) of today are against countries/groups that don't engage in the global economy, like Taliban-run Afghanistan, Communist North Korea, etc. This might change in the future due to resource depletion, but right now there isn't much to worry about. So, yeah, commerce, man. Pass the blunt, brah.
  8. rangerpl

    Abandoned Russian tank repair facility

    Or, you know, you could do something useful with all that steel for once.
  9. Sure, as long as you shut down the other media outlets. Fox News isn't the only one spewing bullshit and propaganda.
  10. There is no problem here. You are being sent to debug island which is where you end up if the server is unable to initialize your character. This is a problem with the DayZ server and not with ArmA itself.
  11. "Martyrdom is the only perk in the game" I lost it right there
  12. rangerpl

    Military Humor

    wct6herMlfo Not purely military humor, but hilarious nonetheless. The end is funniest. (video approved by mods)
  13. rangerpl

    Abandoned Russian tank repair facility

    I wonder if they'd let me borrow one of those T-72s :)
  14. rangerpl

    What Are Your Favorite Programs/Applications?

    Google Chrome - I used to use firefox but it's been turned into a bloated, buggy mess lately Fraps - obvious reasons SpeedFan - Gives me a quick readout of GPU temperatures on my taskbar WinDirStat - Visually represents disk usage (with a graph) and allows you to see which folders take up the most space Notepad ++ Adobe Photoshop - Though I don't have it installed currently Sony Vegas - Use it for movie making
  15. ArmA already gets around the 32bit limitation, BIS has had a workaround since ArmA 1. Also all the RAM in the world won't help you if your CPU cannot keep up. The devs mentioned something about improved core scheduling so it may be possible that A3 will run faster in that regard.
  16. Being relatively young, the first shooter that I played regularly was this
  17. rangerpl

    Paradox Interactive Games

    I have to admit I have never played Risk (though I am familiar with it), but HoI3 is a bit deeper as it actually goes into technology, tactics, etc. You can, for example, perform a proper Blitzkrieg offensive in this game if you have the supply lines to support your troops.
  18. A bit of fun with UnitCapture and UnitPlay wZu3UCxrPxA
  19. You don't need a fission reaction to ignite a fusion reaction. The way it's done in research reactors right now is by using electromagnetic force to bring atoms so close together that the strong nuclear force causes them to attract one another. The problem is that you require colossal amounts of energy to do this, more than the reaction produces. Most of the work being done right now is about making this process more efficient so that you have a self-sustaining reaction which puts out more energy than you put in. ITER, the research reactor in France, is designed with the goal of producing 1000% of input power. As for your other point, yes, it's true that fusion does create nuclear waste, however most of the radioactive material in the reaction would be the reactor itself, which is much easier to manage than fission waste. As for the rest, much of the remaining waste would be tritium, which has a very short half life of only 12 years. Aside from that, unlike a fission reactor, a fusion reactor cannot experience a catastrophic failure of the same magnitude as, say, Chernobyl's. Any significant damage to a fusion reactor would cause it simply to stop functioning.
  20. Why a thousand years? Why fission? The international fusion research reactor in France (sponsored by the US, Russia, China, the EU, and others) is scheduled to achieve its first self-sustaining fusion reaction in 2019. By the 2030s, it is expected that fusion power will go commercial and will rapidly begin replacing our current energy sources. Oil is still used because it's still cheaper than the alternatives, though that will soon change. As the price climbs, no amount of lobbying and corruption will prevent green energy from gaining popularity. The ultimate goal is still fusion, however.
  21. Should I buy extra arty or are the starting 2S3s fine?
  22. Has anyone gotten past the first mission in the Polish campaign? I'm not able to reach the loyalist garrison on time. If I try to rush to get to it, I can reach them but lose my deployment zone and get overrun quickly. If I try to move slowly by capturing zones along the way, the garrison gets wiped out before I can get to it. Is there a good way to do this? I've tried flanking from the left but there are no bridges on that side of the map so I can't link up with the garrison quickly without going through the center of the map, which is crawling with enemies.
  23. I beat that one a few days ago. I had something like two Leopard 1A4s, four Leo 1A3s and four AMX-10 (with the missiles). Aside from that I had a Kiowa for recon purposes and two Chapparals for air defense. It's not that hard if you maneuver your armored/mechanized forces and pay attention to what the Soviets are throwing at you. There's an FOB to the right side of the map that you can use to replenish your Chinooks and trucks. I got tank rushed near the end and was facing over a dozen T-64s but fortunately the peace treaty was signed before they got to the bridge.
  24. Hi guys, I found the guide on how to configure the BIS Ambient Combat module, but I didn't see anything in there about using only custom units such as those in I44. I'm trying to spawn only British Paras and German Wehrmacht but I can't find anything on the biki on setting your own groups. Is there an undocumented way to do this or do I need to write a substitute for the whole ACM module? I know I can set it to use only specific factions but that won't prevent ACM from spawning British Commandos, winter Waffen-SS and other units which don't fit in.