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  1. Discussion unanswered here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/1/622954302095652398/ "when it crashes it says File mission.sqm, line 0: '.raP':' ' encountered instead of '=' I can kind of read script it wants me to replace it. and ^ there is this weird symbol"
  2. seems to be ok noW I loaded the latest aia / CBA, apart from the german campaign level 1 hang. Am trying the 6th january IF3 files instead of the 14th jan patch, to see if that helps (as changelog notes level 1 campaign fix for that version) Where is the rpt file located? However it does still say now 'Addon 'AiA_Core' requires addon 'LoadAfterA3Data_C_PvPscene''
  3. Patched to latest community patches 1.07/1.02 , it's loading ok but seemed to hang on the first german english mission before grenades started (maybe just taking a while). Also when I start I get this error: Addon 'AiA_Weapons_IF_HitEffects' requires addon 'AiA_Weapons_HitEffects' I am using the CBA & AiA as provided in PWS, I will try manually installing latest versions now
  4. Hi, I just bought OA & DLCs, but when loading up the campaign of OA, the first mission you are on a helicopter, flying towards land. While you are here, you look to the right, and you see the minigun side gunner of the chopper.. for some reason, he has developed into a triangle man. With stick figure arms, flat and basically the graphics of late 90's. His nose is the centre of the triangle! He is Mr Triangle Helicopter man!! When you get out of the chopper, if you turn around you can see this man is on both sides of the helicopter, and looks ABSOLUTELY retarded, like some spastic lego man robot. Seriously, PLEASE update this model or change at least for the campaign!!! It was the SADDEST beginning, even though I am really enjoying the campaign when I didn't like Arma 1 missions much at all, Arma 2 & OA I am quite enjoying.. but that was THE worst start to anything I've ever seen. It absolutely looks retarded. Anyone that DIDN'T notice this, please start a new profile or replay the first mission and see what I'm talking about. Most of the start flying over the water u can just see the edge of his helmet and retard arms.. then as he turns his head to scan the areas, you see he is Mr Triangle. I was so horrified after paying $60 for an EXPANSION which was basically Arma 3.. to find this straight off!!!!!!!
  5. Hi, I will get some screens next time I load it up in next day or so - It is latest version, Steam download, so I can't change the version or have it NOT updated (I always leave auto-update setting for all Steam games), only purchased a couple of days ago. I am using AMD X4 Phenom 2 black (965 I think it is), Gigabyte GTX460 Super Overclock, 8GB G Skill eco 13333 RAM, GB GM880-UD2H rev 1.2 mobo, I was using 260 version Nvidia drivers but just today updated to 266 so I will see if same thing happens, OS is Windows 7 ultimate x64. I had hoped it wasn't something normal! It's not that easy to see, while in the chopper with the 4 members of your crew, they are talking and you are meant to grab the laser designator. While this is happening, I keep my view on the furthest to the RIGHT, so I can see my shoulder, and I see Mr Triangle! It was so funny, but also very depressing, for my first view of the new game! I'll post screens next day or so, sorry I am very hectic at the moment, it has been a horrible year and only this past week have I had some time to start gaming again. Another thing, I purchased original ARMA from Direct2Drive, without noticing it was Combat Operations, not GOLD.. while Atari don't even sell this anymore, it is the ATARI version, while at the ATARI site, they sell the GOLD for the same price as D2D sells the normal without Queen's Gambit! I just had to go to Sprocket now to get the addon.. SO annoying, I emailed D2D so hopefully they take the old version down and update it with the GOLD version, since I saw people commenting on the page from past few days so people are obviously still buying this, when it is a bit of a rip off.. I have to thank you also for having the expansion on sale, so it only cost me an extra AUD $6, but now I have paid $27/28 for what should have cost me $20 through ATARI or Sprocket or Steam.. :( D2D not being very good in this instance, I'd never used before, but I won't use again.
  6. I am using an OCZ Vertex 2 60GB but I haven't tried any games on it yet, I like to keep the spare 25GB free as opposed to fill with crap. I can't test as I am using Steam for most of my stuff which wouldn't ever fit on a small SSD. I can confirm that turning all windows crap off that messes with your drive should help.. tried any other games working fine on SSD? Maybe try America's Army 3 on steam, see if that works?
  7. lastninja

