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    Your top 5 non-BIS games of all time

    Please leave my thread immediately! :D
  2. hungrytoheal

    We all love a bit of Duke!

    Are you talking about Duke Nukem 3D? What did that "dipstick" trick do?
  3. hungrytoheal

    How to improve with training.

    I find the best way to stay alive when you first engage in combat is to MAKE DAMN SURE you use your crosshair to fire off as many shots as you can in the enemy's direction before you hit the dirt/move into cover. This will cause them to panic and GREATLY reduce their accuracy. If you can continue to put them under pressure for rest of the firefight, you will have the upper hand... providing you are able to stay cool under the pressure of enemy fire yourself. :)
  4. Try adding in some waypoints.
  5. Well you should probably get an 600-860W PSU if it's not too expensive. But in my opinion, that video card isn't a very good option. You should get something a bit newer while you're buying because video cards become quickly outdated in todays gaming industry. Look at the specifications of different video cards and try to find the best value card with a high graphics processing core (video memory is not overly important compared to this). Your CPU is definitely sufficient. As far as motherboards go I'm not too sure, you'll have to look into it. You can seek recommendation from others, but it is ultimately up to you to decide what you need. If you are considering doing SLI/CrossFire in the near future (which you never know, you may want to), you will need two PCI-E x16 slots. Anything between $100-250 will USUALLY be all you need, but make sure it has everything your looking for, as well as compatibility with your other hardware! So when you're deciding on what components to use when building a PC, it's a good idea to think a few years ahead where possible. Most graphics cards will become fairly outdated after a year or so, your motherboard should last you many years should you choose one which has all the perks you need. The CPU you have chosen should last you a good three years at best. Good luck!
  6. hungrytoheal

    Just my personal thanks/applause...

    G'day mate, You can do all your thanking in this this thread. And yeah, they really are nothing short of amazing! Just imagine how much fun I had as a 10 year old getting his hands all over the OFP editor! :)
  7. Hi, I have the HIS Radeon HD 6870 and never ran into a problem (Windows 7, 64-bit). You should try resetting your CMOS (a tiny memory device inside your computer for your BIOS) before trying anything extreme. After this, restart/turn on your computer with the card inserted and connected up). See your motherboards manual or Google search on how to do it. If you can't find anything, PM me and I may be able to help.
  8. hungrytoheal

    Any other musicians in the community?

    Playing guitar as we speak. Been playing (self-taught, no lessons) for over two years probably, and singing for about 6 months.
  9. Hi, My current aim at the moment is to force the player to stay in "SAFE" mode (i.e weapon lowered) until a certain waypoint is reached. If it is also possible, I would like the teamleader to order the player back into formation if he moves 10m out of the yellow formation indicator/waypoint. The purpose of this script is for a scenario in which the player and his squad are patrolling an area at a slow pace, and I would like to prevent the player from moving away or freely at his own will. Thanks a lot!
  10. hungrytoheal

    Forcing The Player's Behaviour

    Mate, that's great. Thanks a lot, I can really use a lot of that. Just a few questions about it though.. How do I deactivate the trigger later on? I would like to use the groupChat syntax and would like to know how I would delay the text a few seconds after the return to formation command. Also, the speed player or forcewalk does not seem to be working (I believe they are for OA only, I know forcewalk definately is as shown here.). Thanks! Edit: With player commandFollow leqader grp1 I was messing around for almost five minutes wondering why the editor was saying "missing ;" until I noticed your typo. :p
  11. hungrytoheal

    We all love a bit of Duke!

    It's not released yet. Graphics don't look that bad really. But yes, the driving looks like something you'd see in games from around five years ago. When I was at the age of playing that amazing game, the 10cm pixels on the screen that represented aliens sometimes scared me. That's what made it so awesome!
  12. hungrytoheal

    Remarkable combat footage

    This one's not really "remarkable" as such but it's still a great watch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiUKkD8rYHQ
  13. hungrytoheal

    We all love a bit of Duke!

    Why do they always take the hot ones? That's gold. :p
  14. Hey fellas, I have been playing, editing, and enjoying military simulators by BI since the original Operation Flashpoint and I am somewhat familiar with the community here. Even though I do not directly use the forums often, I have browsed over them every now and then over the years. Although, I actually had another forum account on here a while back but when I tried to recover my password, after over about fifty attempts at trying to type in the capcha, I gave up and just created a new account. :) What I have noticed when browsing user missions around here and websites like Armaholic is the lack of RPG-based missions around. I haven't really had much interest in them until now, but I am curious as to whether there have been any made for ArmA 2 yet (i will mention that FARMA is such a sexy idea). So if any of you are interested in the development of something like this, or know of any current RPG-based missions for ArmA 2, let me know. :p Cheers.
  15. hungrytoheal

    RPG-Based Missions In ArmA II.

    Singleplayer mostly, but coop would be great as well. Something where the player can receive objectives from different NPC's/friendly AI around the island and the island is occupied with civilian life, friendly/enemy bases, and friendly/enemy patrols and sentrys. The player could be a mercenary-like character in which he is paid for his work and can use his credits/money to spend on weapons, vehicles and purchasing different types of squads. There was something somewhat like this back in OFP, but it didn't really stretch that far. It's all just an idea really, I doubt anyone would be willing to put that sort of work into something so few request.
  16. hungrytoheal

    RPG-Based Missions In ArmA II.

    Thanks, i'll keep a lookout on it. :p How is that RPG based?