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  1. I am trying to set up some insurgent reinforcments that trigger when i clear out the town. Im playing as a small bluefor squad, go in, clear the town, and am going to secure it. The trigger is set to a takastani SUV, has 2 waypoints 1: Move to town 2: Unload. I have a group of 4 insurgents riding in the SUV, but as soon as i start the game, the group of 4 teleports to the patrol location and ditches the SUV ride. Heres the squad leaders scripting i have this moveincargo suv; nul=[this,"town"] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf"; nul=[this,"town","move","random","delete:",300] execVM "scripts\upsmon.sqf"; Now, i assume the number 300 is the range at which they will patrol? If imake that say 75 (about the size of the town, will they just stay in that area? or is it something else ---------- Post added at 01:39 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:32 PM ---------- nevermind, just figured it out. It was the "random" that was messing it up for me
  2. It sounds like a bagpipe almost, im wondering, what track is it? Id like to set up a trigger in a game that plays that
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    Wow, thats prety awsome haha, just made a heli insertion for myself, sure does make it easier. Thx for the links!
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    What is UnitCapture? And also, ill try the AT Rifleman/Specialist, what do they do differently tho? The sabo has the C4
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    Need some help!

    Hah, ya, i thought about that after i posted, went back to edit but noticed i cant edit the topic.
  6. Long read, have a few different questions Im doing all of this on the chenarus(sp) map in one of the main port towns. This is actualy going to be about the halfway point of the mission. The first part is, Im going to be leading a small squad of 4 people through the west of the city, take out the 2 AA and a couple Tanks that patrol the city. I have a trigger to start the Heli insertions (i just radio alpha and they all fly in at once.) Alright, heres the first issue im having 1: I am wanting to make a map with 3 AI helicopter insertions, i have it set so they all come in, land, unload the AI group, and then have the AI go to their waypoints. The problem seems to occur randomly, and what it does is sometimes sends a 2nd heli to the "Same" invisible helipad that it isn't waypointed to. How do i make it go to the waypoint helipad every time? 2: When the enemy starts shooting at my helicopters as i fly in to unload the groups, the helicopters just seem to tend to freak out and fly away without unloading, How do i make it so it will come down and unload under fire without just flying away? 3: One of those AI groups that get unloaded, i have set a couple waypoints, ill list the waypoints in order here on what they do(what i want them to do >.< ) first: Rally on first waypoint to get all grouped up after unloading, wait 15 seconds(thats about how long it takes to group up, i also have it send me a "hint" message second: Go down the road towards the target third: Heres where the problem comes in. I have a anti-air radar system building set up them to blow up, I have the waypoint set to Destroy, but as soon as they finish the 2nd waypoint, the squad leader says "destroy that AA radar system(not exact words haha) The squad just sits there and dosen't do anything at all, cept fire back if under fire. How do i get it so they will actualy go in, clear enemies around the target, and destroy it? I have a saboture set up in the squad, and destroyed it myself 1 time, but it didn't update the waypoint to continue to the fourth Fourth, head out to support the 2nd Heli dropoff squad at whatever they are doing. Or, just sit and guard the location
  7. Ah, just found its website, this looks exactly like what im after. Now to figure out how to install it haha ---------- Post added at 10:22 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:07 AM ---------- ---------- Post added at 11:03 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:33 AM ---------- Ok, 1 more question, now that i got it implimented into my own mission, how do i find the "Patrol Sector"? When i load up the game it tells me " UPS: Cannot patrol sector:town Does not exist Im in Feruz Abad if that makes any difference (takistan map)
  8. what is UPSMON? i don't recall seing that
  9. Alright first, let me start off by saying i don't realy know how to go into the actual game files and change stuff, ive prety much just been doing it all in the editor in the "init" area. So, first, id like to make a laser guided airstrike on command, i figured out how to give my guy the laser designator, but im not sure how to use it to call in an airstrike(prefer with an A-10) And lastly, What do i have to do to make the enemy activly search for me? Ive got a truckfull (Ungrouped so they would go random directions when they got unloaded at the waypoint.) of Insurgents, each person has a waypoint that is set for "Search and Destroy" with a range of about 60 meters. They do a decent job at patroling the area, but when is start taking them out, the rest of them don't seem to do anything except lay down(if close enough), or shoot in my direction. How do i make it so they will actualy try to flank me, or at least come in my direction? Do they have to all be in a squad? I have the Skill set to max on all of them. Any help will be much appreciated
  10. Where do i put in that code? I got the spawns to work the way i want now(thx!!!) but can't seem to get the marker to show where he is to show up. Also, If i set the marker on a house, how do i ge them to spawn inside the house? Or can you not do that
  11. So im fairly new to the game, and have gotten some prety decent beginner experience with the editor. So far ive made a mission where i come in, and clear out a town of hostiles, but im wanting to take it further and make one where i have to go in and rescue a Hostage. Im wondering, how do i set this up? Do i have to use some modules, or advanced scripting? Also, Is there any way to make a unit(or hostage) to randomly spawn in a designated area? I think it would be prety cool to have to actualy search the town for a group of enemies guarding the prisoner Any help will be much apreciated