    combined op on steam

    eeek i'm gla that didn't happen to me. I bought ArmA 2 retail DVD and then OA + DLCs on Steam. No probs that way for me.. apart from PMC activation issue
  8. I like the bloom on lenses etc for realism, but the depth of field blur at edges annoys.. i'd like to have a TINY bit encircling the edges, only the EDGES of our RECTANGULAR or SQUARE monitors.. as our eyes see ROUND/OVAL CIRCLES! So the blurring/depth of field in REALITY is occuring in areas NOT seen on a rectangular monitor - mostly.. So for realism , the only the four corners of the monitor would have a small blur to them, in an oval shape (just imagine an 'eye' shaped monitor, then put blur as a border, then superimpose a smaller rectangle inside, and you see how only the edges of the rectangle would have blur in them. Sorry about this, not sure if this helps, but I have spent most of my life thinking of ways to further enhance military/human simulations to more accurately reflect human conditions - as well as further interfaces we might possibly use. I can't WAIT for the augmented reality version of Arma!!
  9. ahh, I thought through some services you could get it sent on a DVD-R at least?
  10. Hi, I bought retail ArmA 2 DVD from store, then other day decided to get OA & the 2x DLCs. I got OA first. So first I tried the LITE versions of both PMC and BAF. Upon buying the DLCs, BAF unlocks, PMC still says 'lite' ending, while the BAF deleted this save in the campaign select. So PMC still says 'lite ending'. I REVERTED back to the previous mission, hopefully that will fix it, but it IS very confusing considering you just bought the thing after trying the demo to be told you haven't got it yet. Same bug as here: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=114013 .. also maybe you should rename your forum a little ? COMBAT OPERATIONS AND COMBINED OPERATIONS all in caps look VERY similar.. I can see the guys confusion, I almost posted there too. Finally, the UAV training #15 has been posted around for 1-2 years now it seems.. in Operation Arrowhead.. it doesn't work for me at all. Same bug as other people, start mission fine, go up to either little bird or drone and screen goes black, 'escape' brings up menu to restart etc, when you do this you can see the graphics again, but as soon as close, it goes back to black. I heard 'flush' command in console might help, I'll try.. but I think you should fix this ASAP. I'm a new player having not had a good computer build for a long time. I was a big Rainbow 6 fan until Operation Flashpoint came out - blew me away and I bought the expansions until Resistance.. never beat Resistance!!! So hard! But I loved this.. I wanted VBS but was a bit out of price range.. I tried J-Cove lite which was fun but disappointing no dedicated larger player servers (6 player limit sucks). I played ArmA 1 on my 2004 computer a couple years after it came out when I upgraded RAM and graphics... now I finally have a new build so am catching up on OFP2, Arma 2 & Operation Arrowhead + DLCs.. so it is very disappointing to come this late in the game, go to Steam and buy OA + DLCS and find they don't work exactly. Also I read expansions can hinder your boot camp training, for some reason I have 2x 'arma 2's coming up in the expansion list, only one has the icon/logo for the name too.. so I might try declicking the 'blank' arma 2 expansion to see what that does.. Any help greatly appreciated. Oh one last thing.. I just bought a Logitech Precision gamepad, in the options I can assign 'move forward' to 'x axis' which is the gamepad UP button press.. and 'strafe left' to 'y axis' .. it won't let me do up/down/left/right.. so in the game, I can only move 2 of the 4 direction, forward and left, not right and back.. because you don't recognise the x/y for these... anyway you could help me set this up, or a profile that works for the Logitech software for the pad, or an update that allows such pads to work? I just wanted to at least use the pad for driving as I find the mouse very frustrating. I'm thinking of maybe getting an F310 instead of the Precision.. any advice if this would work any better? Thanks in advance, Ninja Gaijin myspace.com/djninjagaijin ---------- Post added at 03:23 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:09 AM ---------- Oh, and one last thing. You can press 'spacebar' to skip through loading screens in the OA training - when it has scripted parts to load or whatever, and has the popup with the loading bar, if you press space, it gets rid of it. No idea if this is a bug, feature, or if it does bad things to the mission doing this.. I assume so.. perhaps lock the use of this button, as I accidentally at first often skipped through the loading..
  11. cheaper to buy sprocket if u can, or amazon and get the RETAIL PMC/BAF addons on DVD, so then you don't need spend $40 on OA again on Steam.. I just bought on Steam because its cheapest and fastest for me.. but I don't feel happy spending so much ($60 USD OA+DLCs) with no physical item. At least I got Arma2 for $30 on sale at retailer, with case/DVD/manual etc. I don't feel good having a list of Steam games or GOG or Direct2Drive or whatever.. it feels so empty without the pretty case on my shelf :)
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    Gaming Freeze/Hang

    combined operations / combat operations in all caps look VERY similar. A bit of redesign of the forum might help..