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  1. No to Steam-Only. Steam is great for games like Call of Duty which are both more compact and also less mod-able. ArmA is a very large game and its content changes all the time, and based on what the other people have said, it's a pain to patch it and combine A2 with OA. I bought the boxed version of Combined Operations and installing it was a breeze. It even combined itself :bounce3:
  2. I must admit, I didn't come up with this, but neither did the guy who originally posted this on Orbiter forums. :)
  3. Is there any way to keep the "units cached" hint from appearing? I don't want players knowing that they're near enemies. Also I'm using script-spawned AI so not only are the hints a dead giveaway, they get annoying. Other than that, this is a great script! Excellent for cleaning up missions. Never mind that, I got it to work properly! Cheers :cheers:
  4. rangerpl

    Just got my GTX460...New Game...!

    Awesome, bro. I have the 768MB version of the GTX460, what settings are you using in Arma? I'm having trouble getting the best performance-to-quality balance. I lag like hell when I'm in Chernogorsk.
  5. rangerpl

    My GPU Died!

    Try the ATI Radeon HD5770. It's not a current-generation card but it does the job. 1GB VRAM should give you decent fps in A2, it sure did for me. I had one of those but it died (my fault, not the card's fault) and I replaced it with a Galaxy GTX460. The GTX460 is a good one (got mine for $105) but it has less VRAM and seems to be a little worse at ArmA 2. There's also the HD6850 for less than $200, but I don't know if that one requires two PCI-e connectors.
  6. rangerpl

    Map distance/time questions

    If I'm not mistaken, the scale for the 4-figure grid is 1x1km (per square) and for the 6-figure it's 100m x 100m.
  7. (All are larger than 100k) Addons used: -Polish Army and Police -Everon Island -F-22 Raptor -US Army Rangers