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  1. OK I need help setting up a server config What I am needing is a very detailed step by step instructions on how to setup a server config and the works
  2. It's sometimes wants to crashed and sometimes it resets my profile when I try to launch more than one server off of it and how do I set the server to wear it has addons and nobody else needs them but they get the addons when they join my server and able to play in there with all my addons
  3. i got it but it has been giving me sum problems but they are not to big
  4. I also need the server configuration from arma 2 operation arrowhead so I can launch arma 2 CO missions
  5. battlagun

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    well u need to do a lot more then that to get it to work
  6. battlagun

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    well if u yous the tool it helps on server lag that u get when u host in game + if your game crashes the server will b steel up to :) ps me host in game fps 10. me host with server tool 22 to 25 fps and help if u got friends wanting to play on it to
  7. battlagun

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    yes u can run it LAN and dedicated me i run a dedicated server from my computer and yes u can play it if u host it on your computer but u need a tool to run a dedicated server and it is on armaholic http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=11655if u need more help just pm me