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    Scots Gamer who is very fond of the Arma series, started back on OFPE on the Xbox and eventually made my way to the PC and started playing and modding Arma.

    I enjoy playing Insurgency and Teamwork, be warned though I can be quite loud.

    I visit the forums occasionally so if you need me feel free to contact me via steam.
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  1. WildJAMES 007

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Hi Guys, Just downloaded the latest version and I want to say thank you very very much for adding No.6 Commando it has made my day and has also made alot of my friends incredibly happy, we have been playing together as No.6 for years and are over the moon we now have a uniform that allows us to be the unit we have called ourselves for so long. I can finally play as the unit I portray at living history events thank you!!
  2. WildJAMES 007

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Hi, I seen you chaps have shown a WIP for a British Para Helmet so I take it a Denison Smock must be on the board somewhere. I was tinkering around today in photoshop and have created a Denison smock texture template, not sure if it would be of any use to you but I thought it might do well as a reskin over your Fallschrimjaeger uniform? The colours could do with some further tweaking on the base layer but just wanted to see if it might interest anyone before I commited to further work on it. In the picture below I have used a German camo smock just as a stand in to see how it looks. Denison Smock Texture
  3. Hello all a while back I created a small mod for myself and a few of my friends whom I play in a group with, it contained a few berets I had put together to represent different groups in the British army during the 2nd world war. I have updated the mod since I originally created it so that it contains a few more berets to choose from. The mod at present currently contains; Generic Maroon Beret Maroon with Para Wings Generic Commando Beret Commando Beret with qualification badge SAS beret in sand colour with badge SAS beret in sand colour without badge SAS beret in maroon colour with badge Images: Inside the pack I have included a readme with codes and instuctions on how to implement the berets ingame and make a unit wear them in the editor. DL: http://www.mediafire.com/download/07g9apwgkk22vtr/%40Wilds_WWII_Berets.rar Hope you enjoy, I have modded before but this is my first I have released publicly for Arma :). Also a thank you to BI for the beret model.
  4. WildJAMES 007

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Look forward to giving this a bash got trackir recently and think it'll help me get sucked into the jungle warfare, I reckon my mates will find me screaming down TS in horror when the japanese appear :) Good work lads keep it up ;)
  5. WildJAMES 007

    WWII MP Released!

    Maybe your RAM or VRAM from your graphics card? Whats your specs? This mod is a bit hard on graphics since I occationally have drops :rolleyes:
  6. WildJAMES 007

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Looking at the rig you have in your sig mate you should be able to run the mod I would assume you wont need high view distance since its the jungle, and theres always Wake for some good FPS :p Might want to also disable background programs for that extra oomph ;)
  7. WildJAMES 007

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Will be watching this mod looks brill good work lads :), can't wait to get in there with a tommy and go mental :p Edit: Gave yall a vote on Moddb :)
  8. WildJAMES 007

    WWII MP Released!

    Heres a comparison pic I took left is Red Devil right is British Infantry. WildJAMES. Edit: I think it used to work on my other PC Im unable to access, when it had an ATi card but now both have an Nvidia card and this problem is persistant. I remeber trying to edit my Mip map settings through forceware and it didnt work so not sure what it is.
  9. WildJAMES 007

    WWII MP Released!

    Hello lads I have a problem if anyone is able to help its graphics related and only occurs in this mod so I thought i'd ask here, when I play any unit like british infantry, canadian infantry or american infantry I have half textures on the face (Sometimes its triggered by going into ironsights), however I don't get these problems with the germans or Allied Airbourne units just the infantry ones is a fix possible? any help appreciated I know the easy answer is likly to avoid those units but I really would like to use them ;). My Hardware; Photos if it helps; WildJAMES.
  10. WildJAMES 007

    Bink's US Army '09 Replacements

    Hey good replacement Viper mate, me and my mates love it but one problem not seeing any blood textures I have edited your mod so that its contains it :) Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?cscsqx58vrtpe2y Edit (Reply to below post): Happy Birthday mate have a good one :)
  11. WildJAMES 007

    Nobody plays anymore, atleast for MP

    The lads I play with only incourage the TS use because we tend to find with Voip that it can have an unclear effect on clients in some cases some sounding like Darth Vader,though I can see where you coming from but there are a good amount of people out there that use Voip or Text in game to communicate and work effectivly though some groups split up their teams in diffrent channels to replicate the channel system ingame just more clear and set whispers to groups leaders :). Also bah sliced bread we went nuts when a weary wanderer came along and gave up the ability of fire :p
  12. WildJAMES 007

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    Bring back Weapon on Back anim and L85/L86 with Ironsights and no attachments cept from maybe AG36?
  13. I still like other games like the Battlefield series for I like to do some teamwork with my mates and release steam if I had a bad day.Though I will admit ever since playing Operation Flashpoint onwards, I have had a hatred for some FPS games as communitys in them are not as friendly as BI's. In Arma there is lots of communitys with mature players out there who dont scream or throw their bottle out the pram so to speak.Though I wouldnt say all FPS are bad as I play games like Red Orchestra and find that is a nice fit between an FPS and a BI game,so I wouldnt say Arma has affected my judgement for games but more their communitys within it im sure this is the same with other gamers maybe not many but some. Long live arma and the mature gamer.:cool: