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  1. The government (be it any of the several states or the federal government) outsources incarceration to private enterprises who provide the prison facilities, etc under a contract. They're completely overseen by the authorities. The morality/ethics of this are questionable but it's nowhere near the "OMG PRIVATE CORPORATE SLAVE PRISONS" paranoia that surrounds it. No, there is no such thing as private law enforcement forces.
  2. rangerpl

    Windows 8 : Will you buy it ?

    Windows 8 isn't closed. Only their Surface tablet is. I have a $15 upgrade license for W8 as I bought a W7 laptop recently and plan on using it soonish. From what I've read, aside from the horrid Metro interface, Windows 8 improves on Windows 7's explorer, is overall "leaner" and boots much more quickly.
  3. The issue is with the law enforcement system, not the court system. Only 10% of American prisons is private.
  4. rangerpl

    Should next ARMA series go to full sci-fi?

    Cold War would be ridiculously awesome, especially if BIS can pull off large scale engagements.
  5. It's been fixed a while ago. I've made missions with AI running about shooting each other with pistols and they worked flawlessly.
  6. I was a little skeptical at first since this campaign started out really slowly and the beginning was kinda cheesy, but I'm up to the fifth mission now and enjoying every second. The only thing I'd fix is some proofreading problems, other than that it's great! I really like your use of PP effects, it makes the game look good even on my shitty computer. Also I highly recommend playing this with the JSRS and RUG_DSAI mods by the way. It makes the missions just that much more atmospheric.
  7. rangerpl

    Computer Code Discovered In Superstring Equations

    Actually the "we are living in a simulation" thing was a theory thought up by a scientist for shits and giggles. He never really said that we are living in one either, just that it's not impossible.
  8. This. It's not about performing a scientific experiment as that experiment is worthless unless you have someone to draw a conclusion based on it. That someone needs to have an opinion on what the data is supposed to mean.
  9. rangerpl

    Gamepad Friendly Controls in Arma 3!!!

    This is not true. Yes, you need X360 controller support in order to get the "Games For Windows Live" sticker on your game, but Microsoft can't just ban your game if you don't have X360 support.
  10. rangerpl

    Music Recommendations

    Anybody here a fan of Sabaton? They describe themselves as power metal though they are much "heavier" than most power metal bands and don't have the high-pitched vocals. Plus, their lyrics tend to be about historical events such as wars. They're more speed metal I guess. This particular one is about the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus for example. eYvAnlF5Weo This song doesn't need to be explained. aebOM8M_jtc
  11. Generally the systems themselves aren't online, but they share a network with other computers which are. A while ago I read about something like this... an automotive plant was shut down for a day at the cost of millions of dollars because one engineer brought in an infected laptop and connected it to the internal network. That's all it takes.
  12. You can view the code for all the functions (including PMC ones) by executing [] call BIS_fnc_help; with a Functions module on the map.
  13. rangerpl

    Steam discussion

    The only reason people are whining now is because they actually read the EULA and realized that Valve is a business trying to make a profit, not God's gift to gamers.
  14. rangerpl

    Ubisoft "Uplay" fail?

    Chrome opened the link but didn't open Calculator. Good on you, Chrome.
  15. rangerpl

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    My gripe is with the DRM which is something I'd expect from someone like Ubisoft or EA.
  16. Yes walker, obviously if I installed an open source operating system instead of that bloated piece of shit Windows, I'm sure my Pentium II with 128MB of RAM could run ArmA 3 on max graphics with over 9000 fps. After all it's a well known fact that Microsoft cooperates with hardware manufacturers to degrade performance, thus driving sales of new components. Damn capitalist pigs. I'm glad we saw through their lies and deceit. BRB installing linux.
  17. rangerpl

    Best AI mods for ArmA 2?

    I'm not sure if there's anything that will make the AI drive better, but the most popular AI mods seems to be ASR_AI and Zeus AI.
  18. rangerpl

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Well the issue is that BIS have never included such DRM in their releases - ACR is locked down with Solidshield, the infamous software used by Ubisoft. This is very weird and un-BIS-like. It's worrying.
  19. rangerpl

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Hey, what's up with the DRM? A friend of mine installed ACR on his gaming machine and DRM prevented him from moving it to his dedicated server. His server's copy of ArmA has a different CD key.
  20. rangerpl

    Steamworks, add it in or not?

    FyU1a4c1Tdk I like Steam but I don't want it interfering with my ArmA.
  21. rangerpl

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    The new maps are wonderful, but how come Bystrica and Bukovina don't have towns with actual names?
  22. There will also be a DLC where you get to stand in line at the state unemployment office.
  23. Yeah, another Metacritic flaw is that anyone's allowed to post their opinion there - for IF:44 there's generally more good reviews than bad ones, but the score is dragged down by kids who compare it to Call of Duty and rate 0/10. A lot of the criticism is legitimate but it's too bad that all reviews count. Though it's quite funny to see IGN criticizing Metacritic... at least Metacritic doesn't give inflated review scores to mediocre games *cough*Call of Duty*cough*.
  24. There are two outcomes to this: 1. It gets delayed forever and everyone forgets about it 2. It comes out on schedule and is a piece of shit Hammerpoint is an indie developer. Not only that, they're a NEW indie developer. Unless they are using somebody else's engine they're going to have to write their own. Good luck making an 200km^2 map with millions of objects without running into some problems. There should be a game called "Dead End", about a development studio making yet another zombie game in an already saturated market.
  25. rangerpl

    Why there is a particle limit in arma 3?

    I guess the renderer itself can become unstable at some point.